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  1. Not that it matters at this point but there's a difference between 'the original devs intended holy trinity' and 'the early game was holy trinity', as the latter could just be due to people expecting it from having played other games. I wasn't around back then so I can only speculate but the fact that we still have folks expecting the playstyle from other games leads me to lean toward the latter.
  2. The Reichs fight isn't so much the issue, it's not terribly different from the Kahn version now that you no longer have to make certain you have the right ATs to get the grounding ray. I doubt the trash mob ambushes are giving anyone pause in today's game (actually I wish Kahn had that since fold space + fulcrum would speed up the Reichs fight if both were on the team). It's the rest of the time sink crap in the SF that Kahn doesn't have that would justify the merit increase.
  3. /signed. i probably still won't run it much since it's just a more annoying version of kahn for my tastes, but it really does seem disproportionally under-rewarded to boot.
  4. So excited to have amplifiers in the temp powers 😄
  5. "Trinity play" I tend to understand as tank/dps/heals, which would be just as derpy for Reichs as most of the rest of the game. Debuffs are the way to go on him. And yeah, he's a big bag of HP with some cheap tricks but hardly impossible for 45's.
  6. I was expecting the OP to just be '... run a Synapse'
  7. I've not had it happen at login screen or map loading as you described but I have had the in mission problem since a patch prior to the May 4th. Mentioned in this thread Would love to know what it is you think is wrong on your network's end as I have reset my modem since the problem started and don't see any other problems on my end when the problem occurs (on a couple of occasions was able to tab out, do a speed test which came out fine, then tab back before the problem resolved itself.) I'll look at the netgraph the next time it happens, though.
  8. Preventive was one of the later batch of uniques (with unbreakable guard and reactive defenses) that work globally no matter where they're slotted, even a never used clicky.
  9. I liked it, felt kinda like the old BBC Hitchhiker's Guide to me. Set and prop design were great.
  10. I wanna say it doesn't work like a normal toggle given the special mechanics - I don't remember specifically but that'd explain why I don't have a unique in it in either of my /mc blasters when normally that'd be a prime muling candidate.
  11. I've recently finished a nrg/regen sentinel and while it's still not great damage proccing out mind probe and dominate from the psi epic pool at least gave it some actual damage when combined with high global recharge, and both are 1.1 second attacks. Still a sentinel though, so waiting on the fixes to come to help its primary damage.
  12. Stalker's guile in Assassin's blade - you want the chance to hide to go off before something else so it won't go off before assassin's blade and force the slow/interruptible version in combat. Assassin's mark you can put anywhere so long as it's in an attack you use.
  13. Yeah it's not any harder really, just unexpected. It's not like a surprise +4 or a surprise kill-all. And yeah 4/8 heather objectives only is my go-to nothing's going on and i want half an inc level in 15 minutes kinda thing. Good stuff.
  14. I've seen a bit more lately of things advertised as speed getting a +1 or 2 added after everyone's joined. I'll stick for that, though it'd be nice if they'd been up front about it, but there's just no way on +4 kahn, reichs is enough of a bag of hp as it is. A bit off topic but I was under the impression 0 is the base setting of TFs even if you're set -1, yet enough folks have mentioned -1 here that now I'm wondering if it was changed at some point. -1 synapse sounds almost as bad as +4 kahn to me with kd going to kb on the already kb weak bots 😄
  15. Would like to see something like this as well, though I'm not sure what form I'd want it to take. There do seem to be a lot of new players on excel (idk about elsewhere, I just moved from indom a couple months ago and don't remember it much there) who seem to think TFs are just missions. I had someone "thanks for team" after 3 missions of Kal the other day to a chorus of "wait it's like 3 more minutes". I guess just being more hand-holdy as a leader would work but it's already enough to deal with recruiting, setting mish, responding to late tells etc. when your team's waiting to go and a lot o
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