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  1. I was looking for an Invuln build to help me with my Ice/Invuln Scrapper (which seems very squishy to me (currently level 30ish)), and I happened upon your thread. First, thanks for posting the build as it gave me insight into slotting for Scrappers (I usually play Tanks). Second, how's the build doing? Have you played it much since the re-tuning? If so, what do you think? If not, why not? I'm finding it difficult to keep my Scrapper on it's feet. PSi /Tox/Cold and Fire just eat him alive. Thoughts on leveling build tips (other than "tough it out")?
  2. I have done this combo and it's a blast. I'd go this route if you want some crazy fun. The Teleport opening attack (post 38) really makes the build worth the wait. Meltdown+BU+Savage Leap (SL)+Radiation Therapy (RT)+Ground Zero (GZ) and Rending Fury = Where'd everyone go? (note: you can mix/match your AoE Attack chain to your style). RT and GZ do debuff so there is a argument to be made for doing those first, after SL.
  3. This. In fact... I might have to try that combo... don't think I've done that paring yet.
  4. Belated screenies. Zot - Yes, that's a Tank shoot the BIG bot. Ya' got me...
  5. A good turnout on Excel tonight. We were able to field 3 teams. Two TF teams (Tin/Mage) and Citadel, and a missions team. Thank you Hera and Kilo for leading teams tonight. Next week we're back on Torchbearer, 4/13. Meet in KR by IP gate at 6pm PDT/9pm EDT, and we'll get rolling from there. If you see two King's Rows we'll move over into IP right next to the KR gate.
  6. I haven't looked at Zeraphia's build but Rad was my first though. Unless you're doing a very specific farm, then chose a set that closely matches that. The advantage of Rad is that is very IO friendly and can be built for almost any and everything.
  7. Revamped Energy Melee would probably pair with it too. Also Radiation Armor does pretty well on both those TFs.
  8. Great post VV and glad to see players getting well deserved credit. I hope posts continue to flow into the thread.
  9. Such a considerate and kind-heated kind-hearted Tanker. Truly a credit to his class (My bias could be based on Fiery Melee...).
  10. Wait a sec... Arthur was a moth and not a bunny???!!! #8O
  11. Yeah, with the varying recharge times, builds, internets, and such it was pretty hard to get a timed unison charge going. I think the best we did was the "continuous assault charge" (one Tank would plow into the mobs, then the next Tank, then the next Tank, etc...). Still had a blast and watching to goons get mowed down, stand back up, get mowed down *rinse repeat* was pretty fun and humorous. Also having me Def at about 123% all night pretty much meant that not a got through it. And since I had just upgraded my Hybrid T4 to the Melee Core Embodiment whatever did get through didn't do much (al
  12. The Crew Wall o' Kelds Romi needs a hug
  13. A great 5th Tuesday run! Three all Shield Tanker teams taking on the Romans (the never had a chance!). Pics to follow. Next week we're back on Excel. Meet in King's Row by IP Gate at 6pm PDT\9pm EDT, and we'll see you then!
  14. Hi all, Just a reminder: Tonight the Shield Tanks on Torch got toe-to-toe with the Romans! Bring you shield Tank and join us in our first "all shield" ITFs!
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