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  1. I personally don't have much of a problem with Mez specifically because of how I play. I just don't agree that Defenders/Corruptors are required to team as a design goal to get around it when no one else has to (and even some powersets within those ATs don't have to).
  2. Seems pretty silly that only a small selection of powersets are being forced to team to "deal with mez", and that, for some reason, that's how everyone believes it must be or the game explodes. Nevermind the fact that FF, Sonic Dispersion, Trick Arrow, and Electrical Affinity have ways to "obviate" the entire Mez problem despite being Defender/Corruptor powersets. Masterminds have pets to get around being Mezzed, Controllers slap things with Mez first to avoid it, Dominators can Mez first or use Domination to ignore it, Blasters have their T1/T2 Blasts and T1 Secondary to fight back when mezze
  3. As much as I disagreed with the reasoning for the Rune of Protection nerf, this is the iteration that if a nerf was unavoidable that I hoped it would go in. The power is now more useful overall for low-investment builds (like mine), and can still be rotated fairly reliably with high-investment builds (like before). Even though it's been nerfed, I'm going to call this one a win. Really great to see the concerns about old use cases of Spirit Ward contributing to this iteration with the "burst" of absorb granted to new targets. That was my biggest concern and it's been completely take
  4. I had a whole thing typed up, then realized that it's beyond the scope and off-topic for this thread. That said, why do Pool Powers have to be weaker? What's the design philosophy behind an enforcement of weakness in a power pick that replaces (and counts against the total of) a "real" power?
  5. What collaboration? You've made a declaration that the power is getting nerfed despite your reasoning not holding any water to how the game is played. You're essentially looking at all the runners in a race, seeing all the people long-distance running around a track, and charging up to the one guy who is power-walking and telling him he's taking this too seriously and needs to have a leg amputated. Then you tell him it's fine because he gets to choose which leg or where the break is and he's supposed to be happy about that? For what it's worth, on my characters with RoP, this is a
  6. Say it all you want. Their excuse, and your incessant desire to defend their excuse, has no basis on reality and only serves to carry the narrative that they want to nerf the power. We all see it, we've all accepted it, and some people are contemplating finding a new server because of it. It's bad precedent. I'm not returning to this topic and I probably won't provide feedback in any future feedback thread as I've been shown time and time again that a small handful of dev apologists circle the dissenters like sharks to vehemently defend dev changes that make no sense in the context of how the
  7. You're ignoring that "squishies" already have "absolute immunity" if they pick the right primary/secondary or carry a tray of breakfrees. By the way, purples will offset that "no DDR" problem really well. Interestingly, a breakfree will "offset" that pesky auto-hit mez problem since you're very unlikely to get tagged with one that needs a ToHit roll in the first place. You keep saying "absolute immunity" with regards to RoP and I just have to assume you don't play the game at this point.
  8. He only supports the change because others hate it. He said so as much in a much earlier post in an earlier build where the planned nerf was arguably even worse. I'd move on, if I were you. Save your sanity, as they say, since he's not arguing in good faith anyhow. The current nerfs to Rune of Protection are likely to go through. Why? Because someone on the dev team really wants to nerf it. It doesn't matter that it's demonstrably weaker than chasing Defense caps. It doesn't matter that it's becoming a glorified inspiration that requires 3 power picks, 1 pool, and an Origin Pool lo
  9. Upon further reflection of the changes, I'm not a fan of the adjustments to Arcane Bolt. Is it a buff? Yes, obviously. Do I want to play whack-a-mole when I play City of Heroes? No, I don't. More and more powers and powersets have started getting this "randomized/triggered" boost design and it's starting to become one of the things I hated about World of Warcraft's class redesigns. Hitting powers only when they light up (or suffer their ineffectual nature otherwise) doesn't make the game interesting and starts to make everything feel like it plays the same. Even worse, it feels like the game i
  10. Hmm. Unexpected. Arcane Bolt changes are pretty interesting and only make it more attractive to the characters I take it on (basically just Controllers because the damage still isn't good without Containment) but maybe that will change with the animation speed increase. I kinda like the idea behind Spirit Ward, but an absorb shield you have to build over time on a target while toggled can feel bad if you suddenly find yourself warding the "wrong target". A 30 second cooldown pretty much prevents you from effectively shielding an ally if you had the power active on someone else. May
  11. Not sure where you'd get this idea unless you only look at high level sets and purples. Many sets don't function this way, in particular many "low level range" sets that are essentially just a version of higher level sets designed to be used while leveling and replaced with their higher level analogs. Even some of these higher level sets just barely get into the "soft ED" range (in Mids this is when the number is yellow rather than red). In fact, looking at Mids for my permaDom character, only the purple sets really overcap any stat (usually two stats) well beyond the "red ED" range while most
  12. Just to be clear here, we only have access to the version of the powers on Live and Open Beta and can only comment on how they exist in the manner we can access. Nebulous "future changes" are meaningless until they're in our hands. Trying to assuage our concerns and declare our problems with the reasoning behind these changes void by coyly declaring our "concerns" will be improved in some future edition does nothing. Those adjustments aren't here for us to look at, and considering your stance in this thread that all adjustments to this power have been "justified" by RoP
  13. Yet the nerf is only going to affect the IO'd crowd. A build running just SOs can't use it in a manner that could be considered gamebreaking. Irrespective of that, being a full IO build doesn't break the power either. I know I said I was done posting in this thread, but I couldn't stop myself from this one. It's just a bad argument on every face.
  14. Trying to be facetious doesn't make you cute. That was the PvE implementation. You don't have to like it or agree with it (and many who love to blame PvP for everything typically continue to do so), but that's the reason for the adjustment.
  15. It's an oft-repeated, and incorrect, declaration people make. The "true" travel powers were never meant to be active all the time in combat and they had been using -Accuracy while active in order to reflect that. It wasn't enough to deter their use and certainly didn't stop the extreme speed Jousting issue so Suppression was introduced. Yes, you can still Joust, but at slower speeds that still put you in relative danger of retaliation unless you have corners to duck behind. Before suppression, you could fire an attack and be well outside counterattack range without even really trying.
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