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  1. This. Every night. 10pm EST. 3 raids back to back.
  2. None of this is needed, at all. City has the absolute most options in customizing your difficulty already. The big difference here is that the original devs didn't have time to really flesh out a lot of incarnate content before the game closed, and the game was NEVER built around IO's. (Nor was it intended to be) You want the game to be harder? Turn the difficulty up. Run a SO build instead of IO's. Run more incarnate content. Run Ouro flashbacks with the difficulty settings turned on. There's plenty of ways for you to make the game harder for yourself already.
  3. Unless you have a pocket kin, you're never going to reliably hit those caps anyway. Does it suck? Yes. Are 99% of players going to notice the difference? Probably not.
  4. This was already done on Live. Teleport was given a short amount of hover time after completing a Teleport.
  5. They are not any more detrimental to the game than any other specialized builds. Is a tank built only for Hami tanking detrimental to the game? No....it isn't. There's also another side to this coin. People neglect to realize that you can build for EVERYTHING. I have a fire/fire brute. It was made to be a farmer. But I didn't want to just stop there. I wanted a tank with Brute DPS. And you know what? I achieved that. Capped S/L. High all other resists except Toxic and Psi. High defenses. Can run +4x8 in fire farms. Can hold AV's. It's even tanked Hami before. It can do EVERYTHING. Would you say that build is detrimental to the game?
  6. I'm pretty sure I told you this myself. There has only been so far one group of people running hami raids. That group of people usually makes it a point to get to Hive 1 early. So yes.....this is going to happen. But again, as I'm sure I've said before.....this is a great opportunity for others to step up and start leading. At this point.....honestly..... Lead, follow, or get out of the way.
  7. Hami raids still happening every night on Excelsior. Sometimes in 2 different Hive instances.
  8. The Hamikaze (before the zone cap) was the snorefest. The only individual jobs for the raid were the leader and the taunters. No yellow team. No blue team. No green team. Establish aggro and then have everyone run in and just beat Hami down. While the rewards for that method were great....it was indeed a snorefest. No that we're back to the original method we've been having a LOT more fun.
  9. Not entirely sure I understand what you're asking? We're not changing the start times. Everyone is used to 10pm EST now....and it seems to work well. That's not stopping other people from running their own Hami raids at other times tho. With the 50 player Hive zone cap now....this is a great opportunity for more raid leaders/hami tanks to step up as it's possible to have a hami raid going on in multiple hives now. As far as how many times we do it....the first night of the new zone cap with still did it 3 times, just to prove that we could. Last night we did it twice. I don't plan to do less than 2 per night if I'm leading. As far as how long you have to wait.....that's really not the problem here. The biggest problem is now that there's a zone cap, you have to make sure to get there early, if you care about being able to get into Hive 1. With that being said....we don't wait till 10pm EST anymore, even though that's the "official" start time. We usually start once the zone fills and nobody else can enter.
  10. A level 50 recipe costs about 500k to craft. If you dropped only 5 million that's only 10 IO's crafted. You can't build a full toon for that. And that's assuming you either had all the salvage already to craft them or bought the salvage with tickets.
  11. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that's not possible. For quite a few reasons. 1. The way news travels in this community. 2. Cypher has been seen at the Excelsior Hami Raids. GM Fiddleback as well. 3. The Hami guide I wrote in these forums had the zerg/hamikaze method in it 4. Literally any other number of posts in these forums/on their discord/on social media. I'm sorry....but Leo would had to have literally been living under a rock not to know.
  12. Not sure if by "abuse" you mean griefing or you mean the Hamikaze. But yes....on Excelsior we took full advantage of the Hamikaze. 3 Hami kills in 30ish minutes every night. It was nice.
  13. Again, as I mentioned.....back on live it could take 2 billion to complete a build.
  14. Improbable, not impossible. Zerg raids with one league requires planning, having everyone on the league know what they're doing, making sure everyone stocks up with Warburg Nukes and Shivans, and stuff like that. It's basically a whole lot of extra work to shave a few minutes off of a hami raid.
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