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  1. No, raising the other sets to match is NOT the same thing. It leads to power creep. Are you familiar with the term?
  2. No. Absolutely not. There have been many occasions when I only want to grab one person, NOT the whole team.
  3. EM was overnerfed. I don't think anyone here disputes that. That does not mean that no powers can ever be nerfed ever again, for any reason. It's also disingenous, IMO, to claim that just because it's not a literal I Win button, or that other powers can - under very particular circumstances - also do broken things, that TW does not deserve a closer look and perhaps some adjustments to bring it in line with other melee sets. And above all, "lol whatever I'm having fun wrecking everything with it" is NOT the endorsement or justification you think it is. Of course you like the set like it is; you've found easymode. I'm asking you to think about people other than yourself.
  4. I believe you can make a macro to do that, though you have to keep clicking it.
  5. Color me very, very wary of that last idea. It sounds dangerously like teleporting a cottage onto your own position. 😛
  6. What the OP seems to mind most is all the clicking. They're asking for a one-button solution.
  7. Technically impossible. Read the thread.
  8. No, they're right. While I'd prefer it gone for all of the reasons I've already stated, there's (IMO) no way to make just eliminating a power, with no replacement, work mechanically and practically, Tangent over. Sorry, everyone.
  9. yeah, as much as I wish it were... yeah. 😞
  10. Okay. How would you like to see Tanks improved, within your perception of their intended role and the technical constraints (which are significant) of the engine, if not by improving their damage dealing (in some way)?
  11. I assume that the -damage went hand in hand with the -speed, in the devs' minds; you are hard, but your punches aren't, because you're slowwwwww. (This was 2003; tankers aren't supposed to do damage, they just stand in front and taunt and get beat on, and Stone is the ultimate expression of that in this game.)
  12. True, thanks for the reminder. It would pretty much have to be another attack, and I admit I'm drawing a blank at the moment.
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