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  1. It was about what I expected, pointless and dad jokey
  2. I liked the power a lot on my dom but it had a second slow aura and I only started liking arctic air once I figured out that it doesn't work so well with aoe immobilize. It's great mitigation if they're either confused or slowly trying to run away rather than attacking; not so great mitigation if they're just standing there occasionally confused. Problem on a controller would then be how are you setting up containment in the downtime of ice slick if not with the immobilize.
  3. Well it's an increasing trend in sci-fi/fantasy but not necessarily increasing that much in general. Even if you don't count movies there's a million period dramas from the BBC.
  4. I would think there'd be no shortage of Victorian looking set locations in England given the sheer volume of shows/movies set in that period since forever.
  5. So my friends who i sneak TOs into their inventory when i find them AFK might be sitting on a goldmine.
  6. I'd say it was the worst Marvel Zombies thing but the series about Howard the Duck and Machine Man working to keep that dimension out of 616 is always going to win that contest.
  7. Probably. Unless there's other stuff on there you want. If you watched Titans or Doom Patrol on there you might accidentally doze off until there are more Nevers eps 😄
  8. It starts slow but gets better. I liked it but I watch everything at double speed so I can't say it wouldn't be boring to someone without the speed force. It's at least not face palmingly stupid like so many super shows. As to plunking down money, that depends on how highly you value your money vs. how highly you value having a 6 episode half season of a reasonably intriguing show to watch.
  9. Try Batman vs TMNT, I remember it being decent but i've slept since then.
  10. Not a bug. If you'll check your set bonuses in game you'll see that LoTG 7.5% is a special separate bonus from the various 7.5% bonuses in sets. Can have 5 of each.
  11. I knew who they were in the comics, just didn't remember from MCU. Turns out it was just a green liquid MacGuffin in the Agent Carter one-shot. I watched all the one-shots btw and they're ok, but certainly not essential watching.
  12. It seems counterintuitive but you're going to be better served putting damage into your attacks than end reduction. Fewer attacks to kill things uses less endurance than lower endurance per attacks. There are numbers floating around somewhere about this but I don't remember where.
  13. Defensive amplifier
  14. I was going to say smoke grenade would make a good cloud senses set mule but at least according to mids it doesn't take accurate to-hit. I guess 4 dark watcher if you have the slots
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