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  1. I think like you say...it comes down to matching AT to task. I've had it 'tough' playing blasters, defs and doms. They're squishy. It took me along time to stop expecting them to be like scrappers and go mano-mano' with the mobs. And just leave teh diff' button alone until I got the build and the permas sorted. What I find does help is to get a like minded duo-partner to compliment or stack your talents with you. And this is my no.1 suggestion to anyone having frustrations with their AT of choice. I like even con. I just like the journey. From having me pulled around by my cape in the Hollows...to being shot through by Warriors or being beaten up in Bricks. But as the L32 (with PET! YES!), L41 and L50 milestones pass? I grow in power. And my mindset and ability changes. And i get the uber perma domi in the end. Then I can re-explore the content with a build that allows me to perform well and go into Oro and do arcs etc with attuned IOs. So I get to enjoy the game on the up and down swing. 'Remember me, Council? The hero you pancaked back on Striga? Let's try that again...' The rise to power on the domi is somewhat frustration. But once you reach the God Head? It feels well rewarded... Azrael.
  2. Cheers, nihilii. 🙂 Energy (tank!) melee is close to a lot of tank's hearts that felt burned by the Melee Energy revamp/changes. So if it even reverts some of those changes back...and buffs up the damage and speed of certain attacks... 2.5s on a Gravity / Energy Domi vs 3.3s on the Tanker should be enough of a difference. Actually, re: the tanks. I always felt that tankers should be slower to execute..with the caveat...that they hit harder. 🙂 So if the Tanker's TF does more damage. I'm fine with it being 3.3 sec. I always felt that the temporal aspect of time should be exercised with some hero ATs being quicker and others more plodding. The caveat being a lighter fighter wouldn't hit as hard as the hulk...whilst the hulk may be slower but he'll hurt you badly. If they can trim .5 sec here and there (there is room here and there...call it...'tuning'...to tune the controls...or attacks...) and retain the feel then I wouldn't be opposed as long as they (and they have so far...) exercise great care on it. Their intentions seem patience and noble based upon what they have done so far. CoH's killer app? Is down to 'feel.' There is room for this 'standing there pause' pass. There are outlier powers where you think..., 'Did the devs actually play that bit? I'm rooted for another .7 sec and I can't execute my next power and now I'm dead...' Azrael.
  3. What difficult setting was that on? I've come to (on a personal level...) stop expecting squishies of any type to roll in like scrappers or any melee type and steam roll the Long bow. (I have melee types for that...) So I now game on +0 x1. I do that from L1-50. I enjoy taking on the different mobs with a fair chance of winning the fight. As soon as I x2 or more that? I'm dead. or my skill level to deal with that flat lines. And I just enjoy the dance and the flaws of each AT as they are. If I want to circumvent those flaws...eg. Defender? I duo-team. And all of a sudden I'm an order of magnitude stronger to deal with eg. Longbow mobs as we can buff one another. So there are gameplay and team options to deal with the flaws of squishies. 😉 Difficulty. Teaming. Build. etc. Plenty of options right down to choice of power sets which may suit you more. Azrael.
  4. I can't speak for the Dominator or Control assault damage. But my duo partner had a Defender with Bubbles and Dark Assault. They were doing decent damage and didn't get hit as much as I did with bubbles and energy. I have a Storm/Dark controller. I like it. Damage isn't all you can eat scrapper buffet. But it's imperious. (I think I read one of your guides on this. 😉 Which convinced me to roll one. Azrael.
  5. Well, 'fire anything.' Fire/Stone Domi I saw took care of 'business' mighty fine. Energy has been revamped? It has for the Dominator re: the energy mechanism. But do you mean for the energy melee tank as well? (If it has, it got by me...) My rig is down and I haven't played since March. So, has Total Focus's animation been shortened? (or Energy Transfer for that matter...) Yes. Great care must be taken with the CoH animations. As that's the one of the key things about the 'feel' of combat. And even slight changes can offset and upset that. I don't mind the rooting and grandiose animations. However, I do feel the devs did a decent job with the 'insta-snipe' animation and combat. (But I did prefer the 'half arm' insta-shoot animation with 'dead wait' after...pre: their final release. It's now just a 'fast arm wobble.' But it plays 'ok.') Most dominators play 'just fine.' The single biggest risk is having to built up domination and losing it after you've built it up. Frenzy could combat that just fine. And the mediocre damage could be compensated by by bringing back the dam' buff into Frenzy. One thing I like about the HC developers. They take their time, they fine tune and tweak based upon feedback, they don't just tear things up...they largely honour the spirit of the game. And that's certainly the case with Dominators and the game in general. They did a decent job with the Tank AT pass. For the Dominator, bringing frenzy to the hero Domi AT and a damage buff would go a long way. Azrael.
  6. 'Are you saying.' Definitely not. What I'm saying is that Scrappers are teh chosen ones and best not to use them in any discussion about anything. As for Dominators. When you're domi bar drops. You have to use your controls, assault and skill to get it back up. The one caveat of that would be? By the time you're level 50...you'd think that the Dominator would have gotten better at channeling their mental mez mode where by it is either instaneous or nearly so. ie. A slide scale of proficiency that grows from 1-50. So, perma domi is 'at the end' taken from its IO pay wall. or quite simply? Give the Hero Domi frenzy. (recharge 5 mins...) so this mitigates the down time when in a tight spot. Bring back the damage buff into it. 10% for assault. Another 10% for the controls. Add that to eg. Leadership's Assault...and it's better than a kick up the backside. All ATs lean on recharge. The more we get, the more we want. Playing a L1, L22, L32, L41, L50 domins are very different in frustration and proficiency. We don't have to rip the domi bar out in frustration and replace with a 'click' (meh) but build on what makes it great. Frenzy. (...and bring back the Damage buff.) Simple. Azrael.
  7. The animation in CoH is one of its best features. Some are more theatrical than others. With hasten things seem to happen faster. But some do have the opinion that some powers 'take too long' to do their thing. When I see 8 man this is how we roll teams...it doesn't seem to be a problem in general. Things are usually dead before they hit the floor. Ask any tanker who tries total focus on a single mob, by the time it does it's thing...somebody has already killed his 'mob.' Dominators aren't going to shine in an all you can eat buffet...in much the way Trick Arrows work goes unseen but the effect is there that helps the team move so quick. Azrael.
  8. I wouldn't say pitiful. But the damage can seem somewhat blunted on assault and 'tippy tappy' on the controls. The damage is def' wholesale. You're not squashing the mobs with absolute brute force...but cruelly torturing them mainly with power of your mind and then delivering the 'grace' in melee. To add a bit more 'bite' to Domi's we just need to build upon what makes them unique. 1. Frenzy. Bring it to the hero version. And bring back the damage buff at 10-20%? (10% more assault dam? 10% more control damage? Adding this to 'Assault' from teh Leadership pool would be add up...) So that whilst in Domi' mode, you're mentally enraged enough to deliver the 'gift.' Allows a recharge of Domi when it drops. (Every 5 mins?) And gives all controls and assault more bite. Two birds. One stone. Azrael.
  9. There are epic armours. And pets. (If you get enough of them...they are 'soft armour' to stop you absorbing as many hits.) With the Domination bar refill there is a part time solution to end problems. There is also Victory Rush (which I recommend for Defenders...) Then there is the Fighting Pool (Which many builds add...) And there are IOs to build up your defence. There are standard pick up and play choices and 'behind the IO pay wall choices.' And how one plays....choices. And the difficulty setting. Azrael.
  10. Yeah. But scrappers were the 'chosen ones' on live. Frustrating though that was. Then Brutes happened. But out of all squishies. Dom's have part time mez. And if one builds perma you get perma mez. Dom's do have mediocre damage (certainly feels that way...) outside 'teh fire build'. That's where you have to use your mind rather than brute force to win the fight. It's far more elegant that a scrapper. Azrael.
  11. She's the brains, sweetheart. Azrael.
  12. The end game is mez heavy. In that area melee ATs like Tanks, Scrappers and Brutes lead a charmed life. But that's how the game is set up. I don't like carnies. My blasters get mezzed and die. Even L50 ones with a decent build...and incarnate powers. And it's fire based. But if you want to take them down, it's change the diff' settings from uber team challenges...or build a perma win / I win all the time def capped, perma hasten and perma domi build. Not cheap at a cool £1 billion influence. But Controllers, Defs and Dominators can still shine on teams and control their own destiny on solo. Play to your strengths on a team, at range. With gas and falling over powers very little should get through to you. But if the settings are high and wide...one stray straggler will drop you like a sack of bricks. Azrael.
  13. Teams will get you killed. 🙂 Try solo-ing. Or better yet, a like minded 'duo-partner.' Earth has excellent controls. What difficult setting are you playing on at L43? Tough, Weave and Cj? They're not essential. Again. Relative to what level and challenge and mob type you're up against. Part time mez is ok if you set the challenge correspondingly. (It's nothing Defenders, Controllers and Blasters don't have to put up with and they don't have part time mez protection...) There's plenty of Stone controls to wrap up mobs. It's right up there with elec in terms of its control. You can choke them, fall them over and have your pet give them grief. That's alot of 'soft armour.' As for Dark. I'd rather have gone for the more emphatic stone melee. With it's power boost to boost your controls for longer. Azrael.
  14. I think you are on point here. I like the 'earn it' nature of Dominators. And bringing a reward (I view it so...) mechanism to other ATs would be a way of adding more nuance. Just having a click is boring to me. If Domi drops. It's because I wasn't paying attention. Having to fight mobs to get your domination up outside of a 'IO pay wall' is just earning your stripes as a hero. Using IOs to make it perma is a hero using experience or their expertise to improve themselves/powers. Again. Something you have to earn by spending time, experience and influence to do so. As for IOs vs the games original pick up and play style is a broader debate. I would happily keep teh domi mechnism as is...but one way to perma-dom outside of IOs would be to gradually decrease the amount of hits it takes to activate it as you level. To the point where in your L40s it may just take a couple. And by L50...you're so self attuned with your inner frenzy, you can just press frenzy to get the Domination ball rolling. In much the way that insta-snipe activates the potential for snipe...by your L40s-50s, being near a mob fills the bar...ready for the Domination click. (Having it still able to drop is important. Without penalties, ATs are boring. There has to be a price for failure for absent minded combat.) There is a danger with IO builds and Incarnates that every AT becomes the holy trinity unto itself. Rather than specialise in what it's good at and having a penalty for not excercising that expertise. Dominator's are mezz specialists. But that shouldn't mean that they don't earn it. Other ATs like Controllers and Defenders have to think about builds and ways around this mezz vulnerability. And that is part of their challenge to play that AT. I think the areas of improvement? Frenzy (with Damage bonus...) hero side. Is the chief culprit. And...when Domination drops...(PANIC!!!! Before 1 punch and hospital...) the length of time to get 'back' in the game is somethign that could be looked at. Keep the penalty...but as you level 1-50 the slidescale of penalty should vary so that it takes less hits to activate as you grown in proficiency of mental domination. You start off as Marvel Girl...and then end like the Phoenix. (Maybe not that powerful...but you get the idea.) Azrael.
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