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  1. One other I would like to do to improve on is to have a clearer visual effect on the boundary of VG. I don’t want to stand too close in a melee fight yet not too far to be out of range. It is so hard to get it right... otherwise I personally do not mind changing to a cast on ally power like that of MM.
  2. I will need to log on the game later to check the numbers. But i don’t normally have problem as the soft control from Storm is well enough to avoid a lot of incoming hits. Of course, if you are aiming for softcapping defence, Thugs, Bots and Beasts are your only choice. But then, I specifically said “dps-strong” not def-strong.
  3. I have both Demon/Storm and Thugs/Storm. I would prefer Demon instead as it offers -Res not only to itself and Storm but also to the team around you. So on a larger scale, it is “dps-stronger” than Thugs.
  4. So, no one specific AT that DP works better on I presume.
  5. Which class can make the most of DP? I rather like DP. I am running a DP/Kin corr at the moment but am Interested to know whether I should reroll it to something else to make the most of the powerset. Thanks!
  6. You

    Tanky Blaster?

    Thanks for all your suggestion. What are the good secondary to go for? TA? And what else? Thanks again!!
  7. You

    Tanky Blaster?

    Can a Blaster be tanky? certainly I am not talking about tank or brute or scrapper level of durability. But I am looking into the possibility of a tough ranged class that is not a Sentinel. Any advice and suggestion? Thanks!
  8. I have been using Attuned enhancements whilst levelling. At 50 now, is it better to swap those and use Enhancement Booster boosted IOs? Please advise. Thanks!
  9. So, it’s not really worth slotting that proc in EC...
  10. I put Gaussian's in my MM. but it only fired once in a while on myself. What seems to be the problem?
  11. Which epic or patron should I pick for my mind/energy Dom?
  12. I think I am going to try a Mind/Energy dom. What does the "-25% strength to confuse for 10s on target"? Does it make the target more susceptible to be confused? By the way, is it advisable to slot a FF +rech proc in every available powers of Energy just to get more recharge? Thanks!
  13. In which case which combo is good for this perma confuse concept character?
  14. I am thinking either a Mind or Dark Dom then. Any suggestion / comment for them? Which one is better?
  15. Can I perma confuse an AV or a GM?
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