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  1. Thanks for those badges, will append an updated database. Because of the poorly thought out design of the program its possible both the incorrect and the corrected badge are in the list it generates. badgeextractor.zip
  2. New optional version below. This one will read in all the logfiles in turn and remember which one it last processed. Set the log directory the game writes to in the settings and use the new button at the top left to read them all in at once. Should be easier and quicker than reading them in one at a time, it may get confused if you delete a log file before it has been read in though. It might have other bugs as it hasn't been tested a great deal.....
  3. Yep, Lazarus is a open version of Borland Delphi... which has more or less died by now. It should compile easily in lazarus and then run as a native application. I use it on linux myself. I could try uploading a binary for you if you like? Added a file, should include linux binary and sqllite lib, along with the database. See if this works? badgeextractor.tar.gz
  4. Outputting to the documents folder would be fine. Sorry its so convoluted, there is no easy way to do it currently.
  5. Yes, you need to enable logging in the game. Inside CoH, go the Menu then Options then go to the Windows Tab. In the Chat section enable Log Chat. It will create the directory. Pick any empty directory that's convenient to output lists to. It will just create a text file for each character you enable logging for.
  6. Added the new exploration badges and the new story arc achievements. If I missed any let me know.
  7. It doesn't have an installer and you should be able to extract the zip file wherever you want. Same for uninstalling it, you can just delete the folder. Could you let me know what the errors were? And when you got them.
  8. This is part of the reason I like the tips system, as minimal as it is it gives you a choice.
  9. I don't do his missions... I may be a villain but there are limits.
  10. I assumed the Rejects' were just using the badge mechanic to enable themselves but were not proper badges. I've set the program to just ignore them, unless the devs change anything there.
  11. I have made a new version. This one gives more details on the list of Accolade badges still needed. Any required badges you need to get them will be listed along with what you need to do to get them. New binary attached below. I am thinking of ways to improve the reports to make them clearer... if its worth the effort.
  12. Do you have the Flames of Prometheus, it could be that one? Yea, the source I got that badges from has a few errors. I will correct those ones and update the DB. No idea why its showing ".", and the rejects as badges. Odd. You can delete those from the text file it should be in alphabetical order. ETA: I put up a new version with those corrections. If you could try reimporting the chat log and see if it picks them up this time. Try deleting those error'ed badges from the badge list first to stop the error messages. Is there any chance you could
  13. That mission arc should still be available at level 50 if you switch over to villain
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