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  1. What level is your PB now? I'd probably slot the LotG 7.5% recharge IOs first since they provide a lot on their own. Plus, having more powers up faster is always a good thing. Using enhancement converters you can get these fairly easily and I don't believe they're too expensive on the AH. I started with uniques and procs (Miracle, Numina's, Panacea, Performance Shifter, Impervium Armor-Psi Res, etc... ) on my PB since most of the bonuses I needed to get would later come from sets with 5 pieces. Then I worked on cheaper sets for powers I used the most and then topped it off with purples later.
  2. I believe you mean kockBACK to knockDOWN =]
  3. My new character I'm making tonight is a Storm/Elec Defender 🙂
  4. From just glancing at it I like the build! I'm not home to open up the build but here are my thoughts. Could you afford to pull one slot out of Hasten and put it into health so that Regenerative Tissue could be on all the time? Or even Reactive Defenses' Scaling Resist Damage from Combat Jumping (with shining shield slotted and LF you shouldn't need much more Resistance). Also what about slotting LF with Gladiator's Amor Res and Res/Rech, you'll get some recovery and kb proc from that and if they are attuned are good down to lvl 7 instead of 22. What are your thoughts for taking Gleaming Bolt over Glinting Eye?
  5. I usually play a character that is support or buff/debuff, usually a controller. If I try to play anything like a blaster, scrapper, tanker, brute, or stalker, I find myself missing somethig that my PB can do that none of them can. It really spoils you. So I will often take a break of the amazing PB life and play a “support” character (I say “support” because my PB really is a support toon too. Pulls agro, can heal, debuffs defense). Right now I’m doing an Earth/Storm Controller.
  6. I don't think we should try to change the game mechanics too much. Just make some small adjustments but for the most part, leave the game as it was at shutdown. KB was designed into the game and if you don't like powers that have that, make a choice to either not use them or learn to use them and direct the chaos.
  7. One of my favorite albums to listen to while playing and the music in Pocket D kinda sounds like this at times. Linkin Park - Reaniamtion - Rnw@y
  8. Seeing as though Empathy came from the days when the best enhancements were SO or Hami-Os they were needed back then and during ED days. It didn't really age as well as the other sets. Now, a question I do have about the current state of Empathy. Does it provide +Absorb? Because maybe making that change to the powers could allow Emps to fill a role that not a lot of us can touch on our builds. We can all manage most of the stats with IOs and Set bonuses, but what about changing that power pool to add a form of +Absorb?
  9. Funny you should mention this, because over the years this was not the first attempt at making snipes more useful, and triggering fast snipe based on range was one of the first things attempted. It was also the most universally detested. Runner goes away, suddenly the snipe cast time changes without notice. Someone knocks something out of fast range, the same. To make things worse, the game has no way to base the ring highlight on target attributes, so its not possible to light up the ring to let the caster know he is close enough for a fast snipe, other than to try. No different if a melee toon has something knocked out of range I think, but at least the snipe could hit them, but they would have to aim a precision hit (or if they have enough +tohit, insta snipe). Thank for the reply dude! To bad we can't base it off target attributes. I think just leave sniper powers as there were in i24 with the +tohit bonus=insta. If people want something out of their build, they have to focus on it and with so many buff with IO sets and incarnates, it's easier to fill holes in builds. Plus, it seems like everyone takes the leadership pools these days.
  10. I have an idea, but not sure if it's doable. But I would guess that these proposed changes are so sniper powers are more useful? (I thought they were pretty good with the i24 changes and tohit). What if sniper powers become instant cast if you are in closer range. IRL it's easy to aim at something if you're closer to it. If you're farther out, it takes longer but you line up the shot for more precision. Now if we leave the +tohit giving instant snipe. Then those builds who want set their character up that way aren't penalized but can use the high damage insta snipe no matter what range. It kinda helps everyone. People who don't like having to get the +tohit, still get to use snipe in their attack chain as another ST attack. But if they get more +tohit then it gets more powerful. win/win? Again, not sure if that's possible. I know the game checks range not sure if it would have to be two powers. For instance, you choose the sniper attack and it grants you two powers. A quick shot and a steady shot, the ladder being the more powerful one. Anyway, my two cents.
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