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  1. You and I drew very different conclusions from the situation. For me, Island Rum works fine right now. Catalina isn't out yet and even when it is, I don't have to upgrade immediately. Do I believe CodeWeavers will have support ready in Crossover before Catalina launches? I don't know ... I don't use Crossover today, but I have used it in the past. It is a good product with pretty passionate developers who seem to believe they can deliver. Maybe they will, maybe they won't. In the meantime, Island Rum is a very reliable solution.
  2. From what I hear, CodeWeavers is working on a solution for Crossover that might provide a path for supporting this. Crossover is not a free product (although there is a trial), but like Wine it is an emulator. So it doesn't require a Windows license. Of course, with a Windows license, any number of virtual instance programs (e.g. VirtualBox) would let you run Windows without having to back into Bootcamp - though not sure how good graphics support would be.
  3. Just to be clear, this is not what the alert is telling you. SONAR.ProcHijack!g45 is an alert that triggers based on behavior, not as a result of a specific virus or trojan signature. Basically, Symantec (aka Norton) is saying that homecoming.exe behaved in a way that could be considered suspicious. In other words, it performed an action that a virus or trojan might also perform. However, Symantec doesn't actually know if homecoming.exe's behavior is malicious. That's why the guidance (link) asks you to submit the file that triggered the alert to Symantec. In fact, it might be a go
  4. It looks like Tequila logs its download activity in the TequilaActivityLog file in the Tequila directory. Anybody experiencing the problem should probably try to see the last download attempted in that file - or if there are any errors attempting to download files (assuming your security software is stopping the download). It would probably also be a good idea to then check the IP address of the download site on that same computer, just in case something is mis-resolving the hostname to a malicious site. For example, if the failed download was from "blah.blah.com" you would want to fire
  5. Any thoughts on starting Tanker Tuesday’s back up?
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