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  1. That is so awesome work, thanks for your input Purr!
  2. Hey guys! Here is a compilation of suggestions on a few topics from our weekly discussion. If you would like to participate in the weekly discussion, head over the discord under the City of Heroes category and check the pinned post for the weekly topic. Weekly discussion 10: Base Week What the community would like to see: • An options to turn prestige back on • P2w vendor • Merit vendor *npc* • Opening doors • Ability to costume npcs/Name them • Apartments • Floating animations for objects • Copy and paste feature • Higher limit to plot placement • Ability to limit horizontal movement to one axis • Ability to lock items in place • Work on Water/Fountain/Waterfall Effects • Ability to size items • Ability to place items more efficiently in hallways • Ability to save a set of assembled items/Ability to multi-move a set of items Items: • Shipping containers • More tintable objects! • High rise cranes • Futuristic monorail train • Salvage racks/enhancement racks with more space/different aesthetics • Recipie racks! • Empty shelves • Cargo Ships / More vehicles • More Staircase options • Building block pieces • Curved Glass/ More glass options • More pillar options • More lettering options • Signs/Plaques • Namable NPCS • Empty weapon/display cases/lab equipment Weekly discussion 11: Frankentypes • MM / DPS (LOTS of MM talk!) • Paladin Tank Primary / Support • Ranged Tank Tank Primary / Ranged Secondary • Tank Primary / Control • Support/Melee – Melee/Support • OP FotY Support/Support Weekly discussion 12: Costume and Character Creation Ideas Costumes Generic: • Long Skirt / Robe Bottoms • More male / Female Hairstyles • More Colors • Weapon Holsters • More tails • ASYMETRICAL ITEMS!!!! • More chest symbols! • Auras with more than one color option • More reptile/Aquatic options • More Weapon options for guns! • Royal themed items • More body types! • More Hat options – with and without hair! • More monster heads! • More unhuman body parts! • Arm wings! • More hoodie options • Jewelry options! • Stealth to not interfere with costumes Costume Specific: • Sybil / Desdaemona • Apply patterns to fur • AV Costume Pieces • Legacy Costume Pieces • Ability to color eyes • Crey Armor • PPD Brickstown Outfits • Freakshow parts! • Coral Details • Rikti parts! Weekly discussion 13: AE • Making all current powersets available to bad boys • Player made Safeguard/Mayhem missions • Incarnate level missions • More abstract missions (Like Summer Blockbuster) • New Enemy poses • AE Wishlist from VonBoom: <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lH3-wrEcUcNAAa1_tR4vx782lvEiGZ-02qAVywtzJRo/edit> • WS/PB options • Power Color customization for mobs • Make your own maps • Tutorial mission arc • Make female/male options open to all characters. • Working on customized dialogue • Giant Monsters • More customizable difficulty • Being able to change the in-mission music • Minigames like ski-slopes • More recent maps • Mission map has native allies that turn at some point – like Prae maps • Mission entrances outside of the AE?
  3. I used to herd the majority of Creys back in the day - it was insane.
  4. All winners receive the Fashion Victim badge, a title in game, and merits! 🙂
  5. Hey everyone! Please let me say thank you to everyone that showed up on Saturday for our 64-bit Costume Contest and Stress Test to hang out with us in Kallisti Wharf and have some fun. We had a great time and you guys made us and #costume-discussion proud - showing up looking cute and wonderful. I'd like to announce the winners for the contest! Runners up: Weaver Five & Hemorrhagic Third Place: Feyheart Second Place: Proto Winner: Winner for our overall 64-bit Costume Contest: Morrowmancer Here is a link to the other images we took on the day across all the servers! https://imgur.com/a/gAzTsQE Please take some time to congratulate the winners and if you have images from the event - please post them here! If you missed our fun - stay tuned for more events just like this one (and more) on our discord: https://discord.gg/cityofheroes
  6. That is so funny, I feel like my mind read Knives of and was just like...ARTEMIS! They are actually called Knives of Vengeance - I will update with the correct name.
  7. That interesting, I didn't know that about the modifier, thank you!
  8. Check the patch notes here: @Redlynne : Homecoming changed all sets - they just mixed these up.
  9. From everyone I've spoken to - and from my own tests they are pretty much confirmed as one of if not the highest dps.
  10. So while all the other mass immobilizes got KB protection - Gravity was missed. But I think I found the issue. Below is an image of Stone/Plant/Grav immob/Hold side by side. Instead of giving the KB Res to Gravs Immob, its mass hold got it instead - while none of the other controller holds have that.
  11. Hey there, while I was making my Lore Pet Guide List - I found a few things that made me go - okay hold on a minute! 1. Banished Pantheon Radial Superior Ally The Defiler Support pet notes in its description that it does not have any offensive abilities. In reality - it has Enervating Storm - and is still immune to damage. Image 1: Description shows it should have no offensive abilities - however its doing an ability called Enervating Storm. Image 2: Enervating Storm Information 2. Tempest Elemental Misname In the Incarnate ability info it shows the name of the two pets as "Diviner and Storm Elemental" When in reality they are actually named Tempest Elemental and Storm Elemental. It is a most likely mix up from a nearby Incarnate set "Seer" which also features a 'Diviner' (So do the Talons of Vengeance). Image: Shows the two pets and their incorrect labeled information. 3. Antimatter Ray Text Issue I did some research and for starters its labeled as a ST ability, when really its this weird cone/beam. Its difficult to test the dps, but it does do an incredible amount and the targets seem limitless as long as they are in between you and the death beam. Image: Anti Matter Ray Info 4. Field Projector Tool tip The numbers for the Shield Projector are off from the detailed info and the tool tip. I am adding two extra images from Willpower and Super Reflexes to show similar abilities. They seem to round down on most defensive numbers but even still - these are 1 and some off. Image 1: Field Projector Misinformation Image 2: Super Reflexes for Comparison Image 3: Willpower for Comparison 5. Twilight's Grasp Tool tip Error It says it does two ticks of 238.81, when it only does 1 Image: Twilight's Grasp Detailed information 6. Knives of Vengeance Radial Superior Ally: Guardianship Guardianship shows the Adrenaline Boost icon, and gives the Adrenaline Boost tooltip display when it actually exchanges the +Rech for +DMG Image: Detailed info + Tool tip + Combat Attributes 7. Knives of Vengeance Radial Superior Ally: Rallying Cry The Dmg & To-hit are both mislabeled in between the Detailed info and the Tooltip display. Image: Detailed info + Tool tip + Combat Attributes
  12. CR Miss

    Guide Index

    I am going to Sticky this. Nice work!
  13. Hmm, I will test it later today If I can.
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