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  1. The problem is that +perception, to-hit and accuracy are REALLY low value. Most everyone builds sufficient accuracy in their own build, and with the snipe changes I'm seeing a ton of tactics as well. Latching onto this "lookout/scout" thing is a bad call. Same with some kind of objective identifying power... not everyone wants to stand around waiting to be ported to the objective or stealth straight to the boss. They need to keep is simple. Up the damage (and IMO target caps somewhat) and have the inherent apply to the team. Give Sents corrupter level buff/debuff/heal/leadership scaling and then tweak individual power balance as needed. That's it really. No need to reinvent the wheel or change the playstyle of the AT.
  2. Shhh... Remember the first rule of Clobber Club
  3. I mean, how baked is a cookie that someone hasn't even gotten out of the tutorial? Most of the names people are camping could just be made in Icon and their owner would never feel the difference. Plus this wouldn't even be an issue of the people worried about losing their 52nd favorite level 1 alt would sit down and play them for even a single session once a month. In your case, getting a handful characters to level 6 takes maybe an hour or two even without using DFB, but you aren't really what I mean when I speak of people hoarding names. I know of some with over a hundred level 1/2 characters, and that's just ridiculous IMO.
  4. Sorry, should clarify, same damage coefficient in the formula. Geyser and Overcharge do deal less damage, but they recharge faster. But they don't pay a premium for being ranged, as that isnt taken into account in the balance equation. Overcharge/Geyser deal 219 damage with a 125 second recharge (1.75) Blackstar/Psychic Wail/Dreadful Wail etc deal 250 damage with a 145 second recharge (1.72) Thunderous Blast is the outlier with 250 damage at 170 seconds (1.47) Thunderous Blast was never really fixed when they mostly evened the nukes out post damage formula. You'll note all the "traditional" nukes are standardized on Sentinels regardless of range. T Blast unfortunately continues to pay Jack Emmert's electric blast tax because the guy who didn't know dick about balance thought endurance drain was "too good". At least the T 1 and 2 blasts got fixed, Link to the design formulas below
  5. Only Thunderous Blast gets shafted for ranged nukes (because of the Screw Electric tax the OG devs built in). The other ranged nukes (Geyser, Overcharge) deal the same damage as Nova/Blackstar etc with the same recharge. Range doesnt factor into the damage formula, only recharge and area. T Blast does need its recharge lowered to be consistent with Geyser, ROA and Overcharge. Rain of Arrows and Full Auto do need some love IMO, particularly since they were crashless and didnt get anything when the crashes were removed on the other nukes.
  6. Bear in mind that Powerhouse hinted procs are on the chopping block, so at best they're a bandaid. This is ignoring the fact that EVERY AT can use procs, so it's not like Sentinels really gain much ground. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/11012-focused-feedback-tank-updates-for-october-1st-2019/page/25/?tab=comments#comment-124449 Many sentinel sets simply have poor DPA, and the nukes aren't well balanced. There's no reason Full Auto should be on the same cooldown as the others given that it is a cone and has no secondary effect compared to other set's huge -to hit or stun/hold. Anything with a cast time of 2 seconds or higher needs a damage bump so it's not a net DPS loss. Shout for example is a downgrade if you use it in your attack chain. I know the trend is to just cut animation time, but that just leaves all sets looking the same. There should be a place for slow animating heavy hitters that break the original dev's poorly thought out damage formula.
  7. Escorts all need, at minimum, sprint and swift and a +perception. They move slow as shit and I swear can't see more than about 15 feet away, stealth or no stealth. Then you walk back up to them they have to go through their "Oh hey, I thought I lost you!" bit before slowly waddling after you. You lost me? I'm 8 feet tall and on fire. Get your damn eyes checked after we get out of this brightly lit office!
  8. That's still just licking cookies you aren't realistically going to eat. Either play the name, or give it up to someone else. Hoarding a bunch of names you spent a few minutes on is still hoarding. If anything, the policy is too lax IMO.
  9. Sorry, a damage AT shouldn't be scraping by on procs. That's screwing them out of their set bonus, which just makes them fall further behind. The issue is their shitty damage. Tanks will be outdamaging them significantly after the tanker upgrade patch. Sents need a damage buff by about 15% across the board, with some sets looked at in particular for balance. Energy has 3 sidegrades in terms of DPA, all of which are lackluster at around 50 DPSA, which is on par or less than a tanker's tier 2 attack currently.
  10. All these arguments about brutes v tanks, and I'm just hoping sentinels can get an emergency damage buff, because Tankers are going to be solidly outdamaging them once this patch goes live...
  11. You mean the one where you didnt realize that the burn patch is smaller than the slick? The one where it's roughly the same size as a burn patch? Maybe, it's 8 radius rather than 5. IDK. And yeah dude, you stayed up in a hotel furiously banging on your keyboard to make a TA character on test (because you don't have one) with their shitty connection. Glad to have given your sad life some focus for a bit. Still doesnt change the fact that you constantly threadcrap in QOL/buff requests for sets you do not play (this and elec blast, probably others). You whine the game is too easy if we buff underperfoming sets, because you don't have the stones to post the nerf threads you want lol.
  12. Legorunner, why do you have such a huge bug up your ass about what amounts to a QOL change for a set you don't even play? It is, as you note, easy to light (when it works) with various powers, it's just a hassle. Throwing minor energy damage in disruption arrow would easily remove this nuisance. Are you really just that miserable?
  13. Exactly. After half a second for the opening salvo to land, the tank's higher target cap means very little. It really doesnt matter who technically killed a couple more minions that were killed five times over from all the nukes that hit them. I guess this might encourage tankers to herd a couple more groups together, but that takes time, where the brute lead tanking team just runs from spawn.
  14. Why not have Rage and Buildup grant Fury to help equalize some of the SS/team issues? Right now they grant 0 Fury, which does seem kind of weird for a power named Rage...
  15. Way worse. You get no exp and have to kill them again. Plus they turn into bosses even if you have "no bosses" selected as your solo option. They also deal an insane amount of damage. I really grew to hate them struggling through those arcs on a few of my defenders.
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