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  1. 5 hours ago, tidge said:

    Welcome back!


    I thought I was moved when I cast my first sound effect in the tutorial, but it was the opening music when first approaching City Hall in Atlas Park that really got me.


    I was lucky enough to find Homecoming fairly early. Not at the beginning but within a few months of the public date. 


    I was all nervous, made a character - I mean I had been able to use the character generator before with the City of Chat thing, but then I was in Outbreak...... and nothing worked. Quick reload and OMG I am really playing the game and the MUSIC hit me like a smell keying up memories. 


    Then it was a matter of remembering how to do binds and macros. 🙂 

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  2. My Controllers are Fire/Storm, fire/kin and a low level Grav/Storm, My dominators are many but the main is elec/elec.


    I usually take the single target immob on my controllers. It is the best single target damage at low/mid level. Even at high level if I need to burn a specific target I stack hold/immob as fast as they recharge.


    Also at end game/TF's a lot of big bad boys/girls have less immob resistance then hold. Nailing an AV's feet to the floor can be helpful. Stacking Ring of Fire and the Crey Cold Gun right at the start of the fight helps build immob up fast.


    On my main Dominator I dont know I will take Electric Fence - I have other better powers for doing damage. When I do want to immob Chain Fences gets the job done. 


    As others have said the single target immob is as much a damage power as a control power.

  3. 22 hours ago, Hyperstrike said:

    I know this is 6 months old.  But I need to address this.
    Without looking at the code yourself, you have NO WAY of knowing this.
    You have no way of even knowing if such an engine rewrite is even POSSIBLE.

    Now, OGL4 should (SHOULD) be fine since all the functions are backward compatible.
    As to whether it'll be "faster"?


    Let us be clear, you dont know what I know, what I have done (eg look at code) and it would be best if you didnt speculate.


    If you want to disagree with me, great, I fully support open discussion, provided everyone can be polite and refrain from what comes off as attacking.

  4. The War Walls - they bug the [Redacted] out it me in their current form.


    I am not saying remove or change the zone boundaries. I am saying change them.


    1) Reduce the base of the in Paragon walls to a much smaller, lower, structure - perhaps even upgrade them with Praetorian Sonic Tech.

    2) Make them invisible unless up close like the Rogue Isles (and other places), or at least reduce how visible they are a lot. 

    3) Improve the assets/geometry behind the war walls. There is already some stuff back there - improve it to look better, but being behind the force field not visible unless close like the war wall it's self to not impact game performance.



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  5. I would enjoy seeing a Psychokinetic Blasts set.


    1. Telekinetic Thrust: Ranged, Minor Damage, 25% chance to KD - Smashing/energy
      1. A bolt of pure telekinetic energy strikes the target 
    2. Telekinetic Crush: Ranged Moderate, DOT, 50% chance to mag 2 immob - Smashing/energy
      1. Similar to the Gravity power Crush
    3. Pyrokinetic blast: Ranged Targeted AOE, Moderate damage, DOT - Smashing/Fire
      1. Similar to fire ball from fire in effect - animated as a large disk of fire appearing centered on the target
    4. Cryokinetic Storm: Ranged Location AOE, minor DOT, Slow, chance to KD - Smashing/Cold
      1. Large Hail Stones raining down on the area over time. 
    5. Psionic Blast: Cone, moderate damage, 50% chance to KD - Smashing/Psyonic
      1. Cone of mixed Psychic and Telekinetic energy originating from caster
    6. Clairvoyance:  Toggle, +to hit, +perception, +damage (Targeting Drone type effect)
      1. The character's eyes begin to glow with white fire
    7. Telekinetic Blades: Ranged, High Damage - Lethal/energy
      1. Multiple blades of pure telekinetic force shoot out at the target
    8. Cryokinetic Shard: Sniper, extreme - Lethal/Cold
      1. Freeze a large icicle out of thin air and propel it with extreme force at the target. Snipe version should have a bigger icicle then the fast cast.
    9. PolyKinetic Storm: PBAE, extreme DOT - Smashing/Lethal/Fire/Cold/Energy
      1. Bringing to mind all of their abilities the caster creates a swirling tornado of fire, ice, and pure telekinetic energy centered on themselves. 


    Animations should be similar to grav control for the telekinetic powers. Pyro/Cryo similar to the fire/ice sets. 

    Polykinetic storm would need a new animation. 


    I'd enjoy seeing a telekinetic holds, and telekinetic melee set too.




  6. As my PB slowly makes his way to 50 I've been looking at sets and counting merits. Boy I need a lot more merits/money. 🙂


    I saw a thread about Essence Transfer, how the heal proc only works for the slotted power. I can deal with that. 


    What does the special in Kheldian's Grace do? Do you need to slot it in Nova or Dwarf or will any power work to mule it?


    Any other sets or specific IOs I should be looking at?

  7. It would be nice to have an option at Icon while working on a costume to output it as a 3d file. 


    No doubt there are issues, the need to code it for example and NC getting on board. More and more games are adding the ability to 3d print so maybe there is an api they can get the code for? We can hope.

  8. I have the Power Transfer Chance to Heal in White Dwarf on my PB which is a 'mini' stamina power.


    While in White Dwarf form it does intermittently proc for a plus heal. I expect the same would happen in Stamina. If this is valuable or best for your build I do not know. 🙂



  9. For me a rebuild is exactly the same name and same primary/secondary.


    My main-main is 50 again but not yet tier 4 with his alpha.


    in the old COH I had 4 servers maxed out for characters and only ever got 3 to 50. My first 50 is again 50, my second new 50, is a guy I had wished I'd gotten to 50 the first time.


    My soon to be 3rd 50 is also a remake -- that said I have plenty of other characters that are new ideas and new power sets.



  10. On 12/6/2019 at 5:52 PM, Riverdusk said:

    Don't forget no double xp either (except for the rare "Double xp weekend" events) and no travel power until level 14.  I do kind of miss the double xp weekends and crowds that would draw, and the fun of the marathon play sessions during those weekends.  Didn't help my sleep schedule though.


    It is nice to have extra xp on demand now (for those characters I want it on), but at the same time it makes it less special.



    I expect I am in a minority close to 1 in missing travel powers being available at level 14. 


    It makes Paragon City bigger and gives you a much larger appreciation of the city streets, growing up, gaining power and has a certain feel to advancement that is now lost.


    I played a controller to 50 first starting in Issue 1. From before Controllers got the big damage buffs (more base damage plus containment). Back then the base duration for all control effects was twice what it is now and had half the base recharge. You moved slowly through mobs but mobs didnt move unless you have permission. Perma stun with FlashFire + Fire Cages was a real thing.   



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  11. Honestly I'd like to see COH go monthly with a cash shop again. With NCSoft getting a small/nominal percentage of the net profits. As say, the Franchise owner. 


    In fact I would like to offer to be an employee in that case.


    Bring in more money - proper and legit, keep NCSoft in the loop so that they dont take a reputation hit and are this interested giving Homecoming free reign. The work done so far, patches, etc are all awesome - compared to what they could be - a Modern DX 12, OGL 4.4, or Vulkan 1.2 based engine would not just have better eye candy it would do the work much faster.

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  12. /IMO




    NCSoft has gained and is likely to gain more community good will through this project. This has value. 


    So long as this does not lose money or cause reputational harm or become a PITA for the corporation (someone else making money with your product is losing money to a corp) NCSoft is in a plus situation even if negotiations are dragged out forever not getting yes is in this case not the same as getting no.  



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