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  1. The problem with TFs I always found? Boring. (Especially the one in the orange dimension which will physically age you.) Over written. Over blown. 5 missions is enough for me. As it is...'some' team members rush to the end. To expedite the TF runs. A choice. Ofc. But many do to move things along a bit. (As in 'get on with it.') By the time I've done most TFs I've forgotten my name. I prefer tips by comparison because there isn't the same time lock in. And I didn't like the 8 man teams either. A team of 5 would be enough, also. For me. Edit them. Trim them down to size. Another 'minor' detail. 'How many missions to go now?' It would be nice to have the mission progress bar for the contacts in blue...segmented or numbered to show how far along the TF you are. ie. Mission 3 of 5. It brings the 'Are we there yet?' out in me. With the poor team leader needing to know the arc off by heart, from a photo memory or look up the answer on CoH wiki. Why all the angst re: TFs? Time commitment. They are too long for me to get involved in them. If ten tips gives you 40-50 merits. Make the TFs 5 missions long and give you have of that. 20-25 merits. I like the Hamburger format of CoH in general. To have a more 'pick up and play' version of TFs would be nice. Maybe have 'eazy' and 'hard' versions. Or short and longer versions which vary by reward as per the difficulty. Maybe an option to do a shorter version with less rewards to the equiv' longer version. Option for a. Hamburger TF. vs. b. War and Peace TF. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Let it out Azrael. I've waited a long time to get that off my chest. *Breaths into a paper bag. Azrael.
  2. That would make sense. It would stand out more on smaller teams. I'll have to try test it out. I could stand going for Musculature on my Alpha. And Double Hit on my Hybrid. See how that feels. Azrael.
  3. Mac and CoH. Buy a Windows PC. You'll get a cheap Windows PC that will run it ez. Same if you want games in general. The Mac Pro is ridiculous. Price wise. A joke. Just get a 3080 Nv and the latest 12 core AMD. Far cheaper. And you'll get an 8k display cheaper than their 6k display. Or save loads by just going for a decent 4k display. Me? I bought the last 5k Intel iMac. It doesn't run even a 2004 game without overheating. An 8 man team or a fire farm will get teh single fan kicking up a fuss. Why? I don't know why. The 10 core Intel? The 5700 gpu? Both down clocked. In fact, stuff my 2012 iMac did cause the fan on this to fuss. Unfortunate timing of when I bought it. I should have waited and bought a PC tower and the new Mac Mini M1. I'd had both for the same amount of money. But yes. I can dual boot Mac PC. I'll go M1 Mac at some point. Despite what some are saying it will usher in a golden age of gaming. Eventually. When you're part of a 1 billion unit eco system...you can see why Apple has done it. Control. Hardware and software efficiency and optimisation. And heat! You can't push an iMac without it fussing. Same with the laptops on Intel etc. It's not like the Mac was ever 1st class in gaming even after it went to Intel. And no NV gpus and yet still some Mac users throw themselves over the Mac coffin to defend that. It's always been 2nd class apart from the early Lucas Games and Bungies Marathon era. Millions of iPad and iPhone apps will work on the M1 Macs. And that gravitational effect will usher in the £££ from other developers to do more 'traditional' console/PC games. Apple have control over the api now. The store. The machines. The cpus. The gpus. The new M1 Macs are remarkable. But that comes with a short term price. And that's CoH. Maybe there will be Open GL to Vulkan to Metal cross polination at some point. If you like Mac. Any of the up and coming M1 or M1x or M2 Macs will blow the doors off for what Macs 'do' and when you're outside of that envelop your PC 3080/AMD 12 core will be a multi tasking beast with game streaming whilst you render ray tracing in the background. Azrael. Ps. There is already plenty of gaming on the new M1 Macs. WoW was alright. I've benched it. Runs ok on the 'last' Intel iMac. Decent settings and all: Quad HD 100 FPS. Np. But it's no CoH. If you're on an M1 Mac you have access to all those mobile phone and pad games. Many of which are quite good. And affordable.
  4. ...and you find that makes a significant difference on a Defender's damage? I currently have Hybrid Support. But I already have plenty of defence in my build. It could stand a bit more damage... Azrael.
  5. We've seen those Mire AoE ownership WS's from live. WSs matured like fine wine back then. So an all out attack build with some defensive resolve makes sense to me whilst rockin' some proccin'. Defensive Amplifiers? Eh? Power? Io Set? Translate? 🙂 The build looks interesting for human form. I had a tri form on live. Got to L44. Key human powers. Some Nova for blast. Dwarf for double stack Mire. With Fluff pets. How is the progress going with your new human build? Azrael.
  6. Claws Regen on live. twice. Enjoyed it. Both times. To L50. Never built it out with IOs though. This will be my third attempt at it. I prefer that Regen's 'stuff' is 'on call' unlike WP. Any Proc builds out there for a Scrapper Claws Regen? Any dark Moon Magic for such a build? Azrael.
  7. I was going to roll a Rad Rad Tank. But I did Invul Energy instead. What I do have is a Rad Rad brute I need a build for. So I'm looking at these builds with great interest. My current L50 brute has Spiritual and Barrier. Not sure these are the most optimal incarnates but seeing as my Res' are about 50% and my Defence 7% pending any build...then Barrier shores up my res/def' for now. Perhaps Cardiac (has resists?) at Tier 3 until I do my build... So cardiac and barrier are interim measures until...I get... A hybrid of high resists with high defence sounds good to me. Somebody doesn't like SS? For me it's Titan Weapons... Anybody got a Proc Monster Rad Rad brute? Azrael.
  8. I like busy. +4 x 8? I'll have to try that on my Council Farm Map. Azrael.
  9. +3 x 8. Most things. Mobs take a beating. Real quick. TA/Arrows before and after the patch. Very good before. Excellent now. Under rated before. I should imagine it will be very popular now. Plays beautifully. Azrael.
  10. I've looked at Sir's build for the proc EN Invul. Interesting on the attacks. Currently L43 on the 'revised' EM with my Invul tank. Any new build ideas for the updated EM? Eg. Power Crash? Force Feedback proc on eg. Total Focus? Currently at 15% def before Invincibility kicks in. And resists at 80%+. Azrael.
  11. The incarnate interface is terrible. I don't know why Paragon didn't just use the standard interface. ie. Me? I'd change it to use the standard interface. Much simpler than this fuss fest. Azrael.
  12. I'm running a Stone/Stone/Ice Epic Dominator. Taken all the primary and secondaries. And four of the ice epics. Not sure about mud pots. End heavy. Doesn't seem to do alot? No Hasten. Though I'll bring that in with the rebuild. Thinking about proccing on this one. Anyone got any juicy ideas (procs etc.) for a stone/stone/ice build? Azrael.
  13. Just rolled a Corruptor. DP. Time. Seems very light on damage at L30... 😮 I've...er...put my mission diff' on -1. There you go. I'm hitting harder already. 😛 But the animations are super cool! I guess it's a candidate for 'proccing' as with the above build which I've taken a quick look at as a starting point for my build. Proccing is something I've recently got into and it can really add a lot of fun, damage and excitement/variety to a build. The 'roll of the dice...' I took Time Distortion to cause a 'matrix' slow time for mobs 'bullet time' situation. I have hover for some defence and 'cuz' hover blasting. I'd lose the sorc' pool and the epic. Bring the 'in house' dp/time attacks back in. Perhaps go for Scorp shield for some S&L def. To add to what Weave gives. If any body has any DP/Time Corr builds and Proc Monster ideas..? Please do share them. I enjoyed looking at the above build and will peruse it further. Ofc. Azrael.
  14. Faster. Strong...urrrr. More PowUrFUL. Seems to have a problem with Window's Option Tabbing to other windows? Azrael.
  15. My, what out the box thinking. No torn apart primaries and secondaries for the almighty trinity of the Fighting Pool. Here we have 'dice rolling' on a grand scale and an expansive mindset progressively traversing the conceptual infinities of space time itself. Gravity. Difficult to master. But fun to admire the rainbow energy fonts that explode off the wide dice rolls. That said. 'He took out Crush?' 'Because he's crazy.' Frasier Crane. The heal is out. The Crush is in. 😉 The 'Energy 'Power' Epic is out. The Ice Epic is in. Incarnates. Don't matter? 'So certain you are...' *Yoda voice. Azrael. PS. Glam rock. Your time in the sun was altogether brief...
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