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  1. I'm not sure a "balance" around how a set performs with procs slotted should really be a benchmark.
  2. I'd overhaul the Inventions system, specifically set bonuses. I'm not a fan of how it turns everyone into tank-mages if they're so inclined and I would like to see the ATs get back some kind of identity unique to themselves that goes beyond the simple comparisons of being ranged vs being melee. The over-indulgence of +recharge and +defense and how constricting that can be on builds is too severe in my opinion.
  3. Not likely to be able to implement something like this due to how the game engine and interface works. In order to allow "charge up while button held" mechanics to work for clickers, they'd have to find a different way to move powers around since holding mouse click on a power is how you move them currently. As a personal aside, I pray they do not implement something like this. I detested the "charging" mechanic of abilities in Champions Online and would utterly loathe to see that show up here. It would completely disinterest me from the set entirely, even if it ended up being a literal "hold button to win the game" affair. And, as an addendum to previous post, I'll just add here that my desire to see Energy Melee return to its old title of "King of ST Burst" doesn't necessarily mean I want it to be the king of ST DPS. Being able to dump out a large salvo of ST damage is where I think the set should be, but likely not also the best at dishing out the most ST damage over time. I liked the "spikey" nature of the old ways.
  4. You wouldn't like my Energy/FF Corruptor then. No defensive shields at all, though I am slotting relevant AoE knockback powers with the KB - KD enhancement. I'm not totally monstrous.
  5. Most of what I see from there are people with complaints that get spammed with various versions of "get out" or they look up the player stats to attack their skill (or lack thereof) rather than the point at hand. Granted, I don't tend to venture into the balance feedback forum very often and the community is essentially fed up with Luke Smith's incompetence and the rest of Bungie's staff unwillingness to interact with their players on their own forum.
  6. I'm sure he doesn't think he is either, and to be frank, neither do I believe he's talking about literally everyone. I just take umbrage with the use of the terminology "roots" and the wide brush he decided to paint the community as a whole with as be busy-bodies or busy-bodies-of-the-future. I'm merely going by his own initial words which were both accusatory and aggressive towards this perceived group. The idea that they also hold this imaginary "majority narrative" didn't help matters though I think that may have been directed at the devs specifically as "costumes and names" were called out, which sort of suggests a lack of understanding of IP ownership and our technically illegal server's desire to not make unnecessary waves. If you don't intend to insult or belittle, then don't use insulting or belittling terms to describe a group of people. You could have simply replied directly to the person dictating how to play like @Bill Z Bubba did instead of taking the shotgun approach and accusing the entire community of being, essentially, gatekeepers. Trying to play the "woe is me" card is a bit unbecoming as well and tips your hand to the notion that you feel like a perpetual victim. Based on this post, I've decided that the main issue lies with your perception and your reaction to that perception causing otherwise neutral parties to become belligerent towards you as a defense against your accusations. I suggested as much earlier, but wasn't entirely sure until now. Your reaction to me saying that it's not really fair to call the whole community bossy since my, and most others' experiences don't match yours, is telling. In every post you've been defensive about your opinion, aggressive in its defense, accusatory towards the other party, and tried to cite this as "yet another example of not being wanted". It's as if you desire to create a self-fulfilling prophecy -- being just abrasive enough to get someone to be annoyed so you can feel justified in your misplaced disgust in what was originally a benign statement. I say these statements had to have benign in origin in most cases, because the legitimate "do things this way or you suck" types do not number high enough for you to be angry enough to say the whole community is tainted. In any case, as I'm sure you won't respond any further, and as I've lost interest in continuing myself due to the cyclical nature of one who's mind cannot be changed, I won't be responding further on this matter.
  7. It's lacking its old title of "King of ST Burst" and I think that should be brought back. Yes, I know the game is more AoE-centric now than it used to be but not every set needs to bring "sufficient" AoE for +4/x8 content. Return Energy Transfer back to it's former glory and that would go a long way to restoring this set's identity.
  8. Attributing emotion to my words is your own error. I'm merely reading your words and responding to them. If you didn't want to say the whole community is poisoned at the source, maybe choose different words? I don't. I just find your stance needlessly aggressive and accusatory for no reason and would rather people not get the impression that whole playerbase is full of extra-sensitive people and provided a counter viewpoint, one that also tends to be majority opinion despite your declaration otherwise. It's not to disparage your particular opinion or view, but merely show that it's not really indicative of anything as it's anecdotal and also doesn't jive with most others' experiences. For someone that seems to hate people who "tell others what to do" you sure like making sure others know how you feel about what they're supposedly doing. Have you thought that maybe, just maybe, your vitriolic response to "being told what to do" is why you see it everywhere? People tend to respond in kind, and even those trying to optimize someone's build aren't doing it out of control or malice and may only be getting aggressive when you start attacking them for trying to help.
  9. I've never given up on a character as I find more enjoyment in the concept than the numbers, though the closest I ever got was my Elec/Dev Blaster on Infinity. Though that had nothing to do with the character herself and everything to do with the playgroup she ran with. Apparently they all thought I was a girl and when it became clear I wasn't, everyone bailed and I had no one to talk to there anymore. Every time I'd get on that character, I'd just get depressed and play something else. These days that wouldn't bother me anymore since I solo 99% of the time anyhow and have the global channels to satiate the few times I crave being social. But still, I kept her around and still played her from time to time, just not for very long. I level so slowly anyway that I don't delete anyone and haven't felt the urge to.
  10. Aye. I specifically neglected to include the forums, particularly the Homecoming forums, when pointing out that most people in-game aren't this way. Around here though? It's pretty prevalent as people who post tend to be more passionate about the game. It was that way on Live, too, but the effect was diluted somewhat due to the much larger playerbase and a seemingly increased focus on appropriate subforums rather than just the General one. Must be the groups you associate with, then. This community has been, far and away, the most lenient and accepting group of people since the very beginning simply because of how it's designed. It doesn't necessitate the use of fully optimized builds just to progress, it doesn't use a team system anyone was using at the time, and it doesn't grant rewards in a way that traditional MMO players tend to find satisfying. I tried to get lots of people to play this game and they refused because they "didn't get gear drops" and "couldn't understand why you can't just put armor on". It's a more social, RP-style game by its very nature and that attracts a different kind of person on the whole and tends to turn away others. Your original post outright stated that these "dictators" were the majority, or at least make it seem that way and you lumped the entire community into their ranks with your next sentence. Only later did you start to backtrack and take a "technically correct" stance of how you never said everyone was that way. The implication being, of course, that there are apparently so many of these people that you allow their existence to completely sour your game and focus so intently on them that you see nothing else once one pops up. To suggest that they're such a huge problem says, to me, that you think they're a dominant voice in the system and your claim that they're holding sway over some imagined "narrative" all but confirms that stance. Hell, you even say it's the "root" of the community, which really says all you need to say. Clearly you think the attitude of the playerbase and desire to "control" everyone is just the natural order and we're poisoned from the start -- anyone that doesn't do this just hasn't gotten that passive-aggressive nutrient yet. You can say "it's not everyone", but it's obvious to me you don't really believe that. According to your statements, we're all destined to become busy-body no-fun-alloweds and it's only a matter of time. Normally I'm the cynical one, but sheesh. Anecdotes are anecdotes and all that, but as far as community opinion is concerned you seem to be in the minority of people that just can't seem to escape the meanies. I know you didn't say anything about Destiny 2, but someone else did and I have no idea how that person thinks their community isn't one of the most toxic in the universe, second probably only to MOBA communities.
  11. I only ever really experienced this in two places: early in the game's life where the concept of the "Holy Trinity" was expected, and during early levels where newer players thought the "Holy Trinity" was expected. As the game aged and its players got higher level, that mentality started to wither. It never completely went away, of course, but it dropped off dramatically. That said, "healers" are your best friends in PvP.
  12. I've never experienced this by more than a small handful of players over my entire time on Live or Homecoming and I've been around since at least Issue 1 (couldn't tell you if I was here before then, honestly). Even my time spent in the CoV closed beta, where you'd expect a bunch of people saying you're doing things wrong by virtue of them wanting analytical players to test things, didn't really occur. During my stint as a PvPer on Champion, the so-called "buttholes of the gaming community" weren't especially demanding with builds as long as your choice made sense for the team or strategy you were using. I still make whatever characters I want with whatever powers I want and when players ask for general advice I tell them the same: pick what you want if it sounds fun or useful. If they want something more tailored to their other choices, then I can get more detailed but my first answer is always "what sounds fun or fits your concept". Almost no one ever argues with that answer in the Help channel, and the one who does isn't on all the time and most people don't listen to him anyway because he's particularly abrasive and dismissive of anything he perceives as sub-optimal. That's still only one person out of hundreds. What it looks like to me is maybe you've got a bit of a confirmation bias and are giving more attention to a minority because you already believe that all of us are a bunch of "bossy busy-bodies", to use your terminology.
  13. Honestly, I feel like while the original post (and perhaps the poster themselves) is unnecessarily demanding and locked in their viewpoint, the persecution complex of some people is getting tiresome. People that don't like farming or PLing, stating as such, but telling you to enjoy it if you want are not doing so to be "passive-aggressive" towards your enjoyment. More than likely, they literally don't care what you're doing and are telling you this because they want to make clear that your anger for being told "you're doing it wrong" is mostly in your head or only comes from a small fraction of people in the game. Whenever the "you're doing it wrong" narrative is brought out, the way it's told, you'd think there are people lining up around the block to remind this person every time they log in that they're "not playing right" or something. For the record, I solo 99% of the time. I've been here over a year and still haven't cracked level 40. I played as early as Issue 1 back on live and was a beta tester for CoV. I personally don't enjoy being PL'd because I'm not afforded the opportunity to "bond" to a character's concept if I skip everything. I'm not going to tell you that you can't PL, or that no one finds PLing/farming fun, or that my way of playing is the only "true way to experience the game" or any other such nonsense. Once you stop seeing opinions that don't match yours as insults, you're going to enjoy more of your time. In a way, you're almost the same kind of person that tells everyone else that they're "playing wrong", but in reverse. Instead of telling others how to play, you're angrily defending your playstyle by seeing attacks that don't exist and it's just as off-putting as anything else.
  14. Overall Trick Arrow is fine in a vacuum. The nature of the set doesn't lend itself well to modern CoH's obsession with murderballs so the many location-based effects don't get as much use as they otherwise might. In the slower days of the past, TA was allowed the time to layer its many different effects to protect a team, especially when the old days focused a lot on corner pulling. It also has the stigma of being "terrible" even though it's really not and I think this stems from the set lacking strong visuals. It's hard to tell people what you're doing if no one can really see any effects. As far as set improvements may be concerned, the lack of an in-set way to ignite an Oil Slick can be an issue. You either take another set with fire or energy damage, or keep your ranged origin power on your bar specifically for that purpose. To remedy this, you could give it Tac Arrow's modification to Net Arrow (Electrified Net Arrow) to set the Oil ablaze. Acid Arrow might be able to justify a -regen effect as TA's contribution to taking down tough targets is only truly enhanced by Disruption Arrow which isn't enough most of the time. I've also never been a fan of how Glue Arrow works as I like being able to throw down slow zones before a pull but I know lots of people like it how it is. What might also be skewing things is the natural inclination to use Archery in combination with Trick Arrow. Archery feels weak overall and only picks up once you get the nuke (which is often considered a weak nuke anyway but it's much more spammable than others). Being "forced" to use Blazing Arrow on an Oil Slick doesn't feel great sometimes and the animation for that attack is also absurdly long. The prevailing opinion is that Tactical Arrow does everything better but I don't really agree. Yeah, that version has more damage which makes the powers feel more useful, but Trick Arrow is a stronger control/debuff set than Tac Arrow and it should exemplify that. Lean into the set's stronger debuffs and maybe make them available more often so players can "keep up" with the faster-paced game of today.
  15. I'm not really in the mood to go into numbers or balancing at the moment, but I'd really like to see some kind of Whip Assault set so I can take my anemic Petless Demon Mastermind and make her something that isn't painful to use. There are 4 whip animations in the game that I know of and that's half a powerset already. When I get the time I'll maybe try to flesh something out and perhaps post up multiple versions so people can go ranged or melee depending on their preferences.
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