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  1. I don't necessarily agree with you, there. From a practical standpoint, it's true we cannot control our feelings or implicit biases, but we certainly can control how we behave and whether or not we act on those biases. Everyone has prejudices, but racism is specifically when you consciously believe one race to be innately superior to another. That is a belief, not a mere bias, and can be consciously changed. Part of being a mature, empathetic person is acknowledging your own biases and making the effort to account for them in your behavior. Also, I would argue that racism is inherently bad for society, as it wastes the potential human capital of oppressed minorities, fractures social cohesion, and contributes to economic inequality and poverty, all of which are a drag on the economy. It's all well and good to argue about intent, but that is--often deliberately--rather difficult to ascertain. Everybody is entitled to make mistakes, obviously, but the true test of character is whether or not you learn from those mistakes and change your behavior. If you continue to do something that you know causes harm to others without some redeeming value to offset that harm, you're being an @$$hole, even if it wasn't your original intent.
  2. I mean, it's true that those thought-police, call-out folks are annoying and counter-productive, but that shouldn't really affect your decision-making in these kinds of situations. Just because they are being @$$holes, it doesn't mean you should, too. The real problem IS the possibility of causing harm to a vulnerable person. The angry, reactionary Left may be making their point badly, but they're still right, in this case.
  3. I mean, I feel like people who complain about "triggering people" are kind of missing the point, here. Yes, there will always be people who will get upset about just about anything, that's life. But one of the most important aspects of living a happy, productive life is to not be an @$$hole. We're not saying you should follow the rules set forth by progressives, we're saying that you should be empathetic to fellow humans and at least try not to do things that unnecessarily cause unhappiness in others. There is an infinite variety of characters you could make, so why choose one that you know will hurt some people? You can't avoid all triggers, but if you consider yourself a mature, responsible member of society, you should at least make an attempt.
  4. My main is a dom, I know that all too well. But I feel like <1% defense isn't really worth 4 slots. You could get another power to 5 slots with that, and there are a lot of good sets that have their best bonuses at 5.
  5. Well, if it is the last 2% you need to hit softcap, it is pretty valuable. I just prefer to get my defense elsewhere.
  6. Like 2% or thereabouts. Definitely not worth slotting for Defense, just stick a LotG +Rech in there and call it a day.
  7. Yes, according to my observations, the AVs in LRSF are scripted to check every few seconds for player characters in range and automatically aggro them. There didn't seem to be any perception check, as even at max range for my confuse, they could still see through my invis (65% from Concealment/Stealth+IO, for reference) I believe this script starts running as soon as they enter a combat state for the first time. After you've aggroed them once, you can see a periodic animation "tick" where they appear to enter combat stance for a second before returning to idle. It's basically the only reason the LRSF isn't completely trivial for a mind dom. Needless to say, this knowledge was gained through repeated deaths (though I did manage to finish it).
  8. As other have said, redside has fewer people (it's pretty easy to go hours without seeing another player) but it's content is far superior for soloing. The missions are generally better written, and the zones are mostly self-contained, as opposed to blueside where they make you run all over the city. Overall, I'd say that if you're the type who likes to take it slow and really get a feel for how your character plays on its own while enjoying the storylines, redside is great. If you're more interested in teaming and leveling at a faster pace, go blueside. Nobody mentioned goldside, but I personally think Praetoria is the best content in the game. You can chain missions 1-35 without ever having to search for new contacts or do random paper/radio missions. The arcs also award a huge number of reward merits for the time invested, so it's your best source of early cash. If you finish all the Praetoria missions for all 4 factions, you'll end up with a couple hundred million inf at the end. You should also know that you can be a Rogue or vigilante and hang out on either side. You can't get many of the contacts from the opposite side, but you can still team with others, do TFs/trials, whatever.
  9. Thanks! Glad I wasn't totally off, I haven't had to consider the exact value in years. Once I finished my dom's build, I just knew the number was not high enough for me to care. 😉
  10. I stuck it in Rise of the Phoenix on my dom, since I had no slots to spare for it. The proc is only for you, and doesn't care what power it's slotted into, or if it ever gets used. Pretty nice for a one-slot wonder!
  11. Another difference of note is mez protection. AVs have base mez protection equal to a Boss, but most have the Purple Triangles of Doom which grants them +50 mag mez protection vs everything except sleep and immobilize for 2/3 of the fight. GMs, on the other hand, have very high base mez protection (I want to say around mag 70-ish? Somebody correct me) but usually not PToD (Jack being a notable exception). Oddly enough, Elite Bosses have higher base mez protection than AVs, which means that when you face a downgraded AV as an EB with purple triangles, they’re harder to mez than the true AV would have been.
  12. Mind Control. Everything is my pet, and I don’t have to care if it dies.
  13. Oh, almost forgot the biggest tip I can give you: use Domination. Don't sit on it. Don't save it for an emergency. Pop that sucker like bubble wrap whenever it's up. It's awesome, and not using it is a waste of your potential.
  14. Nah, it's just that they came out with the Alpha slot way early for marketing reasons, and everybody hated the system so much they redesigned the whole thing for when the rest of the incarnate slots got implemented. It was just easier to accrete the new system on top of the old one than to replace it.
  15. Strict builds are only for people who want to do crazy stuff like so giant monsters or entire task forces. That's the outlier, not the average. CoH is a pretty "easy" game, in that it's difficulty is mostly adjustable (heck, you can even go -1/x1 if you want) and the easiest setting is generally possible to beat only using the powers you're forced to take. In short, the devs made sure that you'd have to really try hard to make a character that's totally unplayable, and you can do fine just picking powers that sound cool.
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