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  1. Unfortunately, I may have to make it as a Brute instead. Blasphemy, I know. I didn't realize Quills came so late for Tankers -- level 35 is a long wait and not very exemplar-friendly. 😭
  2. This thread makes me wanna give a WP/Spines whirlwind-tanker a try now. Might just be my next project. 😁
  3. For my Ice Tanker, this is what I'd really like to see, having a choice of T9s because while Hibernate is a great panic button, I never really use it (and eventually respec'd out of it; it can also be easily replaced by the Ethereal Shift temp power from the p2w lady), but Icy Bastion would see use in every tough fight maknig it far more valuable to me and not feel like a waste of a power pick. Though leave Hibernate as an option for those who'd prefer that instead.
  4. Scranker


    You're definitely on the right track. Stacking stuns from Oppressive Gloom + Fault is great for neutralizing a mob. Or Oppressive Gloom + Hand Clap (from Super Strength) or Lightning Clap (from Electrical Melee) could also work, but you'd need a KB->KD IO to prevent scatter. Also, Lightning Clap comes pretty late although you could substitute it with Thunder Strike in the meantime (but its stun isn't guaranteed). I've done Dark Armor/Stone Melee before so I can tell you from personal experience it's an effective tanktroller, however endurance issues are definitely a thing. If I
  5. Don't worry, I know several world leaders, including Donald Trump. I'll have the President deport the guy who PM'd you in 11 hours.
  6. We need a Universal Basic Income, like a Homecoming dividend of 100 million influence/infamy per month for every toon that's level 18 or higher! (#yanggang) I'm kidding, of course. Though if someone wanted to give me 100 million influence every month I would be perfectly fine with that. 😁
  7. Didn't realize Homecoming still kept the 3 arc limit, but then I haven't been messing with AE much. Maybe they'll increase it at some point. *fingers crossed* Anyhoo, I'll definitely check out your 801 series. Is there an arc in particular that you'd recommend for a Tanker team to try to run through?
  8. @Linea- I just noticed a post by you in another thread. Glad to see you're still around! I don't know if you remember me, but a decade ago (wow it's been so long) I ran an all-Tanker team through your AE task force, Cathan's Revolt. (I used to put together Tanker Tuesday-adjacent events on Freedom.) And your arc was so much fun to play. I realize this is a looong shot, but did you happen to save your AE files? I would love to be able to run a team through it again during one of the Tanker Tuesdays here on Homecoming.
  9. For some stress-free fun, you should join in on some of the all-Tanker team mayhem on any of the Tanker Tuesdays. Everyone's responsible for their own aggro and survival. So if someone goes down, it's custom to point it out and laugh (in comradely-teasing fashion) at them. And if you have any questions, you can pick the brains of experienced Tankers in real time.
  10. I had a Dark Armor/Stone Melee/Earth Mastery Tanktroller (perma stunned everything--Oppressive Goom + spamming Fault) back on Live that I used specifically for running PuGs. Since I was usually set at +3x8 or +4x8, Quicksand (in particular), Salt Crystals, and Stalagmites were great for the -def so that the lower level folks on the team could reliably hit stuff. (And yeah, Salt Crystals' huge radius of 30' was also awesome for grabbing aggro.)
  11. Scranker

    All-Tanker ITF

    I joined an all-Tanker ITF earlier today (on Excelsior) since the ITF was still the WST. It was a whole lotta fun (haven't done an all-Tanker ITF since Live). Many thanks to StarMace for organizing and leading. He even recorded most of it on YouTube. I made sure to jot down the team roster. It was cool to see the mix of primaries and secondaries. (SS and WM were the most popular secondaries. And practically everyone took Energy Mastery for their ancillary!) StarMace - Inv/WM/Nrg Johnny Brick - WP/SS/Nrg Krono Surge - SD/Elec/Mu Steroid Slugger - SD/WM/Nrg Roman-
  12. Ice Armor's T9 for Tankers (and Brutes) is Hibernate. And it's decent. But what I would give to be able to swap it out for Icy Bastion, the T9 from the Scrapper/Sentinel/Stalker version of Ice Armor. *wistful sigh*
  13. Most folks on Excelsior make good use of The Cosmic Council's transportation hub to get around. But for those Tankers who want to take advantage of the cozy base that @Bo'Tanika graciously set up for us (with teleporters to pretty much everywhere), just copy/paste the following line to your in-game chat box. It'll help speed up any zone-to-zone traveling that you may have to do during a Tanker Tuesday session. /macroimage "DayJob_Teleport" "TankHQ" "enter_base_from_passcode TANKER-3426"
  14. Another fun TT. Ran a 5-person team in PI doing a couple radios & tips since not everyone had time to participate in a full TF. Shout outs to tonight's crew: A R M A D A, CanTankerous, Irish Lass (a.k.a. Pep Rally who loves all-Tanker teams more than all-Rad teams), & Sculler.
  15. The MSR was a lot of fun. Thanks for organizing and leading it, Warboss. I'm kicking myself for forgetting to take screenshots (was in scrankerlock practically the whole time), but there were a couple moments that caught my attention (even through scrankerlock) where someone's AoE knockup power (Mass Levitate? Might Judgement?) sent a bunch of mobs flying straight up and down and it looked totally [email protected]
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