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  1. I think, for the most part, we generally all skew on the older side of the GET OFF MY LAWN, YA DAMNED HIPPIES for this particular suggestion.
  2. I approve of this idea! And would like to suggest similar treatment for the Global Search Window too.
  3. @EmmySky should also show off the awesome spiral staircase that she built for me! But the base's passcode will be kept unlisted for now, so screenshots shall have to suffice. (By the way; thanks again, Emmy!)
  4. I haven't tested here yet, but if memory serves (and full disclosure: It rarely does), then Fulcrum Shift, Siphon Power, and Siphon Speed were all immune to this problem. Or at least the player-character AoE portion of Fulcrum Shift was; as I typically used Fulcrum Shift at the start of a fight, it rarely had the opportunity to be cast on enemies which were in a state of being defeated. Of course, the past is probably irrelevant to this current problem . . . so . . . gotta test!
  5. Oh no! This defeat-failure is how it was on Live for -years,- and it was the number-one complaint I had with Kinetics; which was otherwise my favourite Support Set. When I found that it had been fixed sometime between 2010 and 2019, I was ecstatic to finally have that long-standing issue dealt with! The recent changes to Kinetics caused this old pain-in-the-ass to return? We should test Transference too! It used to be affected by the failure condition too back in the day.
  6. Why "rather?" Why not "in addition to?"
  7. It seems to be a graphical artefacting issue of some kind. Basically the clickable portion of the Portal despawns as normal, but for some uncertain reason the visual effect persists. I've seen it happen a number of times when my system is particularly overtaxed. To that end, when you witnessed this issue, was your computer having any usual slowdown or lag issues?
  8. Considering the market value for Oranges (and Yellows), I think most people probably share the sentiment that Resistance Inspirations just aren't worth bothering with.
  9. Given that Meinst is halfway through the Trial, I think that's part of the issue. Too far in to just abandon and retry. Not far enough to feel like "we've almost at the end, it's okay." Smack dab in the middle, it feels especially frustrating. It's at the point now where I honestly solo DFBs to earn the badges. It takes much longer, but it's far more reliable. I kind of think that's a bit of an issue.
  10. I mean, unless you don't believe in borders, and all the world is your own backyard, globalist philosophy, et cetera, et cetera.
  11. Thank you for the advanced notice. As short as the window is, it's certainly better than no warning at all, and it's appreciated immensely!
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