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  1. Corrected 😉 But really, thanks for posting those Ronin, it was a fun run. Banana, we'll see you in a few weeks.
  2. Not knowing what the concept is, it'll be hard to help, but there's Bio/Spines help posting a little lower down on the page. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/30533-biospines-tanker-build-help-request/ And I'm sure if you go through the rest of the Tanker forums you'll find more.
  3. A good turn out tonight on Everlasting. Three teams, one Patron Arc team (thanks for leading Ronin), one Respec team (thanks for leading Kilo) and a missions team (thanks for taking the lead Lor). Many levels to be had and my latest "Warboss" is a level an a half from 50! Next week we return to Indom 9/28 6PM PDT/9 PM EDT! Meet in KR by IP gate at 10AM PDT, and we'll get rolling from there.
  4. I've used the FoGs on some builds and if you can work them into the build it's a good way to go.
  5. Agreed, one of the biggest advantages of DA is that it's pretty easy to hit the resist caps. KB is not really an issue with BoZ's KB protection, and it's heal is insane (a) as long and it hits, b) you have the ToE proc, and c) enough mobs for the proc to fire. Still one of the best heals in the game "near zero health to full in nothing flat".
  6. It the third Tuesday, so we're on Everlasting tonight, and will be meeting at the usual time 6PM PDT/9PM EDT.
  7. You okay with posting the build? Although I haven't concentrated on fully tooling out my Rad builds, I've found Colds, Slows and Debuffs to be an issue. I'd like to see how you mitigated those.
  8. Thanks for posting those Hera, I'm afraid once again I was slacking on the shutter and didn't get any pics... I blame PLV. However I will say it was a pretty good turnout and we did get a few new Tankers to join us. Welcome one and all. Thanks to Ronin for running arcs and to Col, who through a vicious bug was made team lead as we LFG'd to Manti - but played along and lead the team aways, giving me a break. We had fun and a good amount of leveling last night on Torch. That said, this Saturday we'll be on Reunion at 10:00 AM PDT. And next week we're back on Everlasting to pay Lor and her group
  9. Hi all, We're back on Reunion this Saturday (9/18). We'll see there at 10:00 AM in King's Row by the Independence Port gate!
  10. Huh, very strange, I just checked on two different Tanks and Kick from the Fighting pool does fire Gauntlet as do my choices from the Epics. So, perhaps any attack from a Tank causes the Gauntlet effect to fire. I have some debuffs from the Epics on other Tanks, I'll have to see if those cause Gauntlet to fire as well.
  11. I believe Evasion is the "Taunt Aura" for Super Reflexes. So, if need be you should be able to slot that with Taunt Enhancements. I don't believe Power Pool powers inherent the Gauntlet ability, but I could be wrong. I'm sure someone will come along and correct me. So what you could be seeing is the Taunt from Evasion, and not from Enflame.
  12. As Kilo stated another fun TT. Welcome to all the new players and we even got to see a few returning players for the "old days". Welcome one and all, it's great to see you! Thanks for leading the other missions team Kilo, and thanks to Ronin for leading the Numina's TF. No pics from me tonight as I was busy with PMs and keeping the team/s going. We'll see you next week on Torchbearer, 9/14. Meet in KR by IP gate at 6pm PDT/9pm EDT, and we'll get rolling from there.
  13. Well, another TT for the books. Looked like a slow start but after a couple of PSAs by Kilo and Ronin, the Tanks came rolling in and it wasn't long before we had our 24 member league for BAF. Was one of the smoothest BAFs I've even been on. Thanks Kilo and Ronin for taking the reins and to everyone who had input on the trial. I think the changes to Tanks and a league full of 50+ Tanks made all the difference this time (also the TF wasn't as "new" as when we tried it on live). With the ease of success I'd say we more than made up for our last attempt. After the success came Lambda, and another
  14. Hi all, I wanted to bring this forward as our All Tanker BAF will be this Tuesday 8/31, on Excelsior!! Please get your toons ready roll. We'll meet in King's Row as usual at 6PM PDT/9PM EDT and form up where ever we need to from there. Depending on turnout we may need to run this twice or have two team going (max per league on this one is 24(?))? Also, if you bring a lower level toon, you'll need to be ready to form teams as the emphasis on this event will be on the BAF first, with normal teaming to follow. See ya' there!
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    Lol, good one.
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