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  1. Dixa


    share this build, chief. you may have here the best overall mm build - period. why do I say that? you can buy cc protection for yourself from the p2w vendor, and faraday goes a long way to addressing the actual weakness of demons - getting stuck in ragdoll after a knockback. end use would suck if you are trying to keep whip debuffs up and use the rather spammy ea stuff. I find that if you target a t1 for the absorb then the weak t1 pets get the bigger shields while your less vulnearable t2 and t3 get the smaller onces.
  2. Dixa


    for all content? thermal imo. capped resists for the most part, just enough defense from the pet io's to make a dent and warmth on auto fire makes for unkillable pets. cold gets wrecked by mobs with high tohit buffs. the anti knockback from the cage is nice, the absorb is nice and the heal is actually good but that's all the set brings and the cage is TINY and does not follow you. as for cc protection for yourself, you can get that from the p2w vendor now.
  3. Dixa


    as far as I can tell, everyone who has done actual testing with /ea including myself have not been impressed. it works better as a set on defenders.
  4. teaming is always tough for mm's. not a lot is going to fix that.
  5. Dixa


    until you get an immob power from the patron powers, EA can be frustrating to play with MM's. the energy drain is causing a terror response in mobs and they flee as if they have a rad emission toggle on them. the demons are so large it is likely impossible to keep them all within the faraday cage due to hit box collision. otherwise - on paper - it's a good pairing especially once you have the absorb.
  6. it's a difference of 29% smashing/lethal resists for all but the prince, capped fire resist for most of them too while you are simultaneously healing all of them every couple of seconds. I have not taken any mm combo through the maria Jenkins arc without losing a SINGLE pet on 4/8 except demons/thermal with warmth on auto fire. the only hiccup was the prince getting stuck in geometry a few times due to knock back forcing me to replace it.
  7. if you are dealing with a pack with a lot of tohit buffs - and those mob types usually do a lot of lethal - demons/thermal is capped 90% smash/lethal for all but the prince and you would play it by autofiring warmth every couple of seconds. cold however will kill a boss/av faster.
  8. you should share this build. I know I personally poo-poo'd cold due to no personal cc protection, but since you can just straight buy that sh..tuff on the p2w vendor I would love to see what a well built cold looks like.
  9. the two top performing for 4/8 for as many groups you can possibly deal with will be thugs/time or demons/thermal with incarnates the only thing the demons/thermal has to fear is tough bosses that knock back a lot as there is a risk that the prince and the two tier 2's can get stuck in the floor until you tp them out or resummon them. with incarnates anything with hefty tohit buffs will wreck /time and there are a couple of storylines and one offs that have such. all mm's want to punch a baby after fighting the awakened, so make your life easier and just roll blue side.
  10. this right here is the kind of partisan thinking i'm talking about that is ruining the community. if another server team fixed it and it works, there is no reason not to adopt it elsewhere unless you really don't want to fix it ie. mercs horrible damage, standardizing end costs across at's, balancing damage vs. animation time vs. recharge time, etc. no, lets not have fixed sets or parity between sets so that when you make a thematic decision you don't also gimp yourself in some way, because one of our competitors that we don't like on a personal level did it first. i'm not saying I agree with all of the changes the various servers made, but there is only one server that has gone to great lengths to address the massive power set balance issues and defensive and QoL issues that the AT has, and it's not this one.
  11. there are unfortunately a lot of politics and petty bickering between the various teams that is actually hurting the community at large. balance decisions are both being made in spite of, or not being made due to some other server doing it first. it's irritating and irrational but given how people behave anymore I guess I shouldn't be shocked.
  12. this varies set by set, but mm do pay more for end for the same powers than other at's. I actually do run out of end as time because I try to stack it's two weak -regen when I can on bosses and av's. I also only fight at +4, so ymmv if you are playing at a lower difficulty. another server has fixed mm end costs and brought them in line with other at's and while it's noticeable, it didn't make them suddenly overpowered. not even a little bit. but because it was done on that other server if it was to be done here now the usual politics would jump into play so it's unlikely to happen here.
  13. bots were overblown on the old servers, much of it being hyperbole that carried over from before the assault bot was nerfed but nobody could be bothered to run any actual numbers and continued to use anectdotes they are very weak single target even with the -regen on the assault bot and their aoe damage is not as good as people make it out to be for a few reasons: the aoes are in the tier 1 and tier 3, the tier 1 aoe is not only weak it takes 2342927507qw03423472047 seconds to animate, the tier 2 bot does pretty much no damage and it also spends a lot of animation time on casting and recasting bubbles as an example.
  14. the pylon is nothing. it doesn't have tohit buffs, it doesn't have ground targeted aoe patches. it's so large the melee mm's can all attack it at the same time. the pylon is the literal vacuum people are trying to base balance on. it's not the actual game.
  15. it's ok to have flavor, if you balance it slow moving zombies better hit like a truck when they catch you.
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