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  1. Another great TT tonight. We were back on Excel, and took it right back to the Rikti (running and completing a MSR) after their failed invasion attempt on King's Row (the meeting place of Tanks!). Four teams, (thanks to all who lead them), we beat the xpies out of the Rikti and took down their drop ship!! Excellent work all!! Next week, we're here again (Excelsior), July 7th, for the start of the July TTs. Meet in King's Row @ 6pm PDT/9pm EDT, by IP Gate and we'll get rolling from there. See you then! Also, start getting your level 50s ready for the Hami raid September 29th!!
  2. Hi all, Just a reminder we're back on Excel tonight and we'll be running an MSR. So bring your highest level tanks! If you don't have a 50, no biggie, but you may have to meet us in RWZ. We're going to try to spawn a zone of our own, by LFGing to the raid. If you're under level 35 you'll affect the LFG teleport. Don't despair, everyone (that is a Tanker) is still welcome to the event, you may just have to use your SG base to get there. Also, the more 50s we have the better the raid will be. See you soon!
  3. Three teams tonight on Indomitable, two TF teams, thanks Hera for taking one. And, one missions team, thanks MsAligned for leading that. We're back on Excelsior next week 6/30. Meet in King's Row @ 6pm PDT/9pm EDT, by IP Gate and we'll load into a MSR from there!
  4. Sure go ahead and have it added. I'm not sure about the other shards, I haven't really looked into it yet.
  5. I usually just use Sands of Mu or another Temp, use a buff or do maintenance during the Rage crash. Usually it's not critical, just annoying.
  6. There was a thread about this on live, and if I remember correctly SS w/o Rage was not at the bottom, but more in the middle (maybe bottom of the middle?). Back then I think Ice Melee might have been at the bottom of the stack. So, based off that memory, I'd be inclined to say that without Rage it would be less than Stone Melee and War, but probably not terrible. Also, I think you'd get better damage sooner with Stone Melee. As both SS and WM seem to mature later in the game. What might be interesting is run your numbers for Rageles SS, with Assault from Leadership and Assault from the incarnate powers. But, what make the SS set is Rage... so your call on how you want to play it.
  7. Hi all, had another great TT on Everlasting, two team, one TF (Synapse (lots of leveling)) and one mission team (thanks for leading Lor). We're back on Indomitable next week 6/23, meet in King's Row at 6pm PDT/9pm EDT and we'll get rolling from there! Also, due to RL, my plans for an all Tanker Hami on Excel got put on hold. We'll look at getting that back on track AND try to shoot for one on Everlasting as well! Stay tooned... er tuned!!
  8. No worries, join us when you can. The fun will still be there 😉
  9. Hi all, We had a great turnout on Torchbearer, enough to run three teams! Thanks to MsAligned, Coltech and Hera for leading teams (and anyone else who might have held the mantle that I missed). Next week, 6/16 we're back on Everlasting. Meet in KR by IP gate at 6pm PDT/9pm EDT, and we'll get rolling from there. Discord link for voice chat https://discord.gg/8FmTPyc
  10. Can't speak to your graphics issue, but as far as the AoEs go, you'll love it. And just to clarify, the "sanding" effect that Hyper mentions only really applies to bosses and higher. Most of the rest of the mobs disappear after you're first attack (AoE) chain.
  11. Hi all, TTT on Torch 06/09. Meet in King's Row @ 6pm PDT/9pm EDT, by IP Gate and we'll get rolling from there.
  12. Hi all, I got bit by RL, so in all likelihood I'll be late for the event tonight. We're back on Excel, so we're in safe hands with many of the original members of TT calling it home. TT veterans please get the event rolling, and I'll be there as soon as I can. Take care all, See you soon!
  13. Thanks for posting those, I used to love reading the "you might be a Tanker if..." threads. Great fun seeing them again.
  14. You might be a Tanker if you hijack threads... speaking of which, we haven't had a good discussion about grilling/BBQ in a long time!
  15. Another month of Tanker Tuesdays is in the books, good attendance overall and we were able to get two teams rolling on Indom tonight. Thank you Kilo for running our TF. We're back on Excelsior (the home of TT) next week 6/2 for the start of the June TT's! Meet in King's Row @ 6pm PDT/9pm EDT, by IP Gate and we'll get rolling from there.
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