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  1. triage was buffed on thunderspy to be a pulsing heal every few seconds and with only a 10s cooldown so you can easily move it. it's really good, but not enough to help you when sisters of artemis ignore your defenses. at least on thunderspy they gave MM's a 'hold' command that roots them in place. no more running out of caltrops or fire. then again, no more running out of fire has it's own drawbacks, and the hold command applies to all so a thugs mm can't keep their ranged in check and manually control the bruiser while using it. not perfect, but for the pure ranged sets like mercs (buffed there btw) and bots it's quite amazing to have.
  2. Not a different discussion. If you are purposefully ignoring half the enemy groups at end game because your build can't actually take it, then coming to the forums saying defense based MM's are the best way to play you are doing the entire community a disservice. My goal posts as you put it have always been the same. look at my posting history. lore pets are a crutch that players use to band-aid poorly designed or poorly chosen powers and power sets and i refuse to use them. demons/thermal or demons/ea is the single toughest mm combo you can make for all content, and the only one that did the maria jenkins arc without losing a single pet on +3. given the power variety in that arc, that is quite the accomplishment.
  3. This is the most punished at in the game when it comes to over-level content. softcapped pets - which is honestly a meme at this point - is not enough given how many enemy groups have tohit buffs endgame. those that claim they are not resummoning pets at a regular rate are picking and choosing what they fight and not attempting to do all of the content as it comes at them. or my favorite is when they pop lore pets, the ultimate band aid. the only combination that i have ever made that had the highest survivability against ALL ENEMY TYPES in the game was a demons/thermal, but it's still a bigger pain to play than most of the other AT's.
  4. with the prevalance of knockbacks end game, faraday cage, the nearly non-existent cooldown on ea's absorb, how no matter where you are facing you hit all of your pets with your heal do put EA above nature for general gameplay. i'd rather have a nearly always on absorb (which i target on my t1's so they get the largest possible shield) than one big shield every now and then.
  5. cold is fine as is any defense based sets, but ea and thermal will have little to no issue with enemy group that shred defense based secondaries. if you want to have no holes defensively so you run into fewer 'bullshit' moments that cost you more or all of your pets in a few seconds - it's thermal or ea.
  6. as with all defense based options, there are enough enemy types end game that defenses fold against it's always worth it to have a respectable amount of resists if you can squeeze it in. the ony thug with any resists before io auras is the bruiser. electric fences will remove the need to slot kb-kd in the bruiser at all. there is no point to proc'ng out fences or caltrops. when they fire they wont fire on everything in the patch. 1, maybe 3 mobs if you are lucky. Be careful of information you get about procs on the old boards it's majorly outdated and before the ppm changes.
  7. it's an exellent combo, but get team teleport.
  8. er yes i confused the two powers. however i do stand by my statement elsewhere that ea has essentially usurped nature for mm's, especially those that group. absorbs are insanely powerful in this game.
  9. ea's absorb is superior to overgrowth and has a stupidly short cooldown.
  10. Dixa

    Pocket MM

    what specifically did you need from a defender or mm to finish the sf?
  11. given how powerful the absorb is in ea, that it is practically permanent if you don't take any damage before it's short recharge finishes and how much easier the heal is to use I don't see why anyone would take nature over ea now.
  12. while melee characters are for sure easier to play and some can bring great dps, every single melee secondary has one or more enemy types that just destroy it except dark but dark is annoyingly end hungry even fully kitted out.
  13. this is why all of my mm's take team teleport. you can actually rush to the end with it and have all of your pets (and reluctant team mates) with you.
  14. I don't play my mm's in a team unless I have a transformative secondary that is a force multiplier for the team, like ea or force field or kinetics. offensively you aren't going to keep up with the brute or tankers or even controllers or doms on a fast moving team. and a cave map? ugh. there was a streamer/youtuber who played an mm...think it was thermal..and in group content they would just hover and use their secondary. their pets were always way out of supremacy range or dead. think they were beast. this game is not designed to have healbots, but if you are going to healbot then doing so as an mm is just silly. you pay more for abilities that are inherently less powerful than a defender.
  15. Dixa

    Mercs: Secondary

    they are in dire need of it, as do ninja's to a degree. their base damage is low and they have too many cc's on their tier 2 and 3 that are essentially useless when you can't control then when and how of using them. these cc's take away from additional damage powers that the other sets have instead. if you want to play it for a theme go for it, but I recommend picking a secondary that is going to help you kill things faster not one that is super defensive in nature. traps or something along those lines. TS fixed mercs by giving tier 1's a third soldier, making medic a separate power while taking it's attacks away and removing a chunk of the cc powers replacing with damage powers. it's quite good there.
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