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  1. Ok guys. Your entries are locked in, and judging has begun and my God from what I seen its gonna be a fight!
  2. GAH! YOUR GOING THRU BASES ALREADY?!?! MINES NOT DONE YET!!! NOT DONE!!! PARTY FOWL! 🦆 I will requote my post when I am actually done, please thank you and god bless. *COH FOREVER* (chhheerrrrsss) ~~~oooooooahhhhhhh~~~
  3. Char name Rose Global: @rose SG: Council of the Rose Shard: Excelsior Pass code: Rose-1234 Contributors: none
  4. Hey guys, there are a couple of entries that still aren't finished! Make sure you edit your original post "done" or "finished" when you are! Base contest ends and judging begins Tuesday 9/22!!!
  5. We are excited too! From what we are seeing. We are going to have a hard time picking winners!!
  6. Thanks to all of our entrants!!! The contest is now closed to new entrants! We will watch this thread closely. Once we see that all bases have been finished, and remember guys. They have 30 days! We will begin judging! Good luck! Have fun!
  7. Hey guys! Council of the Rose has a new base contest posted on the homecoming excelsior server forums! You have until Saturday to sign up to participate, but 30 days to build. There is FOUR BILLION influence on the line.... Just go down a few categories (excelsior shard forums), and sign yourself up. *REMEMBER YOU MUST BUILD ON EXCELSIOR SERVER* Have fun Good Luck, and look forward to seeing your work! ~Rose
  8. Hey- we wont pop in until your finished! So all you need to do is edit your original post here and say DONE or FINISHED and we will go in and judge!
  9. Or you can always ask @Rose cuz ya know... she always forgets about me... not like my name isnt on the banner or anything 🙃🙂😉 If you want to see our base, we are cool with that- our base code is Rose-1234 Who'da thunkit right? Hope to see your work soon! 🥀
  10. Rose

    FREEDOM Forever!

  11. If I don't know how to run something or if I have only run something once or twice- I ASK for help. I never try to waste anyone's time. If the leader saw that it was going sideways and wasn't trying to do anything to stop it, then I would have started sending tells to the leader, giving them advice as to what to do next. I never would do it in front of a team... if they ignore me and it still is going sideways... either I quit or I take over.
  13. did you hear that the prize pool is now FIVE BILLION? and more!
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