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  1. No multiboxing please, as there is a set number of people allowed in KW - and we want the spaces to be filled with actual players. Thanks for asking though!
  2. Hey guys! We are super excited to announce our new theme for this months costume contest! ๐Ÿ‘ซ Groups! ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ‘ง Come on out to Kallisti Wharf on Nov. 23rd with your friends for our first ever GROUP costume contest! You must have between two and five people. That means at least two but no more than five people in your groups. There are no limits to your creativity as long as you stay within the guidelines of the CoC! When? November 23rd @ 9pm UTC 9pm UTC is: 10pm UK time 5pm Eastern time 2pm Pacific time 11pm Central European time Click here to see 9pm UTC in your timezone Where? Statesman Plaza in the centre of Kallisti Wharf on all five shards (Torchbearer, Excelsior, Reunion, Indomitable and Everlasting) Heroes can reach Kallisti Wharf via the tram Villains can reach Kallisti Wharf via the Smugglerโ€™s Submarine in Sharkhead Isle and Grandville Prizes? The two runner-up group costumes on each shard will win: A permanent golden title: Group Costume Contest Runner-Up (Everyone) The Fashion Victim Badge (Everyone) 200 reward merits - Split evenly among the members (rounded to the nearest 25 merit increment). The best group costume on each shard will win: A permanent golden title: Group Costume Contest Finalist (Everyone) The Fashion Victim Badge (Everyone) 500 reward merits - Split evenly among the members (rounded to the nearest 25 merit increment). The single best overall group costume will win: A permanent golden title: Group Costume Contest Winner (Everyone) The Fashion Victim Badge (Everyone) 2000 reward merits - Split evenly among the members (rounded to the nearest 25 merit increment).
  3. Google doc has been updated with @Purrfekshawn's dps numbers (with a credit to them!) and will soon have pictures of each of the pets.
  4. There is an entire imgur album in the post. ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Hey everyone! Thank you so much to everyone that showed up on Saturday for our second Halloween Costume Contest in Kallisti Wharf. It was Classic Halloween themed! We had a ton of fun and you guys were scary, funny, and adorable! Here are our winners! ๐Ÿ†Overall winner: Ben Franklinstein!๐Ÿ† Excelsior: Finalists: Solar Plexus, Doctor Proteus, Raker, and Harris N. Burg Winner: Ben Franklinstein Everlasting: Finalists: Sarkophagos, Exorsister, Draculetta, and Brutius Rex Winner: Cadaveraina Reunion: Finalists: Yahvahdun, Stone Goddess, Clocktail, and Picatrix Winner: Dark Hela Indomitable: Finalists: Dead King, Quantex, Winder, and Medusian Winner: Michael J. Wolf Torchbearer: Finalists: One Knight With You, Superant, Not Sorry, and Shadow Swan Winner: Mire Hag Winners: For your costume prize - check here! I will be in touch with you in the next day or two for prizes - contact me on discord for questions. Miss#1337! Here is the imgur link to all our pictures from the event! If you have any you would like to share: Add them here or on our discord in your shard channel! If you missed our fun - stay tuned for more events just like this one (and more) right here!
  6. Doing the numbers test for these are VERY tedious - even triple that for Aoe - I will get around to it eventually, but if anyone does some before then, i will add them to my list.
  7. There are numbers from both - if you are talking about the doc.
  8. Can I add them to my sheet with a credit for you in the post?
  9. Hey guys! Please remember to be kind and constructive at all times. We did lighten the zone to see costumes - and will most likely do the same for the next event. We will most likely do a nighttime / daytime version to give all costumes the best chance at success. Winners have been announced for the first contest - I cant wait to see you guys at the next!
  10. For my winners: You will be contacted in game to receive your badge, title, costume, and merits by ME ๐Ÿ˜„ Check the original post to see the specifics - linked in my post above. Here are the costumes you can choose from: (These are subject to change) Images of each: https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Model_Replacement_Costume_Powers Carnival Harlequin Costume Power (Permanent) Banished Pantheon Shaman Costume Power (Permanent) Crey Agent Costume Power (Permanent) Coralax Boss Costume Power (Permanent) Consortium Guard Costume Power (Permanent) Praetorian Clockwork Costume Power (Permanent) Coralax Minion Costume Power (Permanent) Council Penumbra Costume Power (Permanent) Crey Powersuit Costume Power (Permanent) Carnival Strongman Costume Power (Permanent) Freakshow Boss Costume Power (Permanent) Freakshow Stunner Costume Power (Permanent) Council Galaxy Costume Power (Permanent) Goldbricker Costume Power (Permanent) Ghoul Costume Power (Permanent) Hellion Thug Costume Power (Permanent) Knives of Artemis Costume Power (Permanent) Legacy Chain Costume Power (Permanent) Lost Costume Power (Permanent) IDF Mk-VI "Victoria" Costume Power (Permanent) Malta Gunslinger Costume Power (Permanent) Malta Operative Costume Power (Permanent) Nemesis Soldier Costume Power (Permanent) IDF Olympian Guard Costume Power (Permanent) Outcast Thug Costume Power (Permanent) Paragon Police Cop Costume Power (Permanent) PPD Hardsuit Costume Power (Permanent) Pirate Costume Power (Permanent) Paragon Protector Costume Power (Permanent) Praetorian Police Costume Power (Permanent) IDF Ranger Costume Power (Permanent) Riptide Costume Power (Permanent) Rikti Mentalist Costume Power (Permanent) Ring Mistress Costume Power (Permanent) Rulu-Shin Costume Power (Permanent) Crey Security Guard Costume Power (Permanent) Skulls Costume Power (Permanent) SWAT Officer Costume Power (Permanent) Skyraiders Costume Power (Permanent) Scrapyarder Costume Power (Permanent) Tsoo Inkman Costume Power (Permanent) Troll Costume Power (Permanent) Talons of Vengeance Costume Power (Permanent) Vahzilok Buzzsaw Costume Power (Permanent) Vahzilok Eidolon Costume Power (Permanent) Warrior Thug Costume Power (Permanent)
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