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  1. "God answers every prayer. Sometimes the answer is 'no'." (Two other possible answers are "not yet" and "this isn't what you asked for, but it's what you actually need.")
  2. "Technically possible", perhaps, in the sense of "would require entirely recoding large parts of the game." I submit that this is a task beyond the scope of what the Paragon/Cryptic devs could do, let alone the HC team (no offense to the latter). My previous response assumed you were not aware of this because knowing it to be so, in your place, I would not ask or suggest it. To continue: yes, in my experience, that is the common pattern of gameplay here. I'm sorry that you find it unsatisfying, but again, I doubt that it is practical to alter the game to change it significantly. Note that there is technically nothing preventing you, or I, from continuing to play characters once they are fully incarnate and "complete"; particularly if one enjoys how they play, wishes to make actual use of all that effort rather than (effectively) wasting it by (effectively) discarding them upon completion, and/or considers them as characters first rather than simply bundles of powers. That said, for me at least, I think part of the tendency or urge to shelve them and make a new character is due to the desire to explore new ideas, concepts and/or power combinations within the vast space of possibilities that this game allows, and/or some measure of "burnout" from grinding the previous one to this point. (Ironic, then, to embark immediately on the same journey with another...)
  3. Or one hour logged in. One of the things I do early on, with most characters, is go there and idle in a quiet corner (tabbed out and websurfing, usually) until I get it.
  4. Pretty sure that (1) is not technically possible. I did read your other post, and I saw that (a) you have a name you really like, and (b) you prefer to have one character who can switch specs (radically) rather than create multiple alts. Unfortunately, that's not how it works here.
  5. To go back to the OP, and everyone else asking for some or all of the (remaining) NPC-only costume bits to be unlocked: All you (we) know is that there are no issues with these costume pieces that you have observed or are aware of, or that you're not willing to live with. The HC devs may know/think/believe otherwise. Historically, the common attitude I've observed on the player side has been "I don't care if there are issues (with clipping, etc), I want it now." It may be that they are fine to go live as-is; it may not.
  6. Other KB:KD solutions aside: Honestly, they should just go ahead and make Sudden Acceleration (or Deceleration, thank you) a "set" of one. Because that one IO is all that anyone uses or cares about.
  7. In my experience, a great number of people in this forum and others are not. 😕
  8. My point is, I'm sure you have reasons for preferring a minimalist avatar. Are you willing to consider the possibility that the people who designed the login screens might also have reasons for the design choices they made, and not putting in all the information they might have?
  9. There's a lot of "wasted" space in your userpic, come to think of it. You could put a lot more stuff on it, that would inform people more about who you are, your interests, etc. Why haven't you?
  10. Blank space is not necessarily wasted. Consider a hypothetical book printed with the absolute minimum margins to allow for binding - pages and pages with solid blocks of text. Many readers would probably find that exhausting. This is an extreme example, of course, but I hope I have made my point: "wasted" space can be as important as content when it comes to presenting information clearly. EDIT: I also acknowledge that one possible solution is making some additional information available on an opt-in/out basis, via toggleable/customizable displays. The question then becomes whether it is possible and/or practical for the current dev team to make such changes to the UI.
  11. As I keep saying every time this topic comes up (and it's often - which, I acknowledge, shows that there's a demand for it), the amount of real estate on the login screen is finite. Personally, I would rather err on the side of "display only essential information, keep clutter to a minimum." The issue, of course, is that different people have different ideas as to what is "essential" and what is "clutter".
  12. That's the thing. Nobody knows what might have happened. All we have are guesses after the fact. Would you be willing to risk it, to be "open and honest", about something that could mean losing your job, your savings, your freedom, and "no more CoH for anyone, ever"? I'll say it: I wouldn't.
  13. I think it's kind of amazing, but not really surprising, that people can simultaneously think/argue that "talks with NCSoft will never work" and "Leandro should have released his code years ago." Because if both of those are true, here's what would have happened, IMO: It's 2013 or 2014. The secret gets out, somehow. And the same people at NCsoft that were responsible for shutting down the live game send out their attack lawyers to kill this illegal project stone dead. That's it. Game over, forever. The last hidden spark snuffed out. And five years later, we have none of this. IMO again, within a month of when it finally got out, we saw the proof of what would have happened. The people running the then-dominant server got a whiff of what they thought might be a valid C&D, went "hoshit", and immediately shut it all down. Fortunately, it wasn't a real C&D, and other people were there to take up the reins. This time. IMO for the third time, the complainers - still, months later! - are a bunch of folks who are mad that they weren't invited... to a party held by people hiding a family in their attic, with every reason to believe that if word got out (and it almost did, how many times before the last?) the police would swoop in and arrest and/or disappear them all. No, you weren't trusted or invited. Because those were the stakes (as far as anyone knew at the time). The lives of the people who had the code ruined, and no more CoH for anyone, ever. Fortunately for all of us, it seems that 7-8 years is enough time for things to change at NCsoft that they didn't immediately SWAT the server. (I, personally, do not agree with those who argue that they never would have, or that it wouldn't matter because "they'll never get all of us"; maybe they couldn't hunt down every private server, but there would be nothing like Homecoming or Rebirth, and I don't consider eight people playing on a server in someone's basement to "really" be CoH. So instead of one secret server hiding from the authorities, you have a dozen; how is that actually better to the thousands not in the know?) So I have hope that this time, something might actually come of this round of negotiations. But either way, I don't want to see a game that is almost 100% pure nostalgia appeal, a time capsule of an MMO from 10-15 years ago, and which is by most accounts a barely-functioning mass of badly documented spaghetti code, loaded down with a bunch of half-baked "brilliant" ideas with even less consideration and testing put into them than the Cryptic/Paragon devs (and that's saying something).
  14. People were very upset about seeing any real ads in the game.
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