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  1. I don't get why people want to completely change the game. it is what it is, a mostly easy power fantasy. It has built in difficulty sliders, and IO's are optional, adding further ability to set your own challenge levels. Form an issue 6 supergroup if there's interest and run around in SO's!
  2. Tankers were never going to be meaningful support. That isnt what the AT was about, sold as, or played as. Buffing their support and not buffing their damage would be buffing tankers by taking them in a different direction than their core identity. Plus the melee armored support playstyle would better fit the Guardian. I understand there's a lot work to be done on that, but it at least lets them somewhat reserve their design space.
  3. So you want to wait for people to putter along to get to the mission? Or try and take down the rikti/arachnos flyer on sub hover speed? Or not have to deal with the hassle of navigating red side early zones without some dumb jetpack clipping in their face. It's opposing a minor QOL adjustment to punish people for not playing your way. One something that has ZERO impact you. And primarily targets roleplayer types.
  4. That's a ridiculously petty reason to deny a cosmetic change. Sorry Titan weapons users, you can't get skins for your weapons because of OP!
  5. I'm for options to buff bosses to elite bosses, and named bosses to AV's. So when you go fight Chernobog in KR, he's a team challenging badass. One thing that needs to be addressed is how buffs are more valuable against high level foes compared to debuffs. At even con, a 10% to hit debuff vs a 10% defense buff are mostly equivalent. Vs higher levels, the to-hit buff becomes near meaningless (doubly so vs AV's) due to purple patch resists, while the defense buff is less impacted. Same w defense debuffs vs to-hit, etc. Slows may as well not even exist vs powerful foes and holds last a few seconds. The purple patch needs to be re-examined for such content, otherwise it's just going to be a bunch of defense capped dps, their kin buddy and maybe some -resist. Having a portion of debuffs being unresistable based on AT (similar to PVP zones) would go a long way.
  6. Not just loyalist vs resistance, but powers vs responsibility vs warden vs crusader. However, given that it kicks you out at 20, you can't even really team if you dont want to outlevel the story.
  7. The jetpacks? All they're asking for is more skins (or specifically an invisible one) to something already in game. This is an odd request to oppose.
  8. The P2W vendor has an unlimited supply of magic wands they can pull out of their butt at a moment's notice. But yeah, lets oppose something because it breaks our precious verisimilitude. Not that it impacts you, because you wouldn't even have to know how the other player got theirs.
  9. It's already been marginalized as much as it would be. This is just a cosmetics QOL adjustment for something already in game.
  10. Just gotta get enough litigation mitigation set bonuses!
  11. Roughly a 50% damage boost, shorten recharge to 16 seconds. Energy Melee has dogshit DPA. I'm fine with long animations, but they need to break the standard damage formula to account for locking you into an attack for an eternity. People would hate a 2.67+ second animation less if it hit for more damage than 2 fast attacks chained together. It would also stop the trend to just shortening all animations. Let the big hits have long animations, but actually hit accordingly. Right now most of them just result in a loss of damage.
  12. REALLY hoping this leads to us being able to set costumes for mercs and thugs. I want thematically costumed goons!
  13. I think an enemy damage resistance pass was stated to be on the docket after the tanker AT changes. So likely good news for smash/lethal and a smoother experience for psychic. Pre-emptive condolences to fire.
  14. Only one I agree with is improving pool attacks by increasing their recharge by 50-100%, which will increase their damage accordingly. No one needs Boxing on a sub 1 second recharge. Also, speed up kick's animation.
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