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  1. There is a chat channel for trials and MO runs - Union Incarnate Trial. Try to find team there. They are quite often run MO
  2. Right now in a chat: [12:50] [Looking For Group] Pocket Recluse: lfm speed itf pst in zone lv 40+ 7/8 last call If you for some reason don't see these messages - form your own team. When I was short on Hamidon buds for the badge, I was just gathering raids each day to get them.
  3. Echo: Rikti Crash Site 2732.2 -112.0 -3116.1 You can get out of the map from here:
  4. Located near 2905.5 -0.5 -285.3 Generator has incorrect name and no description.
  5. Got mine an hour ago:)
  6. I would like to pay tribute to the developers. Happy anniversary. And thank you for the greatest game,
  7. We all love CoH and badges. Some people became such a big fans of CoH that decided to gather all the badges in it. Some of them earned every single badge except those which you can get during Halloween, New year or Valentine's events. As you know you can buy Anniversary Badges only during May. And there are many badge collectors who are missing Anniversary Badges because they've created their characters after May or didn't have enough merits to buy them. I propose making Anniversary Badges available during the City of Villains anniversary. City of Villains is an evil twin of CoH which deserved to have the same way of birthday celebration. City of Villains was released on October 27, so if you make a celebration month starting from 27.10 until 27.11 then each 5 months players will have an anniversary of one of the games. And each half of year players will be able to purchase Anniversary Badges.
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