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  1. Not really. It's slightly better in 1% of your playtime. The rest of the mission it's pathetic. TA still needs a huge boost.
  2. Thunderous Blast is using the wrong damage formula. It recharges slower than other nukes (170 vs 140 seconds) yet deals the same damage. The other ranged nukes have a longer range (80 vs 60) and also deal better damage using the standard damage to recharge formula (125 second recharge for Overcharge/Geyser). The power doesnt follow COH's own guidelines for damage, and should be normalized as it was in the Sentinel set. On top of that, it has a glacial animation of 3.7 seconds. Tesla Cage should get a damage upgrade in the basic set as it received on Sentinels. Cosmic Burst, Abyssal Gaze, Freeze Ray etc all get to deal decent damage as well. Voltaic Sentinel is more or less useless. It takes too long to cast for the paltry random single target damage it adds, the pet itself moves too slow, and it lasts too short a duration. At least 2 of these issues need to be addressed for the power to be a worthwhile pick. Short Circuit should get an animation shave from its current 3 seconds. That's a lot of time to be in melee, when you arent going to fully drain the targets anyway, for a slow ticking DOT. Its slow cast time contributes to the very sluggish feel of the set. Aim should grant a boost to end drain while it is active. That would help the set out when you arent pairing it with the few specific secondary sets to achieve full end drain. Elec Blast is NOT fine even ignoring its frequently useless secondary effect. It's weakness is often disguised by pairing it with other damage (blasters) or with support sets that also drain endurance, but on its own the set is demonstrably weak, given its mediocre damage and horrible activation times, Additionally, End Drain doesnt respect AT modifiers. Defenders and Blasters drain the same amount. This needs to be addressed, and as I cannot fathom making end drain less on any AT's. the current amounts should be scaled up for Corrupters and Defenders.
  3. What about a chance for a 2 second melee range confuse pulse? That would simulate them trying to hit you and it bouncing off and hitting an ally.
  4. Now I want a "flailing melee" set, with the old Storm Kick, old Barb Swipe, Shadow Maul/Flurry, old Jump Kick, etc. Maybe have some of the dual pistol animations (sans pistols) for maximum goofiness.
  5. Bring them back and add defeat badges for them, quantums, void hunters, and novas/dwarfs!
  6. So you agree your logic was faulty, and are just moving on to "Sonic should suck solo". Is Sonic so OP that this would put it in the top half of Support sets? Because they all solo better.
  7. The taunt addition was clearly a dev's pet idea they refused to let go of. It received virtually no positive feedback in the testing, most people found it a direct nerf or useless, and it was still forced on us. IMO its basically cottage rule violation. Let it take taunt slots if people want it to "tank" for all of two seconds, but don't screw it up for everyone else.
  8. I don't agree with that logic. Yes, it provides a debuff, which the other siphons do, but they also give a personal effect. If you want to argue it that way, then Siphon Power gives two caster/team buffs: + damage and + resist in the form of - damage. So Sonic Siphon is still underpowered. It's basically a shitty attack from Sonic Blast that deals no damage with a longish animation. Sonic is god awful to try and solo. Boosting Sonic Siphon would make it slightly less agonizing should someone choose.
  9. I've said it before, but Sonic Siphon actually needs to SIPHON something and give a benefit to the caster. Either increase their resist, or heal the caster, or something. I dont like that it doesnt take sets and this would fix that. Siphon Life, Siphon Power, Siphon Speed etc all follow this model. What insidious villain is stealing the sonic I siphoned?!
  10. It's not THAT supreme on debuffing though, as it is limited by the really small radius on its splash debuffs, which are lesser effects. I'd love to see the 8' radius get a bump, and some splash healing on Alkaloid. Elixer of Life could really stand to be usable on living targets, but that is an issue with many rezzes.
  11. Scrappers can semi tank for small teams, so, stands to reason a ranged scrapper should be able to. My vote is to ditch opportunity as a click entirely and replace it with two mutually exclusive toggles. Offensive has a 20% non-stacking resistance debuff on all single target attacks, and Defensive provides the healing/end gain it currently does for the entire team, up the debuff/buff numbers of the sentine and applies a mag 2 taunt to all their single target attacks. Enough to draw aggro if they desire, and hopefully to stop some of the endless running we frequently encounter. This removes the link between Offensive/Defensive as your t1/2 blasts, and expands their team functionality. A character that changes roles is way too good to forcibly link it to "also looks like crab/squid".
  12. Everyone can access Spoul Mastery, but they still have Dark epic sets blueside. I'm all for expanding ways to flesh out character concepts.
  13. Agreed. That the OG devs didnt even factor in cast time shows how bad they were at some basic design. I would do with a scaling bonus to damage based on any cast time over 1.5 second. Currently the trend has been to just shorten all animations, but it would be nice to have a variety of quick hits and big whammies. If Thunderstrike actually hit hard enough to justify its glacial animation I could deal with the inevitable corpse blasting.
  14. You're basically someone sitting at a table going "Hey, hamburgers have mustard on them!" when someone asks if they can leave off a condiment. You arent going to eat the burger or play the character.... why do you get a vote? Same with hasten having glowy fists, or fire powers getting recolored. There will still be people running around on fire, covered in ice, etc. They would just have more options. That tank might be rock armor, they might be invuln, but you shouldnt get a say in THEIR costume, and its petty to try and block a reasonable request.
  15. So what? It's someone ELSE'S character. Jesus people are such control freaks. It isn't enough to design your own character... no no, you have to dictate what others can do in matters of personal taste.
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