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  1. “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” 🥄
  2. I never said it was. I just predicted it was next. 😘
  3. If the server community can come together and adjust to the original Hami design, that would be awesome. There are some good leaders among us! And there are also some folks who may underestimate the importance of clear communication when leading. I had no idea this was a thing, but apparently it was. Can we please agree to reserve the REQUEST chat for raid leaders, for example? This way the rest of us can better follow what our leaders are trying to do. Kkthx The zone changes are just the beginning of a series of ‘corrections’ in store for us on the HC servers, peeps. Up next, the ‘enterbasefromcode’ ‘fix’ for example. You heard it here first! There are other ‘adjustments’ coming too, I’ll bet. (E.G. I don’t think we’ve seen the end of tweaking AE exp or rewards 😎) My theory is: We’re close to an announcement regarding NCSoft negotiations and our HC dev friends will need to ‘fix’ a few more things before big brother begins really observing us and our ‘rogue’ servers in earnest. Got to show our overlords that we haven’t ‘strayed’ too far from the original client as it existed before sunset, I’ll wager. 😇
  4. Last night's movie was called, "Revenge of the Hami" ... at least for the Excelsior: Hive 2 peeps. 😛 I very much appreciated FoxFyre and a few more of the Hive 1 peeps who (after pwning their Jello) zoned over to Hive 2 to assist. Unfortunately, too many folks were unfamiliar with the old-school mechanics, and jumped ship. Plus, there were never really any focus fire leads established through which to target (this is essential it seems to me). We were on the verge of something good, though and were beginning to push past the second bloom of Mitos and just DPSing Hami down, but it just wasn't enough. 😑
  5. Any lag I experienced on Excelsior Hamidon raids was always resolved by turning graphics settings down to minimum before the shift to the 64-bit client. After the shift to 64-bit, graphic setting adjustments during the Hami-farm seemed unnecessary.
  6. For the crowd already possessing tricked out, expensively-equipped enhancements, looking for a new challenge, you bet! These are the Classic Wow purists who love their sandbox. For those who are legitimately trying to earn merits via Hami each night, these heroes may now be potentially shut out of a raid because of a few vocal purists. Who cares if the Zerg isn’t how Hami was intended to be taken out? Apparently not the original devs - who clearly underestimated the power that IO sets and bonuses brought to this classic raid. I’m not disputing the merit of learning how to take him down the original, Mito-clearing way. I’m disputing the actual reasoning behind the timing of ‘fixing’ the population cap bug.
  7. How about making the Incarnate Salvage account bound? 😎
  8. YAY! I noticed also becoming more VISUALLY invisible after patch.
  9. Well ... what did everyone win? Did I miss that?
  10. Well ... I suppose the red side needs its perks. I rest easy knowing how outnumbered they are. Thanks for the response.
  11. Sure thing. On Homecoming's 'live' servers (I'm a HERO on Excelsior), I was offered only (4) Epic Power Pools from which to choose: Energy Mastery Pyre Mastery Arctic Mastery Earth Mastery On 'Justin', I was offered the (4) pools listed above plus the following: Soul Mastery Mace Mastery Leviathan Mastery Mu Mastery So, if it's intended these additional pools are offered only to villain brutes, ok. I'll assume they don't have access to Energy, Pyre, Arctic, or Earth unless they decide to 'go rogue' via the gull, right? We can call it a day then. 🙂
  12. Thanks for this, but I think I'll keep the blue Epic pool I selected - and NOT risk being stuck serving Lord Recluse after I'm done. I mean, really ... all that trust placed on a seagull in Pocket D? 😁
  13. Well hell ... how is a Brute on the Blue side supposed to access those? Can we WITHOUT 'going rogue'? 🤨
  14. I've noticed many more Epic Power Pool choices for my Elec / Fire brute on Justin than on 'live'. Is this intended?
  15. Missed it, AGAIN. I'm just sorry that we can't actually compensate you guys properly for ALL the EXTRA things you do (in excess of overhead and server expenses). I know WHY you can't accept it ... but I don't have to like it. 😛 Keep up the good work and stay away from the drama queens, please!
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