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  1. As title, suggestion is to take this weapon from the temp power - https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Shotgun_(Raid) and enable it for weapon customisation. Been suggested particularly for Merc MMs who are only taking slug, but I'm partial to all rifle sets, as shooting grenades out a tommy gun is already a thing in weapon customisation. Pro: - Asset already exists, doesn't need to be made. - Players can pose with a shotgun without having to farm a random drop from mayhem/safeguard. Con - Spaghetti code getting the asset added as weapon option. - Machine gun fire/grenades fro
  2. Bug Report - Unique Condition 1 - Requires you to use "custom playerslot.txt" file. Unique Condition 2 - Requires that custom file to be set to "read only" (Because that's the point of it). Possible? unique Condition 3 - No other characters in your player sheet with the special character. Bug itself - If you rename a toon, to include a "?" That toon disappears from the character selection screen. Additional. Restarting will not solve this. Search function will not contain the "missing" character. - With the weird exception that, once it's Other special chara
  3. Aside from Dark, which mostly just has extra AOEs and really fast gauntlet application, every set in ascended tier has a way to "cheat" the aggro cap. Ice can stack Slows and use ice-patch to perma-KD minions that they can lose aggro on by taunting new mobs and still keep those original mobs from attacking the rest of the team. Stone can use Tremor to aggro nearby mobs, and then use Fault to "break" the cap to pull in new mobs before either regaining local aggro if they wish, alternatively using both fault and tremor after/in between taunting to juggle mobs. ST gauntlet procs + damage is g
  4. While Damage Debuff is resisted by purple triangles etc, KM also lends itself really well for proc-damage. If you can get past the animation lock (Though not as bad as TW) it's a really fun set. Ice/TW and Ice/KM were my 2 Going Rogue toons when those sets came out. Also not sure why Kinetic is only on Aggro and Fun columns, I'll correct that ASAP.
  5. Flints


    I remember you!! I have very fond memories of you floating in the sky during my first Hamidon raid, directing us all. Truly, we are protected by Mother's Love once again.
  6. Reserved for overall thoughts on Defense Tankers and how they can be fixed/improved
  7. Reserved for how Taunting works (And why Ice is great at it).
  8. How to SLEN cap on an Ice Tanker early (Assuming you have the money). The ice dunk tank I'd like to quickly share with you a Mids build that I use as a "template" for any ice tanker that I want a an "exemp" build on for lower level TFs. It's set at level 25 mainly because that's LOTG's minimum level, and to have at least 3 attacks. You can technically soft-cap to SLEN with just a few Set IOs and generic IOs at level 20. But that leaves you with only 1 attack, which isn't really good for exemplar play. Level 20 IO SLEN softcap
  9. How to make Ice/Dark unstoppable. As a follow-up to my Tier List, I figured I'd post the Ice/Dark build I'll be respecing into soon (Once I find out any errors/changes to make). My current build uses Soul Mastery for even more tohit/acc/dmg debuffing, which I now think is a bit overkill. Here's my new theory build. These numbers assume you're surrounded by 10 or more mobs. We are totally ignoring teammates, using insps, temp powers and buffs for this. The quick summary is, SLEN cap as standard for Ice Armour, your normal Ice self-heal/max-hp, panic button, and
  10. Currently a work in progress, but will be updating as I go. This thread will be used to compile my thoughts on Ice Tankers, all the secondary sets I've tried on Ice Tanking, As well as data mining things such as "How taunting actually works" and suggestions on how to improve/change Defense-based tanker sets.
  11. Void Radial Final Judgement missing KB from it's description despite having it.
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