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  1. My toons are in the early levels. Only around 12 so that's fine. I sometimes get on the weekdays during evenings so hopefully I will see you.
  2. I am in the Eastern time zone. I am usually around early evenings during the week between 5-7 , sometimes later and anytime during the weekends.
  3. This is still in the very early phase; however, wanted to see if there was any interest. I am starting a SG with a theme that heroes within will have names of songs as their name. The group is Band Aid. The group idea came from both my son and I. We are both classic rock and 80's alternative fans so, I had created Karma Police and The Killing Moon. My son has created Thunderstruck. Think there are lots of ideas out there. Let me know your thoughts.
  4. I am receiving the below error when launching Tequila Manifest download error for http://patch.savecoh.com/manifest.xml Unable to connect to the remote server
  5. SG Name: House of Cards RP/RP Friendly: Friendly, not Required Theme/Era:Playing Card theme group Redside/Blueside: Blue Recruitment Message: We are just a themed group wanting to make new friends and team together. Pick a card and make a toon. No restrictions other than colors. Please stick to the red and white or black and white color scheme. Face cards can add gold and blue. Look for Ace of Spades, 2 of Diamonds, or 7 of Clubs in game or send me a message for more info.
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