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  1. /agreed Air Superiority would be a good fit as a quick fly-to attack and back to original position.
  2. Speedsters. We all want to make a cool one and we want a cool "speed attack". But all we have is Flurry... Fix: Change Flurry to a small cone power like Vorpal. Maybe change the animation to a punch instead of a kick and add some "speed lines". Boom. Flurry punches at super speed.
  3. 2 things is would love to see added for MM QoL: 1. Scaling endurance cost for pet upgrades. Simple, upgrading 6 pets is more than upgrading 1. Upgrading 2 pets is less than upgrading 4. 2. Auto - summon on tier 1 and 2 pets. After a death, the pet would resummon after 30 seconds as long as 1 of the original pets is still alive. Ex. My 3 tier 1 pets, 1 dies, after 30 seconds at least one of them is still alive so 1 tier 1 pet is auto - summoned. Thoughts?
  4. I can't seem to install the newest version. Every place I try to save it to says it is not valid. Anyone else experiencing this as well?
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