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  1. @Snarky Look, man. I'm not going in circles with you. You wanted someone else to do your footwork and compare the damage numbers of Sentinel Energy Blast to Blaster Energy Blast. You neglected to detail exactly how you wanted those numbers compared, which I assume was to give you an out in case you were mistaken. You've taken that out and are now demanding more footwork from other people to support your own claims. You were "thumbed down" because of that reason -- you're like a kid that says he wants a cookie, then gets mad because his mommy didn't give him the RIGHT c
  2. Because some of us already are. Just because it doesn't conform to your arbitrary list of things required to be "the best" doesn't mean the character isn't exactly where we want it.
  3. I did exactly what you asked. You said: If you wanted a robust, realistic ST DPS comparison then you should have asked for it. Your constant use of "Arcanatime" as some sort of derogatory "your numbers only work when you change the data to suit them" confounds the hell outta me. Maybe it's you that doesn't know what you want or what you're talking about? No, it's us who are all insane.
  4. Ignoring the fact that Mids is often incorrect about many of the finer details, I went ahead and entertained this just for the sake of it. Outside of Nova, which is admittedly a big drop of around 27 base damage, and that Sentinel EB's replacement of Snipe is about 23 damage short, the other blasts are only 10 points less damage baseline. In an attack chain that can add up, sure, but keep in mind that Sentinel's version of Power Push also does actual damage (and is the highest DPA attacks in the set, no less) so Sentinel EB has 5 single-target attacks to the Blaster's 4.
  5. I mean, if you're going to take the angle of "some Defenders use Debuffs/Buffs to ramp their damage" then sure, Defenders "do more damage" than Sentinels. They also "do more damage" than Blasters in that scenario, too, but try using that argument when Blasters are involved and you usually get laughed at since to do that, Defenders have to spend time laying out the buffs/debuffs which slows down their clear times when solo and can be completely nullified by a single CC or, in the case of something like Poison, miss entirely and do nothing at all. Blaster Ranged Damage Scalar is 1.12
  6. Running the risk of derailing this thread, what IO Builds do you propose the game be balanced around? Considering the plethora of set bonuses people can chase, and how ED does effectively lower the in-slot values to just above SO level for most sets anyway, trying to balance around "IO Builds" assumes all players are chasing the same bonuses and that just isn't the case. You're asking for the impossible; you should be asking for more ways to inject optional difficulty into the game in order to flex your personal build, not dictate the game be made to suit your personal build and F everyone els
  7. Games can be both casual-friendly and reward those who know how to push the limits. It's not a one or the other kind of deal.
  8. I never got into these, either. I was that weird kid in gaming who (still) clicked all the abilities and was still able to maneuver like I wasn't doing exactly that. In WoW specifically, I could dismount and be in Stealth on my rogue nearly instantly despite each ability being in opposite corners of my screen. Of course, Blizzard undermined my skill by making Stealth auto-dismount in a later update, but whatever. Point is, I don't like change and just learned to make my ancient mouse with 3 buttons work miracles.
  9. No one was disputing this. In fact, people were reminding you that players still do it today, 17 years after the game first released. The issue was your claim that it was designed to be a "trinity game" when it never was. I was in the CoV beta and I don't recall them "walking back" the idea that MMs were meant to be the one doing the tanking. The belief was, since Brutes were stuck with Scrapper defense/resist values despite having the Tank cap potential and MMs had an army of "disposable" HP sacks, that it was the MM's job to send in their pets to absorb the alpha attack, which
  10. I don't normally like to play the "I've been here a long time" card, but I first picked up this game in its release year. I played it practically every day until it was shut down. The moment I heard that the source code was leaked and the game was about to be public again, I got back on the train that very day (unfortunately I was not "invited" to the super-secret cool-kids-only-club original private servers). I say this not out of any misguided sense of seniority, but rather, to tell you that this thing you say the game was built around? It wasn't. It never was. I was soloing cont
  11. One of these days, I'm going to actually use my artistic ability and design sense to finally get around to building my personal base, then stew as I know it's great but refuse to show it to anyone. Right after I get past my crippling procrastination.
  12. Like BillZ, I've literally only used the old two-button mice and only graduated to the three-button/scroll mouse from Logitech and never use anything else. I make sure it's on a wire connection, too, which is getting more and more difficult these days. I play/played many different MMOs, FPSs, RTSs, all competitively and never had any issue "keeping up" with the so-called Serious Gamer Equipment. Never fall for the branding/marketing. You're buying a slogan, not a product that will last.
  13. It's a sad time when a normally executed Synapse, experienced "as intended", is considered a bad thing.
  14. Aye. I just received an email saying my False Positive report had been reviewed and they've cleared the URL.
  15. Huh. I thought for sure I was going to be alone with this problem. Setting the site to the exceptions list didn't help, turning off the "shields" temporarily also did not help. Updating Avast directly did not help. The only thing that let me connect was removing Avast's extension in Firefox that rated pages as "safe" or not. I did report the problem to Avast directly as a False Positive, but I have a feeling that's going to amount to nothing. I don't really need Avast telling me what pages are or are not safe anyway, but when the site works perfectly fine in the morning but gets bl
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