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  1. The OP may or may not be aware that they can mail merits (the post is unclear, IMO). If they are, they may have mistakenly mailed them all to one character and then, in the midst of switching from alt to alt, forgotten they left some there. If merits were shared across the account, visible and accessible to all characters, this would not only eliminate the need to shift them around but also a situation where one forgets/loses track. (I'm not particularly for or against this idea, and have no idea whether it's technically possible; just trying to offer my own thoughts and input.)
  2. How fast can/could you chain Blink, though? How many times in, say, 10 seconds do client and server have to update each other and come to an agreement on the exact position of the character object in 3D space? And how do we reconcile them if (when) they get out of sync? The tighter the loop gets, the faster the power cycles and the character moves, the narrower the tolerances for error - in server, client, and network.
  3. As I understand it, Teleportation can't feasibly be made as fast (charging, executing, etc) as it could in a single player, entirely local game, because there's always the problem or at least the risk of latency and lag. Whether that's on the client side, server side, or somewhere in the middle (network), you run into problems when parts of the game disagree on where your character is at any given moment/fraction of a second.
  4. Kalisti Wharf reliably crashes my client on settings that no other zone in the game seems to have an issue with. Particular problem spots are Statesman Plaza (which I can't even get to render properly (at lower settings), despite deleting and reinstalling the client) and the power station in the far corner (where the "new" TF sends you). I've resigned myself to simply never going there for any reason.
  5. They definitely did stuff like this a few times, like "Visible Sounds" in 2008 (that's where "FREEM!" comes from).
  6. No, what I mean is that April 1 is when everyone on the entire Internet who thinks they're a wit (about half of them are right) does something allegedly funny. People with little tolerance or patience for silly and/or stupid s*** would probably do well to just unplug for 24 hours every year. I make no value judgments about this. I simply acknowledge the reality that I can't trust anything I read or see on this date.
  7. I bet you failed the "take care of an egg" assignment in school, too.
  8. Catching up with this thread, so please understand if this is way behind: I submit that the average player doesn't actually need purple IOs.* And if they want them, they can get them through merits and Inf earned through regular, non-farming play. Like I have. On several characters.
  9. Also, if it helps, you might like to know that you can get onto Discord through your web browser rather than downloading the app. I think this is a valid link ; it works for me at least. Someone may be able to supply you with a better one.
  10. Is there anyone still reading this thread who's under the impression this is something the HC team want to do? IMO, it's pretty clear that (1) NCsoft is requiring them to do this as one of the conditions of negotiation, and (2) another condition is that they can't outright say so. Which sucks, but guess what? There's damn little any of us can do about it. Today is my mother's birthday. I wish very much that she was here, but she's not. That's an unfortunate fact, and no amount of wishing or wanting will change that. Y'all are blaming the messenger when it's pretty clear, at least to me, who's actually responsible. But of course, you can't yell at them and you can yell at the HC team, so you're gonna give **** to people who don't deserve it. I get it. You feel frustrated and powerless and maybe scared, and people in that situation act out and try to soothe their hurt or get back to where they feel in control of something. This may accomplish the first, but it won't do a thing for the second. We're all at NCsoft's mercy here. It sucks, but that's the legal facts.
  11. FWIW, the reason that "Canadian Shield" is probably taken everywhere is that it's a pun on a significant geological feature. A thesaurus variation probably will not satisfy the OP, because it's that pun that they're after.
  12. Disingenuous clickbait title for suggestion that's bad however many times it's made. I want my 2 minutes back.
  13. Pfft. Stand aside and let a trained professional show you how it is done: 😉
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