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  1. In this same vein, people that use the "language evolves over time" excuse to justify their incessantly lazy and incorrect use of terminology.
  2. I haven't ran into any issues with CTP that weren't just me overestimating the range, but then I also have 6 binds specifically for the power so I might be a little crazy.
  3. It could have, had ET been put on fast animation all the time with a 15 second cooldown and decoupled from Total Focus. Not being able to turn and smite a LT whenever I want with a single attack unless I first throw a TF into the fight annoys the hell outta me. But I'm well aware that I wasn't one of the Chosen so it didn't matter.
  4. I'm still playing it because it's undeniably a stronger set numerically than it was before, but it still doesn't feel like Old EM, which was my problem with it when it was on beta. I still only take a single AoE (Power Crash, since it comes earlier, does more ST damage over time than Whirling Hands, and animates faster due to not having a weird "do nothing" period tacked on the end of it) but I will never like being forced to used TF before I can realistically utilize ET. The set actually feels fine until that interaction comes and I wish it didn't exist. Always felt the set would be balanced, particularly in today's world, without those powers being coupled together. Unfortunately, it seemed that mechanic was someone's pet idea they were too stubborn to get rid of so we're stuck with it now.
  5. Right, and I don't disagree. I can just see it from the angle I believe they're trying to argue from, even if it's inherently a bad faith argument to begin with. The ones that went even further to suggest that not having the command "all the time" would somehow hurt PUGs in TF missions made me laugh, though as I never used the command and was never "late" to a mission during a TF (but then I know how to get around effectively without it). The few times a mission would throw you at the back of a zone to then throw you to the back of some other zone two loading screens away, someone else would toss out a Mission Transporter, which people still do so I'm still not left behind. I've not touched the command even a single time and have never seen the inside of these so-called transport hubs. From reading the entire thread (I did skip a lot, as I was in the feedback thread originally and saw where this one was going), much of the complaining is coming from people that wanted LRT to be exactly what /ebfp was: a restriction-free, take me anywhere I want to go power. It was never intended for that purpose and those people will never stop arguing that it should be, in their opinion. A few select individuals have made it clear that they apparently spammed their macros fast enough for a continuous string of base loading screens for 3 minutes and frankly I have no idea what it is they're doing to need to hop in and out of bases that frequently beyond a simple "because we can" excuse. To the general thread at hand: we have lots of alternative options to LRT for people who like to spam their base macros. Those players don't want to get them, for one reason or another. That's their right, of course, but when they insist LRT just become the new /ebfp and be wholly unrestricted... well, that's just not happening. If you need to hop bases so frequently after leaving a base, then grab one of the other 3 or 4 options that let you use the command in conjunction with LRT's allowance of the command. Each of them cools down in 10 minutes; surely you don't need to jump bases so frequently that all 4-5 of those powers will be on cooldown at once? Heck, even if you do, there's the one with NO cooldown that runs on charges to keep you covered. I just do not understand how people don't understand that this system, while intended to replace the command in spirit, was not intended to replace the command wholly in form. I do understand that some people choose to not understand this because they want /ebfp back in its unrestricted form, but that's just not a very useful stance to take.
  6. @Flintlock BurnfurNot that I'm defending the "it's a grind" people (because I'm not), but I find that most of those people are already at the level cap, with accolades, are holding vet levels, and just see that they've lost something they now have to go "out of their way" to get. They aren't picking up those explores or other badges while doing other things because they've already done the other things. Many of those players have multiple characters that applies to, so take 5 minutes per zone per character and it can add up. That said, I don't think it's really a big deal even in that circumstance. It's pretty simple to "ignore" zones you almost never go to and only grab badges for the select zones you frequent often, to save the other less-traveled zones for a later or more convenient date. And frankly, we were told last year that the command was going to be removed/restricted in some way and it's been a long time coming. I think the real lesson here is that players shouldn't rely on something the devs have said is going to change (and the devs probably shouldn't leave in anything they don't have to so players don't get accustomed to it).
  7. All of my characters get a bio because I don't make a character without a concept for it first. Sometimes the story I come up with just isn't good enough and I'll rewrite the bio (before leaving the creator/tutorial) to something that has the same general start but a more believable middle and end. Sometimes my story is too long and I have to rewrite it in order to condense it down to the limit without it feeling like it's being condensed. I probably take it a bit too seriously and don't really have any "silly" backgrounds or "just because" reasoning since I see these characters as existing in a "real" universe. Pretty sure my "silliest" character is getting deleted and remade into something else soon, and that character is basically just a soul that's been transferred into a crystal orb that controls an artificial body. Might be getting rid of that one today, come to think of it. Anyhow, yeah, every character I make gets a bio I put effort in to. I don't RP any of them, though. Go figure.
  8. This only seems true when fighting vaguely human-sized enemies. You can see how messed up hit boxes become as foes get larger and the Drowning in Blood Trial, fighting the two giant Shivans at the end, really make it obvious. Melee players are clustered all underneath a "central" target point, which often has the appearance of you hitting nothing (as the monster's legs are on either side of you). Creeping up to said legs in order to hit them doesn't actually put you in melee range of the enemy despite the fact that its legs keep stepping on your character model. It really makes controlling its facing a problem since you can't really see much without zooming way out. What I suspect could be the problem for these small AoE effects so rarely hitting more than 2 enemies is that the hit box for a mob is just a bit smaller than the geometry collision of the model itself. There used to be a time when enemy mobs had zero collision with each other and could stack in the same spot. When that was changed to make dumpster farming less efficient, I'm going to bet the mob's hitboxes weren't adjusted to that same collision radius.
  9. When I saw my notification for this thread, I was pretty sure I never posted here so I was marginally confused to see I had a "quoted" response. For what it's worth, my statement was in the context of Energy Melee being forced into a specific opener for every fight if you want to utilize the primary buff and my lamentation that it seems more and more newer sets over the game's lifespan focused more on building combos or buff stacks to "release" them. It started with Dual Blades and we see it with other sets like Water Blast and Psi Melee (I'm not going to list them all, of course, but DB, WB, and PM get the three "flavors" of minigame across). Energy Melee has been added to that list when it wasn't on it before, and I just didn't want to see that trend repeat whenever an old set gets "reviewed" for changes. That said, my post was, again, in context of primarily Energy Melee and I would appreciate it if you didn't use my opinion on trends to spread your doom and gloom over theoretical Stone Melee changes that, as far as we know, don't even exist yet. Thanks.
  10. Considering this thread was always a thinly-veiled rant/vent location for people who got upset that their shouting down dissenters got pruned with the rest of the "negative" feedback, I'm surprised it's lasted this long.
  11. I too found this odd, but couldn't really put my finger on why. The effects of Spore Cloud aren't really that dire so early in a set for PvE content, and often the character can't effectively use such a draining toggle that early due to slotting issues. Frankly, I find most people running /Plant aren't picking the power at all until very late in their career as filler or utility once everything else is taken. Putting it early just means it's skipped a lot sooner and can mess up some low-level builds like yours that rely on Thorn Burst for low level AoE damage (though I don't pick this up either, so the change is a wash for me personally).
  12. Fair enough. I suppose with enough "one time" purchases, as a unit, they can affect inflation levels. Of course, I just sat in Pocket D for an hour messing with costumes/bios and never paid for that badge/power. I feel like I should be surprised people would pay influence for something they can get easily for free, but I'm not.
  13. I think it's pretty clear that something will have to change with regards to enhancement scaling while exemplar'd in light of the enhancement changes coming down the pipeline, but that'll be for @Captain Powerhouseto look in to at some future date. This is neither the thread nor the time to really discuss such a proposal, and only really exists due to the 60 foot range being the "sweet spot" for range SOs to bump it back up to 80. I personally believe that Electric Net Arrow and Ice Arrow don't have to "lose anything" to get their range back considering Tac Arrow is a fully ranged-based secondary and it's already being nerfed multiple times on top of the sweeping Control Magnitude nerfs all Blasters are getting hit with, but I also know that that ship is sailing and no amount of pointing out how poor the reasoning is will change it.
  14. Run a few TFs, buy converters with the merits, and sell them to the AH at "sell it now" prices and you'll get more than 10mil pretty easily. This is even the lazy, technically low-end way to amass influence and it's still adequate enough that I pretty much do it exclusively (I don't farm or "play the AH"). That said, a single, one-time purchase is less of an "Influence Sink" and more a "tax" if you want as many options as possible. I sincerely doubt a single purchase of 10 million is going to affect inflation in any significant way and suggesting that it would feels disingenuous to me. I get the theory (if all players pay for it, that's 30 quadrillion influence deleted!), but in practice I just don't see it as a proper influence sink; single purchases rarely work out that way in practice unless the price is exorbitant, and 10mil doesn't qualify. In any case though, 10mil isn't that hard to come by if you're using the AH for any amount of time. You're going to have a hard time justifying a reduction in price, particularly when you consider how many other options exist that cost nothing but time and get the job done just as well.
  15. And no one is really arguing against it. Blasters with lots of CC did too much damage too safely while stepping on the toes of Controllers/Dominators in this department. From what I can tell, no one really has a problem with the reduction of CC magnitude for blasters (though I'm sure they exist). Most of the people upset with Tac Arrow's changes have nothing to do with this. I don't use Hover on my A/TA Blaster because he's supposed to be a more "natural human" kind of deal and ascribes to whatever doctrine that justifies Batman being so nimble and mobile without any real powers. Agility/Gymnastics/Combat Jumping are how he gets around in combat and this change specifically ruins that character appeal. Poorly. The changes stink of spreadsheet homogenization for the sake of making everything the same. I could give a little if Tac Arrow had melee attacks, or melee-ranged powers, that people were ignoring... but it doesn't. It has nothing but ranged damage/CC, mobility, and battlefield control powers. It's like a solo, active, offensive version of Trick Arrow. Which, I'll remind you, that Trick Arrow's Net Arrow and Ice Arrow retain the 80 foot range. In comparison, the Psi secondary gets to keep it's 80ft range immobilize due to "increased range" being part of Psi's identity, yet Blaster Psi Blast is 80ft range while Defender Psi Blast (the one that set the precedent for increased range) is 100ft. On top of that, the Blaster Psi Secondary actually has powers that only work on enemies that are in melee range so the 80ft immobilize works against the set's design overall, yet it keeps the range because reasons? Unless you're a X/Psi Blaster, in which case, you get to keep blasting at your max 80ft range without a concern. The notion that Blasters with 80ft immobilizes were "too safe" don't seem to take account that it still exists due to the Psi Secondary and therefor is still a "problem" if you ascribe to this reasoning. You can't say that all Blasters have "too much range and had to be nerfed" when you can still do it with Mental Manipulation. Hell, the other Blaster secondaries actually got their ranged immobilizes buffed to 60, which runs counter to the "too safe" narrative you're trying to spin. And just because you agree with the poor justification doesn't mean those justifications are sound. All evidence suggests this change is a fix in search of a problem, and in my opinion, no one has adequately explained why Tac Arrow deserves to have its two primary damage powers' range reduced in light of the game's design and surrounding set comparisons. None.
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