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  1. Writer's note: I am not sure the title suffices, but I assure it was not intended to be misleading. When I started the short story I really thought Jerrin Bloodlette was going to play a bigger part, but as stories sometimes do, it wrote itself and went in another direction. It went from being a vampire story to the story of the collateral damage that happens to the little people in the bigger scheme of things. I write my stories on site, as is, what you get is what I wrote with only small changes for spelling or added sentence ever really happening. Outside of this story, I have no idea who Pa
  2. Her name is Sasha, Sasha Polinsky. She told me on the way to Brenda's, probably because I was so quiet and lost on what all was going on. Of course I knew it was vampires. Of course I knew the lady I slept with only a day or so ago was probably dead, sucked dry of her blood. Of course I knew these things. It didn't stop me from being in shock. It helped me being in shock, these are of course shocking truths. The city seemed different in the day, especially on a Sunday morning. We were both quiet for several blocks, and I did not even question how she knew where to go. "What other vampire
  3. It really made no sense. If I was marked, as Jerrin said, why was he after Brenda? Why didn't he kill her? All of these question raced through my mind as I found it impossible to sleep. Brenda left, heading home to check on her mother. I knew there was a distinct possibility I would never see her again, and while this sounds horrible, I was okay with that. Not seeing her again meant I had no reason to feel guilty when I packed up and ran the next day. Not seeing her again meant maybe this wasn't all real, and I could somehow get back to New York and live my life like I lived my life all my lif
  4. Brenda's Story As you know it got very cold for some reason, and you handed me your jacket. You were walking by me, and then suddenly you weren't. You just were gone. In your place stood this man, or whatever he was. He was tall, with black as night hair and dark eyes. I have to confess he was handsome, and at the time, I was not really alarmed. It seemed quite natural, you understand. I know that sounds crazy, but that it is how it felt. Looking back I know it was him making me feel this way. He smiled and bowed slightly, without saying a word, and offered me his hand. I took it, and
  5. "I have to leave the city," I said, grabbing at the clothes I had so carefully put away only a couple of days ago. My suitcase was wide open, like the jaws of some great shark waiting for me to fill it with all of my belongings. Brenda watched, it seemed, in complete horror of the prospect of me abandoning her. I owed her nothing. Not this, anyway. No, we were marked by a vampire that wished me for some reason. Maybe it wished Brenda as well, I don't remember much past the vampire Jerrin telling me I was marked, in some way or another. Telling me it would pursue me now relentlessly. Way t
  6. "You can let me in," it said. Yes, it. It was obviously not human. It was not a him or a them or whatever. It was an it, and I had not figured out yet, not yet, what it was. "No," was all Brenda said, grabbing my arm as I walked toward the balcony. Only moments before the doors swung open as if with a gust of wind, and the handsome stranger stood there as if he, no, it, had been standing there for some time. The sun had just set, it's light still making the distant clouds orange. I listened to Brenda. I also listened to my own instincts, as the very sight and very presence of the thing f
  7. I put my arm over her, not remembering how Brenda and I got to bed, or even where we were, but it mattered little. She was here now. Though she felt different, and while it took me a bit to clear my eyes, I was able to look around. The sun was fluttering through some drapes, which were flapping in the light breeze blowing in. We were not in my room, nor the hotel I was in. In fact, there was graffiti all over the walls. I glanced at my watch, and saw it was 8 am, and the sun had already warmed up and pushed out the cool night air. I rolled out of the bed. No, it was not a bed, it was just a
  8. Brenda came back, beautiful as I remembered. She had a way of putting on make up that did not look as if she put on make up. In fact, it made it look as if, had she put on make up, she would not be as pretty. Women. I am sure they know this completely confuses men, which is why they do it. Had she simply put on make up like a normal person I could sit here and write about how she would look far prettier without her make up and no one would blink an eye. Now I am having to write about how her dark curls accented her apple shaped face and pouty lips, and how her non make up looking face was far
  9. "Paul Horacio Garret", I told the man at the check in counter of The Plaza Hotel, even as the young girl holding my hand giggled about something only a drunken mind would find funny. I wanted to laugh as well, the intoxication of the night filling me as much as her. "Yes, Mr. Garret, we have your room ready," he said, ignoring Candy, or Sweety, or whatever the woman's name was that I met. It mattered little to me or her. She was looking for a good time on my dime, and I was looking for a good time on her. It was a mutual understanding. No, she was no prostitute, though both of us could be c
  10. What you described are bad apples. Those things can happen. I don't disagree with that, but that doesn't need to be the focus. I have rp'ed now for over 35 years, lead games in rp, and lead and wrote fiction for 100s of people to play off of. Not bragging, just saying there isn't much I have not seen. I don't have many rp friends that will do the things you described, because by now, they have all faded, with me having to do nothing. Some I like in rl. Just is what it is. You can't be scared of those things if you want to set up something for rp'ers on a broader scale than 8 people. Nothing wr
  11. I am thinking of taking vacation soon as well, just to take some days off. Keep us informed on what you are planning, send me a private message if you will. Don't be discouraged if I do not contact you back quickly, I work 12 hour shifts at night so it leaves little time to get home, relax (IE fall asleep in my chair in front of King of the Hill), sleep, get up, eat and head back to work. However, I would love to help when I can. I haven't put in my vacation days yet, so can't give any kind of timeline. Now, that does not mean I am not willing to help on days off, it would just be spottier.
  12. Well they can say they arrested all the Warriors, for example, but all you have do is use your eyes to see they did not, which makes them crazy. That would be poor rp, and they would pretty much deserve the weird looks they get from someone actually battling The Warriors. Even now we can just say we killed Statesman and destroyed all of Arachnos singlehandedly, and set off a massive bomb that negated all super powers making everyone normal, and by your conclusion, everyone would just have to accept that. Of course no one would. That is not how good rp works. Your way is not a bad way, but
  13. I may be able to make it on the 13th, hard to tell with work as that schedule is not out yet.
  14. I understand what you mean, and I fault myself for not being clearer. The thing is you do not have to control the plot with others, you simply have to put the rp out there. An example, as I was talking about the Warriors, is that you develop a story about The Warriors causing mayhem, and then let people run on how they are dealing with it. Encourage short board stories, or just info, so others know what is going on. If someone wants to offer an AE storyline then all the better. Let people know that there will be rp happening in whatever zone the antagonists are from. RP'ers should have no pro
  15. What is lacking is anyone that wants to take responsibility for pushing rp stories. This is not an accusation, I fall into that category. I have been far too flaky with my play to actually develop and promote something. I know when this was live years ago I would make AE stories for rp that people could join, but I never went too far beyond that. I don't know a better solution outside of people committing their time and rp'ers following the rp provided. I think maybe I would be willing to develop rp story lines as long as some with more time than I have would be willing to spear head this. I w
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