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  1. VEATS are also WAY too lore specific to hog that particular niche to themselves. Similarly, I wish we had a more free form "stance dance" AT than Kheldians that can assume new roles on the fly.
  2. Good to hear it's being looked at! Particularly that it will no longer be "feast or famine" in regard to Opportunity, resulting in a more even play experience. Other than semantics, I'm not too sure what the major difference between ranged scrapper and armored blaster is, but maybe I'm missing something.
  3. Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear, my "why not play a brute/scrapper" was in reference to the suggestion of giving sents a melee taunt aura and a damage boost for everyone attacking them. Key word being melee, as it would just lead many (myself included) to simply play in melee range.
  4. Back rows typically don't need much protecting on any team w a tank type, so effectively you'd remove their inherent. Plus I don't think too many rolled an armored blaster to off-tank. Also I would just play my sentinel in melee range w the tank, so at that point, why not make a scrapper/brute and deal more damage?
  5. Sentinels don't really have a single target niche. Outside of maybe a few combos, they do pretty crappy ST damage honestly (check their pylon times). And while the fast nukes are cool for sets that have built in control/debuffs, like rad with an AE hold every 20-30 seconds, many sets simply don't have a particularly valuable secondary (elec, energy) or any secondary debuff (fire, archery, AR) on their nukes.
  6. I'd go with immobilize personally. Prepare to get flooded with comments from the "muh knockback!" crowd though lol.
  7. Sentinel damage needs to go up, and the target cap needs to go up. My fire/fire sentinel doesn't deal noticeably more damage than my fire/fire tank. Sent burn deals 115 damage, tanker burn deals 107. On top of that I would give them corrupter level support values, though this might necessitate a tweak on sonic blast's damage values. Opportunity raw numbers could use a pass as well. The testing for the actual damage value on offensive opportunity revealed the damage boost to be pretty piddly. I like sentinels, I have three currently (fire/fire, ice/ice, elec/elec) with another on the way. It's a fun enough solo AT to blow through story arcs, but they're pretty lackluster on teams. Support level damage, no force multiplier, and their toughness is mostly wasted assuming you have any support or an alpha soaker. Ideally I would have designed them with a viariant of the assault sets, to better capitalize on their durability, but I guess that ship has sailed. There are some set specific issues. Ice needs its second hold back, the DPA of certain attacks needs to be evaluated, and psychic blast in general needs to not suck. Energy needs something badly. It's low damage, low utility and it's random knockback puts it at odds with sentinel's lower range. One suggestion I have seen that I don't agree with is having Opportunity change your range. Randomly getting some extra range once in a while would just annoy me. It's not something that is particularly helpful in and of itself, and would disrupt the flow of combat and the feel of the character for when it is on and off. I appreciate that the AT was designed with caution, but VEATS show you can have a ranged attacker with defenses, team support and mez protection. I think it's time to adjust upwards a bit.
  8. I thought most psi attacks were given a position a while back? I'm working on an ice/ice sentinel out of stubborn refusal to stop, but it really just feels like a worse version of Energy Aura. It doesnt help that S/L defense set bonuses are relatively rare outside of melee attacks.
  9. Then it should be unresistable. As a separate note, it's probably time to roll back the purple patch some on debuffs, to achieve parity with buff effectiveness.
  10. That's against an even con AV (same level as you). How often do people run on +0 in teams, outside of pure speed runs? The purple patch takes both rank and relative level into account. That AV on a+4/x8 is getting bruised for under 1% damage resist debuff.
  11. Bruising is a 20% resistable amount, single target, non-stacking. Against a +1 AV, it amounted to a 7% increase. While it is a force multiplier, it's actual worth seems to be significantly overstated in this thread, assuming my math is right based on purple patch numbers. AV's generally die pretty fast, so I'll happily trade the 10 seconds it might shave off an AV fight for 20% all-round damage (and more targets in AE attacks) in the non-AV fights which are roughly 99% of the game.
  12. They completely changed what fears did as well. Before it just made things run off, now it has the "cower in place until struck" effect. The cottage "rule" was a guideline at best to prevent power SETS (not powers) from no longer resembling themselves. Removing brawl or giving it a range would be most welcome. Also ditching the stupid hurl from bruiser.
  13. We are talking about playing a game where our characters routinely beat up male and female enemies. If the threaten emote, which I'm not even really sure how you would notice in routine play, is how low the bar is, then I don't know what to say.
  14. Just because you continue to shout out logical fallacies doesn't make them so. Seriously, by your logic they never should have added POC pets because someone could be racist with them. Do you have a counter argument? Or is it just "no new tools until the world is perfect and everywhere is a safe space"?
  15. Pearl clutching fear mongering that someone would do something to offend you. You apparently don't want the potential for anything bad to happen to a female avatar in your presence. We can both play that game if you want.
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