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  1. I think I’m just confused by the term “global recharge” for preventative medicine. We’re talking about recharge specifically in the Preventative medicine enhancements correct?
  2. So, I'm trying to figure out where this ~58% recharge for preventative medicine is coming from. Am I just dumb? or blind? Is the recharge in the individual enhancements global?
  3. Ok. I think I skipped it cause I was focusing a little too much on procs and I had read procs were terrible in it. Same thing for quicksand.
  4. Wow, those are definitely some big damage number differences. Psi was another epic I was looking at and I still have some time until my epic pool so I’m gonna take another look. Thank you for the advice, I didn’t hear much about freezing rain and I had it in my build originally so I’ll probably just put it back. All in all I appreciate the response! I’m thinking maybe I went a little too ham on the procs lol. I’m glad to try to find a way to fit more set bonuses in.
  5. So, gonna preface everything with...I know next to nothing about mids. I've also never made put a build on the forums before. I have canablized some stuff from other things I've seen but I couldn't find an Earth/Storm/Stone proc monster so I made an attempt. I'm sure there's plenty wrong with it, but if someone with more expertise and knowledge than I could take a look, I'd appreciate it. I ended up having difficulty choosing powers. Some are probably in there unnecessarily and I'm sure it'll be pointed out to me. Thanks in advance for any help or advice given!
  6. For me it is by far elec/sd. Two 24 second telenukes just has you blasting through Maps and bringing the aoe hurt down everywhere.
  7. It all works for me, especially if I don’t have to get my hands on 6 HOs lol. I was just wondering about the difference cause I’m new to endgame coh.
  8. No, I appreciate it! I’m constantly changing and making new things so I’m really appreciative of the suggestions. I really do want to make a /DA stalker eventually too so I’m glad to hear you like it.
  9. Oh gosh, so I’d have to have 4 to make an HO+3?
  10. Question about GPB. From the two of the builds here I see one with 2 HOs and 4 procs, and one with 5 piece Heca and the extra proc from unbreakable. Is there a noticeable difference in the damage between these two different builds? Or is it more of a user's preference sort of thing? Or perhaps a major price difference?
  11. Yeah, I kind of feel the same way. I also love the animations for StJ. They just feel so quick and efficient. So now I’ve been reading this Ice/bio thread and there are just so many choices!! I want to play them all!
  12. Thank you everyone for your replies and suggestions. I think I’m going to make a psionic/invuln stalker. that being said however, I have a couple builds I want to try. I’ve been seeing a lot on the forums about DB/EA, and the. I also want to try EITHER StJ/bio or SM/bio. Does anyone have any opinions on these? I know I might be biting off more than I can chew, but I have a really hard time sticking with one character for a great length of time and I like to rotate through alts. So these three or four should be able to hold my interest for a while haha.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions! I am looking at them as we speak. I do have a question. I notice in the psi/invuln build, GPB is slotted with 4 procs. Now, I'm new to endgame, and way new to mids and all these builds, but I know procs aren't affected by crits, and I know the "controlled crits" are a big part of the stalker playstyle. Is it efficient to slot procs in stalker abilities?? I ask because I have no idea lol. And thanks @Croax for all of your forum stuff. I've read a lot of it here and it's really shaping how I view and play the stalker.
  14. So, as the title says, I have a newfound love for stalkers. I don't remember liking them on live, though I've been told there have been quite a few changes. I recently followed a build from the forums and leveled an elec/sd stalker to 50, almost fully IOd and up to T3 on each incarnate. AND I LOVE IT! The lightning rod shield charge combo is such a blast. The soft capped positionals and and max S/L resist make life so easy as I can easily tank +4/8 solo missions and in groups I just jump ahead, slam down my aoes, crit the boss mob and cycle through my rotation as the group catches
  15. Glubba


    Oh no, in trouble Have to placate and run now Will return to stab.
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