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  1. This is reminding me why I solo practically everything save for Task Forces. Which, of course, gets people upset because I want to solo in a multiplayer game and that makes me weird.
  2. No room in the concept for bubbles that are permeable, so no ally shields and I'm pretty sure Dispersion is off the table too. I'd have to look at her again to be sure on that last one.
  3. I only have one FF character and said character has none of the ally-only shields. Then again, she's also Energy Blast and I'm building her to use as much knockback/knockdown as possible in addition to Detention Field instead so I'm sure she'd be hated by default even with ally bubbles. But since I mostly solo, I don't really care. Energy Torrent, Wall of Force, Explosive Blast, etc are just plain fun to use in rotation. Who needs defense when everything's being knocked over all the time?
  4. It will probably take a good measure of -regen debuff resistance before you could even consider making the set into a Tanker primary. Either that, or port over and tweak the Sentinel version for Tanks, but I've heard from more than few people that they don't like Sentinel Regen due to the different feel and playstyle that version uses despite being the best version of Regen in the game. I can understand this viewpoint because I don't like New Energy Melee even if it's undeniably better than Old Energy Melee but I won't raise that horse from its grave just to start kicking it all over again.
  5. Just be aware of the platform you stream on. Some of them don't officially allow "pirated" or otherwise "illegal game" streams. Whether or not that platform enforces that stance is another matter, but it's good to be aware of it. Twitch, for example, technically doesn't allow a game like this one to stream but they seem to not care enough to shut down the accounts doing it. Still, it's good to keep in mind that a CoH stream could "disappear" for seemingly no reason despite Homecoming giving the OK to do it.
  6. I'm mostly curious how this plays out in a way that doesn't feel cheap or overly punishing to ATs/Powersets that don't offer ways to lock down foes beyond simply defeating them faster. I'm going to hold a bit of skeptical optimism about this, personally. I understand the goals you're going for, but too often, attempts to make a game more "inclusive" of previously undesirable characters ends up translating into a "requirement" of previously undesirable characters. Or worse still, people just change their builds and the previously undesirable characters remain undesirable once you spend enough o
  7. I'm going to preface this with: I don't care if you farm. Farming is fun for some people. But I will say this: I don't care if you're a newb, noob, veteran of 2 years, veteran of 50 years, or the Second Coming of Jesus Christ himself -- if you're spamming chat, begging for an invite to ANY team, farm or not, you're annoying. No one likes a beggar. If you're looking for a specific team, and can't create that team yourself for some reason, then send out your message and wait. Re-sending it every 20-40 seconds is just bad online etiquette. If you can, increase your chances to find tha
  8. My biggest concern, and one you probably have no direct control over without just plain removing options (something I don't want, either), is player tendency to take the "new top" and make that line the new baseline. If you can't handle things at the top, then you're just "not allowed" in the first place regardless of where you go. Admittedly, CoH has much less of this mentality than other games, even when the game was still Live. The "play your way, at your own pace" stance has been held mostly intact by both the players and the devs as it's one of the primary draws. That said, as
  9. Not to mention that an arbitrary price cap just becomes the price floor also without sufficient, overwhelming supply like we have with the seeded salvage here. The people complaining they can't afford it without a price cap probably wouldn't be able to afford that new cap when it's now also the floor, either.
  10. I distinctly remember during Live certain PvP IOs that would frequently be traded for numbers approaching (and sometimes exceeding) double the influence cap. Obviously this meant these trades would be done in-person and a lot of trust was involved (since nothing technically stopped the person who has the half-payment from bailing, or the one getting the IO from leaving early with the goods). The PvP IOs got that expensive because of their very low supply. I'm a PvP player in other games, but even I know that the community who frequently PvPs here is very very small compared to the
  11. This seems to be what every game company wants to do now, particularly in the Indie sector. Charge people a fee for "early access" to their game with lots of promise, but not a lot of polish, get people through the door with that promise, then disappear into the sunset with the cash. Why continue to develop a game after you already made bank on just the bare bones alpha? It really makes trying to get into newer releases all the more difficult, and with budgets for games getting way out of control in the AAA sector (and their tendency to shoehorn in-game monetization for further mil
  12. This is why I either ask for an invite and wait where I am, or zone first then request one. Too many experiences on Live, both as the invitee and inviter, where the invite was lost due to zoning. Nothing more frustrating than being told you "lost your place" because of a loading screen.
  13. My two cents (that no one asked for, admittedly) is that both of the individuals in this particular exchange were being rude to the other. Asking someone a question and being told "go read the forums" as an answer might sound good to people who think the answer to the question is complicated, but it isn't. If I ask for "broadcast when in zone, no tells" and someone asks why I don't accept /tell invite requests, it usually comes down to a few scenarios. For a zone event, it's a simple matter of "the zone has a player cap, so I only want players currently in the zone." If it's a mixed team, the
  14. So your problem with the facts is that you don't believe the facts. I fail to see how that's anybody's problem but your own. You know what would have happened if the Devs sent out a list of "freed names"? It would have been scanned for the actual rare good ones and you'd be complaining that someone else must be camping it now because you still didn't get the name you wanted. The name release system relied on being a bit opaque in order to avoid actual name camping, but the Devs themselves made us aware that the characters with released names were almost all names no one would ever
  15. I'm not a fan of name-campers any more than the next guy, but sorry, I don't go for the emotional argument either. "Think of the newbies" hits the same for me as "think of the children." Emotional arguments are automatically weak arguments because they're not based on any kind of logic. The most "fair" system is the one we have, which is: First Come, First Served. As someone already pointed out, during Live (when we had many, many more players) the Devs ran a program to free up names that they felt would be the least missed by anyone returning to the game. In a relative ocean of pl
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