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  1. I think it's just a thing about games where you can team with plenty of cool people but when you meet one jerk, you're going to remember them. Teaming with Masterminds can get a bit silly, I learn to just enjoy the chaos and be thankful there's more targets that aren't me. Also, I feel Traps in particular is a bit of a stretch for a 'petless' Mastermind.
  2. Recently while doing the Seer Marino arc I encountered a bug in two of the missions, the one to steal intel from the Legacy Chain and the one after that, where the mission door assigned was the doors to the Arachnos building in Mercy, which wouldn't let me into the mission- when outside, it led me in, and when inside, it led me out. The first time I autocompleted the mission hoping it was a one-time thing, the second a GM (I think) changed the mission door to a working (and more fitting) location. It's been resolved for me now, but it may happen again to someone else.
  3. Like a lot of other people, holy tuna I never expected to actually be able to play this game again. My namesake character I've recreated as before, because Kinetics is always fun as hell and Radiation is so very comic book-y. But I think some others I might be able to make the way I'd have done originally, and given my old altitis habits inevitably resurfacing I feel I'm gonna be trying out powerset combinations I never could before.
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