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  1. Great fun tonight on Everlasting and many, many levels. Two ITF teams follow by missions in PI, fun times a BIG HERDS!! Thanks all, and thanks Lor for leading the other ITF and taking the league star. We're back on Indomitable next week 1/26. Meet in KR by IP gate at 6pm PT/9pm ET, and we'll get rolling from there.
  2. Hmm.. that's odd, because I thought you stepped out of the mission then transported to Steel? Did you transport to Steel directly from the mission? And, it seems to reason that Posi and Val would have joined in....
  3. Agreed, not having KB inherent in the sets just seems silly at this point in the game.
  4. Hi all, a pretty good turnout on Reunion this weekend. Seven Tanks vs Synapse Task Force. Much leveling and fun was done and had by all. And we even got a squatty Babbage in Steel (?)... Let's look at returning to Reunion on 2/20 and running Posi next time.
  5. Hi UltraAlt, Thanks for the post and the question. You can certainly try that, but it would probably be better to join the TankHQ channel (as there's a great deal of chat going on at the beginning of the event and we might not see a chat message in LFG - we do monitor it, but the starting of the event can be a bit ... crazy). If you post that you're looking for a Tanker team in TankHQ, one of us will see it and get you on team, or in the league (depending on where we are in the event at that time). The good news is that 9PM Eastern Time is right at the start of the event (Tanker Tuesday events are two hours long), so head to King's Row (by the Independence Port gate) and we'll get you set up on a team. You can always announce in broadcast once you're in King's Row and we should see that as well. If you'd like send me a tell in game and I'll invite you to the TankHQ channel.
  6. Just a reminder of TTT on Reunion this Saturday at 10:00 AM PT. Hope to see you there!
  7. A bit light tonight on Torchbearer, but we were able to field two teams, one for Synapse (Babbage chickened out :( ), and one missions team. Thanks for running the missions team tonight MsA. Don't forget a special weekend edition of TTT on Reunion, this Saturday at 10:00 AM PT. Hope to see you there! Meet in King's Row and we'll get going from there. Next week, we're back on Everlasting. Meet in King's Row at 6pm PDT/9pm EDT.
  8. Soo... any thoughts? If not, I'm going to go ahead and say we'll meet on the 16th. Time/s set above. Hope to see you there!!
  9. Or Pep, I think she had her pink aura going Tuesday night.
  10. We had a great turnout tonight on Excel, three or four teams (got pretty busy, so I didn't catch all the team leads). Thanks to all who lead teams and look forward to a strong turnout in the future. TTT on Torchbearer next week 1/12. Meet in KR by IP gate at 6pm PDT/9pm EDT, and we'll get rolling from there. Welcome back Myrm, glad you could make the event.
  11. Warboss

    Battle Ax?

    I ran axers pretty regularly on live. Haven't really played them a lot here as the set is pretty "ho-hum" compared to about everything else. I do think the IO procs help, but overall the set would benefit greatly from a minor buff to recharge and damage. Alternately a moderate buff to recharge wouldn't be bad either.
  12. Hi there, I looked at the build a little earlier, but didn't have time to respond until now. I was a bit confused by the title of your post. Are you trying to build an AoE Tank, or are you trying to farm? It is true that in the process of building for AoE you'll end up with a good "farming Tank", but I don't think it holds the other way around. Right off, I agree with VULCAN, the minimum KB protection you want on a Tank is 8 (I tend to shoot for 11 or 12) but, it depends on how you play, and what you fight. Stacking KB is going to knock you all over the place with KB of 4 and even 8 (in my game experience). You can do the temp power and it works well until it runs out or you forget to reinvent it, and what a pain, a Tank should be good to go (IMO). The Touch of Fear slotting didn't come across in Mids when I opened your build, so I'm not sure what you have there, so if I mention something that is already covered there, feel free to ignore my comments. If you're trying for more PSi protection, then maybe Glimpse of the Abyss six slotted would be a better fit. It's a good set and you pick up some other bonuses, recharge, accuracy, etc... If you decide to 4 slot Touch of Fear, take a slot and place it in Temperature Protection or Combat Jumping and place a KB protection enhancement there. I don't use ToF on my DM Tanks, so I can't vouch for how it works, but I'd probably 4 slot it and use the spare slot somewhere else. (ymmv) If you're trying to firm up some other areas, I might suggest: Change the slotting on ToF to 4 GotA Use one of the slots to up the number of slots in Soul Drain, fully slot SD with Obliterations, that will give you 46% Melee Defense. Use one of the slots in Combat Jumping or Temp Protection to add additional KB Protection. Burn/Soul Drain/Blazing Aura -Consider placing/switching the following full sets: Armageddons in Burn, Obliterations in Blazing Aura (mentioned above), and Might of the Tanker in Soul Drain. (I'd do this if I was playing this build). How's does your Endurance hold up during a protracted fight? Looks like it might get close. If so think about Cardiac Core Paragon to add some additional Resists across the board and help cut Endurance costs. I don't really like running a Tank w/o Taunt, it's you're choice, if you can get the job w/o it, then go for it, if not, might swap ToF for Taunt. If you do so, with 2 slots of Perfect Zinger gets you a little more PSi/Tox Resist, and you'll have two additional slots to use elsewhere (additional KB Protection, or 3 slot Consume with Scirocco's for additional Energy/Neg Energy Resist). Best of luck, have fun, and enjoy your Tank!!
  13. Hi all, It's a new year and time for another attempt at TTSE (Tanker Tuesday Saturday Edition) on Reunion. Any preferred Saturday? If not, let's make it the 16th (unless I hear otherwise). Starting time 10:00 AM PT. That would give us (Times calculated off my Pacific-centricness): Mountain -11:00 AM Central -Noon Eastern - 1:00 PM England - 6:00 PM Europe - 7:00 PM
  14. I didn't have a good overall view of the raid as my team got bogged down an a single green mito (previously we had 1.5 -2 teams assigned to Greens, also it wasn't a full hold team, so that probably affected our success - which we didn't have until the entire league showed up), but... it might not be a bad idea to combine the Blue and Green team's duties and have them remove both Greens and Blues in the same area at the same time, or focus on Green first, then Blues. Blues can be a pain, but it's the Greens that keep all the other mitos healed. Reds would help, but I think what we need is a "throw more bodies at the problem" solution (after all, Tanks aren't known for holds or ranged combat).
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