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  1. It's a good thing I stopped letting others dictate or influence the way I play/playstyles a long time ago. To each their own.
  2. I'll take sitting in animations for a payoff over Rage Crash any day. No 10s diaper for me.
  3. Did this with a Bubbler Defender back on live ages ago. Super useful toon, honestly, but the stigma against not using personal attacks was always odd (drove me away from playing him, too.) Back then having to re-shield individual targets was almost a full time job on large teams if you accounted for any other support powers taking up animation budget.
  4. Just waiting for farmers to switch over to Tanks. RIP Brutes. I guess someone really wanted Tanks to be the new farming meta.
  5. Please see Biosphere's post where he explicitly shows the inconsistency in design choice for certain abilities. Certain sets are being favored over others based on benchmarks that aren't visible to us. it would be nice to actually see these benchmarks, how they were performed, and what the philosophy is behind each benchmark.
  6. Then why specifically target powers for their performance when you are sticking to a "design practice" that blankets everything, but then not really? Battle Axe Cleave can now hit 16 targets. In 10 ft radius. In a 20 degree cone. Are you kidding me? If Titan Weapons can be singled out and denied the cone treatment to Defensive Sweep and Titan Sweep, powers like Frost and Quills, which cannot realistically hit their new target caps, could also go unchanged to be consistent. "Good design practice."
  7. So similar to how MIDS and Combat Attributes were a negative addition to the game? They weren't. There are people who don't take key powers in their builds (Fortitude, Adrenaline Boost, etc. as key points) and we can check that in game, but how often do you see people gate each other because of the ability to see the powers tab? You don't. Half the reason for that is because of how simple the game is to play, and the lack of challenge in the regular game unless you go out of your way for it. If Little Timmy wants to join my challenge run of the ITF and he's using Leadership instead of his armor set, I don't need a stat window only he can see and monitor to tell me that maybe Little Timmy shouldn't join my content. If Little Timmy wants to track his knockback and pin the highest distance as his record and then try and beat it, he can do that with the confidence that only he can see that information. If someone wants to go and demand to see his stat sheet, that person is already not a healthy part of the game, and said person will promptly be ignored. An outlier situation for a more secretive system than the Powers Tab in info or your MIDS build is mind-boggling as a potential culture shift for the game.
  8. Your paranoia is an unwarranted aggression. Those who choose to behave in that way can live under the ignore feature. I fail to see the "dangers" in giving players the ability to track their progress when by your own account people should be snobbishly gating each other through MIDS. I don't see that happening, nor I have witnessed it happen in the time that both MIDS and Combat Attributes have existed. What I do see often is people demanding others to make builds for them. Different spectrum. If you have something constructive to add about the interface of such a system or what it could potentially track (able to hide all stats save for the few you want to see, etc., etc.,) then by all means contribute.
  9. So what you're suggesting is that City's community has the potential for the same toxic culture that other MMOs have? In a game where you think about once a century at max level (thanks to everyone grabbing up builds or getting incarnates) it would be odd to ask how a person is "performing," and then to demand to see that person's stats when most players hit judgement and then RP or mission exit. Even raids require no thought. If you're afraid of this, I don't know what to tell you. Maybe you don't think highly of the community to begin with.
  10. They refuse to talk about the support nerf. A team will lose damage on a hard target now because of these changes. Tanks can face roll radio missions better, I guess. That's a plus, right? The content I run in AE is far harder than anyone expects to run in this game. The moment I saw Tanks lost Bruising, I knew it just meant we'd lose damage on AVs/EBs. Gauntlet should have been changed instead of being fixed, and it should've been in favor of making it support the team. Aggro control has been so pointless in this game--it has just worked because the AT doesn't take Rocket Science to pilot when you grab mobs. I'm surprised people think it's a cause for concern when we talk about the AT. Mobs just roll over dead in lvl 50 content, and you barely notice the need for it in sub-50 content. I don't even care if Bruising was a justification for the T1 pick, bumping Tanker damage to .95 over .75 and giving them full-mob AoEs is someone's agenda in development, and a not "fix" for the T1 "issue" as it is described. The Tank has no identity at this point. I agree 100% with Auroxis that the Tank should've been given a form of offensive support as an expanded identity from Bruising.
  11. This is horribly baffling. The taunt auras should all behave the same way. What is the justification for this change? it makes no sense to allow specific auras to do a better job of acquiring threat.
  12. Bruising change is disappointing. Looks like feedback on it is being brushed aside, too. Thought we escaped this kind of development.
  13. I don't understand why they can't just expand on the concept? If Bruising is the mechanic, just do more with it. Throwing out more damage is the most underwhelming change.
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