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  1. When things aren't 100% going my way, it usually involves endurance drain and recovery debuffs. A tactic I use to combat this involves Conserve Energy as well as Ageless Destiny. I can't stop -end attacks from happening, but Ageless will give me endurance to get the fight back, and Conserve Energy will help make sure I only sip at my end reservoir if my recovery has been tanked. Another time things aren't going my way is a mob full of holds, slows and mez. Like a pack of seers or Illusionists or a large mob of nictus/void. LF+Dwarf greatly helps but if I start to get overwhelmed I can use Quantum Flight to phase out and wait for the status to wear off (this particularly works for slows and debuffs), re-buff and counter.
  2. A benefit of the forms may be what some consider to be our largest problem: more powers. Since form transformations are instant, they’re basically buff powers that give you more attacks per power pick. Allowing us to have access to more powers for IO hacking. I think a build with nova will still out damage a human build because the form itself gives +damage and then the base of all the attack powers are already a higher scale than a blaster’s. So the ceiling is higher. Dwarf gives you more mez protection, heal, HP boost, and a teleport. Plus all the strengths you mentioned will work in forms allowing them to go even further than by themselves. It’s also just a fun part of the lore and how our characters specifically are woven into the story, which I find pretty cool!:) Downside? They cost endurance to run (kinda wish they didn’t), presents a problem for human toggle abilities, and will need to be slotted haha
  3. I kind of wish Group Energy Flight was inherent like Energy Flight and Combat Flight. You could also make the Shadow Slip for WS inherent too. I feel like with all that the game has for getting around, those power will never be taken. There are times I could find using Group Energy Flight for fun or for helping a lowbie character or even Shadow Shard stuff (since we don't really have TP friend powers - unless you choose Incandescence Destiny). Because all base building being free and "enterbasefrompasscode" macros to instantly TP to your base with no cooldown, WSs don't really need to take Shadow Slip either. They could be made inherent and either take set IOs or not. I would also like Quantum Acceleration and Starless Step to be inherent (basically just giving us a travel pool for free - we have enough powers to worry about) but I'm on the edge about thinking that's too much lol. Another idea I had for PBs would be to make Restore Essence usable on us (like normal) or usable on an ally. When you use it to rez an ally, they could get a temporary power called "Infused Essence" where their character is "infused with kheldian energy for a short time" which would give them a small +HP boost, small recovery boost, xp dept protection, and their attacks deal -def for 30s. Also, if people think that's too much, perhaps because the Peacebringer infused part of their essence to resurrect a fallen ally, their max hp is reduced for a minute. Or not 😛 But thematically I think it's cool and we have Essence Boost to counteract that naturally.
  4. Wouldn't that kind of defeat the whole purpose of the forms then? They're meant to be a totally different set of powers.
  5. So here's my take on this list for PBs Mez- I would say the 1% is if I'm fighting a pack of Illusionists or AVs with large magnitude it does become an issue. But then, it would be for anyone. If I do get some status effect, it usually doesn't last long anyway, and I have no toggles to worry about dropping in my tri-form. End - This I think is our biggest one really but if you know your enemies going in, you can adapt your alpha strike to deal with some of this. LF helps as well as Conserve Energy and IO procs. Late game, this is can be mitigated with Ageless Destiny. I would say there is one IO that can help with this and that's Panacea because it grants you an infusion of end rather than a recovery buff. But I wouldn't say it fills this hole. Slow/-Rech - I do enjoy the fact that we have so many powers to slot that it allows us more variety of IO choices for set bonuses. My character has over 200% recharge and winter's gift slow res. So even if I get slowed, the fight won't last long enough for this to matter and I can use dwarf TP to move around. If it is long and drawn out, Dwarf can substitute for the remaining time until either LF has recharged or the fight is over. You can also use the phase shift to let status effects expire. The 1% problem is in the ITF Shadow Cyst mission. Now, that fight can last a while because they're all bosses. I could see soloing that to be an issue for sure. Single Target Damage - I can agree our damage scale is lower than others. But I never felt like our attacks were weak, just that we have long animations. Radiant Strike is quick, but if Incandescent Strike was more like Bone Smasher, that might up our DPS a little. But I will never argue against having our damage boosted 😛 Psi - Sure, we don't get it from LF but with IOs and bonuses and with our heals and +HP, we can really handle this damage type well. It's also rare to be on a team without some Blasters, Scrappers, Stalkers, or Brutes to buff our resistance and many times adding their bonus to what I already have will cap my Psi res without me having to do anything. The 1% might be a pack of Seers, Carnies, or an AV.
  6. Trust me, it is invaluable!! I have the Razer Naga but that Logitech G600 biostem shared is awesome and Corsair makes one too (although I find it hard to hit the lower buttons on the side)
  7. Back on live they changed how LF worked and since it's usable while in forms, it just adds some kheldian energy aura around you but you can still see your costumes. Also, if you miss the glowie ball you can get it back by going to the tailor and changing the LF power to "Wispy."
  8. Or my Hover as a WS 😄 Nice LotG mule and nice with TP
  9. They do! They even have a better chance vs switching to dwarf because a lot of these human form builds have defense toggles. Since they're purely human, they don't have to worry about toggles dropping when shifting. The human only will lack the extra heal from dwarf and the damage bonuses from nova but will have higher defensive values with capped resistance. Human range attacks will feel a little weaker but the melee attacks are great and without all the extra slot troubles that come from having forms, you can really focus on your powers and slot a bit easier.
  10. Just Bind F to white dwarf sublimation and reform essence. example: /bind f "powexecname White Dwarf Sublimation$$powexecname Reform Essence" because in dwarf you can't use reform essence and vice versa for sublimation only the power that is eligible will work. You can check out my guide to see the keybinds I use. I have all the attacks all bound to the same keys. Example: /bind 3 "powexecname Solar Flare$$powexecname Bright Nova Blast$$powexecname White Dwarf Flare" I will note that I have an MMO mouse and it makes playing the game 1000% easier and binds become much easier. Most of my characters won't need binds but it improves my PB immensely.
  11. What level is your PB now? I'd probably slot the LotG 7.5% recharge IOs first since they provide a lot on their own. Plus, having more powers up faster is always a good thing. Using enhancement converters you can get these fairly easily and I don't believe they're too expensive on the AH. I started with uniques and procs (Miracle, Numina's, Panacea, Performance Shifter, Impervium Armor-Psi Res, etc... ) on my PB since most of the bonuses I needed to get would later come from sets with 5 pieces. Then I worked on cheaper sets for powers I used the most and then topped it off with purples later.
  12. I believe you mean kockBACK to knockDOWN =]
  13. My new character I'm making tonight is a Storm/Elec Defender 🙂
  14. From just glancing at it I like the build! I'm not home to open up the build but here are my thoughts. Could you afford to pull one slot out of Hasten and put it into health so that Regenerative Tissue could be on all the time? Or even Reactive Defenses' Scaling Resist Damage from Combat Jumping (with shining shield slotted and LF you shouldn't need much more Resistance). Also what about slotting LF with Gladiator's Amor Res and Res/Rech, you'll get some recovery and kb proc from that and if they are attuned are good down to lvl 7 instead of 22. What are your thoughts for taking Gleaming Bolt over Glinting Eye?
  15. I usually play a character that is support or buff/debuff, usually a controller. If I try to play anything like a blaster, scrapper, tanker, brute, or stalker, I find myself missing somethig that my PB can do that none of them can. It really spoils you. So I will often take a break of the amazing PB life and play a “support” character (I say “support” because my PB really is a support toon too. Pulls agro, can heal, debuffs defense). Right now I’m doing an Earth/Storm Controller.
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