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  1. EDIT: I can confirm that the issue is fixed!!! It was vertical sync after all. The solution was to disable it in the game settings and enable it in the NVIDIA control panel! Once again, thanks to everyone who responded with help and suggestions. It's good to have City of Heroes back. 😃 An update, for posterity's sake (cue Ludwig Goransson music). I seem to have fixed the issue. Maybe. I don't want to get my hopes up, but the game is running noticeably better now and I have yet to encounter a single freeze or hang up! Here is what I did:
  2. I appreciate the response! I was using the updated launcher and 64 bit client. I'll try installing to a new directory - in fact, a different hard drive - and see if that helps. At this point, I'm willing to try anything. I will report back with results!
  3. I'm sorry to resurrect this, but this problem persists and it is driving me a little crazy. I have tried every setting imaginable in the NVIDIA Control Panel and the ingame settings. I even tested it by lowering the game graphics settings to absolute minimum and it did not improve. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game and my graphics drivers. Nothing works. The game regularly freezes but never crashes. So, I call out again on the off chance that someone new finds this and has a miracle for me. To recap, everything that has not helped: Full restart (without fast
  4. Adjusting the minimum state of the CPU and turning fast boot off (along with a real restart) did not change the issue at all.
  5. Power options were the first thing I checked when this happened. I only ever play while plugged in (the battery life while using the GPU on this laptop is... not great). I have it set to maximum performance. I've been keeping an eye on GPU and CPU temperatures, but they never get too high, so that doesn't seem to be the issue. I'll try your suggestion of setting the minimum state of the CPU to 100% and also deactivate fast boot. I'll report back when I have time to test things.
  6. Tested it more today. GPU temperature is pretty solid. Never exceeds a normal temperature. The lock ups don't seem to be temperature related, at any rate. I appreciate everyone's attempts to help me out. It seems to be a ghost in my machine. 👻
  7. Thanks for the suggestions, Hyperstrike. Did everything you suggested. No viruses or other issues found. System is healthy. Even tried TrayPwrD3. I should mention, as multiple people have said this: all drivers are up to date. Just to be safe, I even reinstalled my graphics drivers. Issue persists as it did before. I'm able to replicate it by going into the tailor and messing around. At some point, it will end up locking up for 1 - 3 seconds, and always when something is clicked - either to finish with the costume or switch a piece or change a color.
  8. The problem persists. I was able to get some good testing in tonight by playing for a couple of hours. The brief freezes/hang-ups remain, even with everything else closed and nothing open in the background. Every time it happens, you can see in the Task Manager that the GPU usage plummets to 0%. It seems that the GPU just... shuts off for a second or two or three and then turns on again and is right back to it. Everything else is steady in the performance tracker. Nothing abnormal about CPU/RAM usage and the integrated Intel graphics do not engage during these hang-ups.
  9. I did a very brief test due to lack of time, but disabling everything except City of Heroes seems to have fixed it. I'll report back when I have more time to test things. The only things open in the background, which I exited out of, were Steam, GeForce Experience, Discord, and Zoom. Now, Steam, Discord, and Zoom don't utilize the GPU at all, so if I had to guess what was messing things up, I'd say it's GeForce Experience. (Edit: the problem continues. See below) Like I said, I'll play around with it and report back when I have the culprit identified, if f
  10. Nitro AN515-54 (i5-9300 & GTX 1650) running Windows 10 At certain moments in City of Heroes and only City of Heroes, the game will hang/freeze up for a second or two, during which time the game sound will repeat itself. It never crashes and it never freezes for more than three seconds, but it happens every time I play the game and somewhat regularly. It's crazy annoying, because it always seems to happen right when I need to click a certain power or use an inspiration to keep myself from dying. I have not been able to replicate it in ANY other program. Only C
  11. Thank you so much! This saved my butt. Apparently if you have multiple displays with City of Heroes on a secondary display and then you unplug/disable that display, City of Heroes is broken. Deleting the registry fixed it.
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