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  1. Looks like all is back to normal. A temporary network anomaly, perhaps?
  2. Good day ... are we having issues with Excelsior. Haven't seen these login errors in a while. I had to DNS Flush a couple of times just to access game and Excelsior must be struggling ... or is it me? πŸ™‚
  3. Sometime you just need to relax after a day of villain bashing.
  4. This is the most probable explanation (with spelling correction made). Our Homecoming team is probably bound to secrecy about this and the current negotiations until whatever is hammered out with NCSoft is official.
  5. Ha! Take that, Homecoming Servers, LLC ... I was able to donate to you finally! πŸ™‚ Thank you all for everything you do. I look forward to the future.
  6. I love it! Battle and Brew! I've been there too! Who's up for an Atlanta-area M&G in 2020 (after Holidays)? Early Spring? Sooner?
  7. Cool. I know 3 others. Would you all be open to a M&G at some metro-Atlanta location? It could be a dinner, bowling, Dave and Busters, whatever ... but it starts with Hello! Excelsior server - Squid Vicious is my Kheldian main. I live in Lawrenceville. Let's plan something soon. πŸ™‚
  8. Thanks for this. Interesting. So KD is really just KB-lite and level differences affect magnitude of the KB. That's a reasonable explanation. Descriptions are inconsistent still. You've glossed right over point 2. above, however. I should be able to suppress or enhance the magnitude of the KB on ANY power that actually KBs with KB enhancement IO sets. All the powers (with KB) in Street Fighting power set accept KB enhancements EXCEPT Sweeping Cross. That's not a bug?
  9. Windows 7 breathed new life into older gaming boxes and was a fantastic upgrade over WinXP. Windows 8.x.x was terrible. Windows 10 was and still is the best version of Windows we've seen in years.
  10. Fellow SuperHeroes and Villains - Are there enough of us playing in Southeast US (near Atlanta, GA) to coordinate a fan-driven, somewhat regular meet-up of players of CoX? It would sure be nice to start meeting folks in person and inspire the Homecoming staff to hold their own M&Gs all over eventually. πŸ™‚ Cheers!~
  11. Team - 1. The description narrative for Tanker power: Sweeping Cross in the Street Justice: Secondary power set reads: "At combo level 3, Sweeping Cross will also have a chance to knock down the affected targets. But the 'detailed info' screen (in the Enhancement Management screen) shows this power has a "40% chance of a 0.67 magnitude Knockback (KB) on target". So which behavior is intended? The power actually KBs the target. I think it should knock DOWN the target per description and the enh detailed information screen should be updated to reflect description and req
  12. β€œA spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” πŸ₯„
  13. I never said it was. I just predicted it was next. 😘
  14. If the server community can come together and adjust to the original Hami design, that would be awesome. There are some good leaders among us! And there are also some folks who may underestimate the importance of clear communication when leading. I had no idea this was a thing, but apparently it was. Can we please agree to reserve the REQUEST chat for raid leaders, for example? This way the rest of us can better follow what our leaders are trying to do. Kkthx The zone changes are just the beginning of a series of β€˜corrections’ in store for us on the HC server
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