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  1. Amazing event to participate in, and glad I finally got to show up to one! And, as Battac'd say.... *Friends win!*
  2. I can offer up a base, though I won't be able to be there on the Saturday! SNAKEDEN-13098 Sort of a cave-base, small but home to a aggressive wasp-snake.... great for a trick or treat spot out in Perez, as it is rumored the snake-wasp monster in the cave won't be lurking on such a Saturday.... so welcome one, welcome all! *Mind the skateboard*
  3. Your list of characters is insane. I applaud the plethora of ideas you've made though! Dedication to the craft.
  4. I'd be up for more structured RP events. While not everyone's jazz or cup of tea, I imagine it'd help roleplayers interact just that bit more with the community at whole. Would still depend on a GM or Dev. to have interest though. Here's hoping all works out though!
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