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  1. Also. To reiterate; I don't need any advice on what psy/ archetypes are better or what you have leveled and know to be a better setup or any other advice on the actual setup of the character as far as origin/archetype/primary/secondary powers. This is a thread intended to discuss and exemplify the specific build that is Psy/Atom/*** Blaster. Again however the ancillary power pool is wide open for dicussion.
  2. Hello all. I've been looking through every resource and unfortunately cannot Pines/Mids at work so I figured I would ask here. Influence is not an issue. I'm looking to build an overall Psy/Atom end game blaster, as he was my first 50 on Homecoming but I haven't played him in months because I am lost on build advice. I would like to be able to solo as much content as possible while still being serviceable in groups. A possible farming build would be neat as well. Ancillary pool can be whatever is best, as this thematic character will have to bend some rules to "get there" mechanically. I'm proficient enough in the vernacular of CoH to keep up with theory craft posts. Have at it ya'll! See what we can come up with!
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