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  1. You failed at your build then. A properly slotted human form PB with permanent Light Form granting 85% resists to EVERYTHING, fully capped defenses and several massive quick cool down PBAOE;s (including a nuke every 25s) is god mode in this game. The only reason I quit playing mine is because it was TOO OP.
  2. I thought about transferring from Indom to a higher population server but decided against if for that very reason, more than 1/2 the names for my lvl 50's were already taken.
  3. Server Indomitable. Farming toon is Blood Fury. I don't promise to PL to lvl 50 but ALL my farm runs are free. And I do several a day. Can't understand people charging for others to sit in on something they were going to be doing anyway.
  4. Already chosen the one I want for Death's Widow 🙂 And thanks for the selection.
  5. Any non-pure support toon gets great mileage out of musculature.
  6. I second this..... in fact I remember the very slow response time of the NCsoft Devs back in the early days of CoH and have to say today's service is by far superior to what we used to Pay for.
  7. Same bug as a few days ago. Got two alts affected by it this time on Indom server. Both have been "Logging out" for over 15 minutes now. Addendum, another toon just hit by the same error. Total of 3 lost in limbo now.
  8. Ditto here. Game Crashed exiting First Tin Man mission now character is stuck in limbo and eternally logging out.
  9. I Have an Ele/Ele/Mu Sentinel (Clockwork Djinn) and love him. His damage is slightly lower than my Fire/RA Sentinel's but overall his attacks chain quicker and Endurance was never a problem past the terrible mid teens. It's also incredibly satisfying to see the few mobs who survive his initial 2 attacks run around with zero endurance.
  10. I joined the raid on Indom in Hive 1, which was formed by the same player who's been forming the Hamikaze raids for a couple of weeks. Thought it would go well, saw few old timers. Then the Leader started PM'ing me questions about how to do the old school method and eventually conned me into taking lead (something I quit doing months ago as i hate dealing with people who simply cannot read or follow directions). NP I thought, I've led raids before Hamikaze became a thing. Went over instructions, asked for Ranged, Melee and CC leads..... and a Hami Taunter an
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