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  1. Sounds to me like the OP doesn't even care so much about the items in question being powerful as much as being (nearly) unique; they want there to be "haves and have nots", to satisfy those players for whom Chasing The UberShiny, and being one of a single-digit number on the server to possess it (and the accompanying bragging rights), is what draws them to games like this. Personally, I've never been one of those, so aside from the above mildly derisive remarks in their direction, I have no further comment.
  2. (with the obvious caveat that this may not be technically possible in this engine, though DCUO has it:) "Cosmic" skin/texture - body part appears to contain black star-filled space. Surface may be slightly reflective/glossy, as if made of glass. Tintable.
  3. "The popular super heroes" are as tough or as weak as the plot needs them to be. A game cannot and should not, IMO, be coded or balanced around that standard. (I note that the game equivalent is Cutscene Power / Cutscene Defeat, and most people in my experience hate it.) EDIT: Along those same lines, how about we give the owner of a mission a 50% buff across the board, and everyone else on the team a 50% nerf, to reflect that the action is taking place in the first character's comic book, so everyone else has to "job" for them and act like chumps so the title character can look even more awesome?
  4. Also, to the OP: Some of my characters, Natural origin mostly, don't want and shouldn't have to pick from the stock four travel powers. In short, put me down for a resounding /jranger.
  5. Fighting (and by that, you really mean Tough/Weave) isn't essential, except for people who can't stand that their characters might have weaknesses or limits.
  6. IMO the problem is the mindset and/or the game design that makes Tough, Weave and/or Combat Jumping "mandatory" for a "decent" build. They're not, IMO. But the prevailing meta is that any weakness, any "hole", must be covered. Not by teammates, no; everyone must be a tank-mage, sufficient (and uber) unto themselves. If a given AT was designed around the notion that e.g. "70/30" is balanced, that must be brought up to "70/50", if not "100/80".
  7. I've never used those "free" enhancement slots, so I don't really care. More to the point, I really hope that (not) deciding whether to entirely retool Prestige Sprint(s) isn't holding up the Fx work, which has been requested by me as well as the OP and many others. Please do that part now/ASAP, and make any broader changes later (if ever).
  8. IMO, the issue is not that people don't want to play in (the existing) villain zones, they don't want to play villain content. (which is too bad, as some of it's very good.)
  9. In SWTOR (which I've been playing a lot of lately), a couple of character classes have a PBAOE KB power. Not only is it effective in re-opening the range against melee-only foes, it can often be used to knock them off ledges or catwalks etc. Here, of course, the issue is that this doesn't defeat/get rid of them; instead, you have to chase them down or wait for them to climb back up. (And TOR doesn't require you to "defeat all" to clear the mission, raid, etc.)
  10. Though I'll say this, in conclusion(?): If this is about people judging you, or being concerned that they will? People will always judge you. It's inescapable. If not this, something else - probably something equally superficial. Very few of the people you meet in life will ever know or think of you beyond first impressions. Find a way to live with this... or don't.
  11. In lore, Paragon is basically "what if the entire state of RI was, instead, NYC".
  12. Look, mate, at this point it's pretty clear that you don't understand what this thread is about or why it's a concern for some people, so maybe you should just move along.
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