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  1. hi @xhiggy The discord invite link may be expired. Is this group still active? Would you mind providing a fresh link?
  2. Cheap-Spines-Fire-Brute.mxd
  3. Thank you very much for the time and effort of that great critique @Outrider_01 I'm reticent to copy and paste other's builds, so I adopted most of your points to come up with a fun build that does the job ok. I actually reached my def and res caps without the fighting pool too. As a bit of fun, I have a lowbie toon follow me around and pop veng for a bit of a dmg bump. Anyway, If you get a chance, feel free to give a thumbs up or down :) Brute (Radiation Melee)(FA)Mk 6.mxd
  4. I spent about 50mill getting this together cheap broot - Brute (Radiation Melee).mxd
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