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  1. Chaining heals on enemies doesn't sounds right, totally unreliable especially when they're trying to flee. I'm all in for electric shields. An ST buff that absorb end drain/stun/electric damage is a godsend for sappers/Malta/Synapse TF. It also should have a version of Fortitude as Jolt or Charge.
  2. Meowstic

    Frozen Fists

    I thought so, oh well. Thanks!
  3. Meowstic

    Frozen Fists

    Hey all. I was playing my Ice/Shield, it's really fun to play. I was looking through my ice abilities and I noticed something--Frozen Fists have -resist. So, I looked over in detailed info, it doesn't say anything about -resist. My question is, does anyone know the actual numbers on -resists Frozen Fists provide? Or did they make a mistake when proliferated from tankers to scrappers/stalkers? Many thanks!
  4. Why did they nerfed Feral Charge? AoE target cap is 5? Is that a bit too extreme? I'm still on a break from CoH, so I can't remember other AoE target caps.
  5. This may sounds silly, but do you have your abilities slotted with accuracy and recharge? I do know Earth and Fire loves to aggro, especially Hot Feet--delay Hot Feet 'til you have high defenses or NPCs are held, etc. Play it safe until your Domination is up, for example, don't open with Stone Cages or Fire Cages first until someone charges in. Salt Crystal/Earthquake/Smoke/Bonfire (with KB to KD slotted) are all good opener--pray your team know what to do with Salt Crystals 😕. Dark is really easy to play. Open with Possess, then use Fearsome Stare to reduce their -tohit. Use Possess/ST Hold on runners, then DPS the feared ones first. Activate Heart of Darkness after the fear and confuse wore off--keep DPSing them down. Dark/Fire is really fun!
  6. Interesting...thanks for showing to us! I gotta fix some builds now... 😩
  7. Not a big fan of the new look, but at least it's better than the old one. The old one is plainly boring.
  8. Druid... and Vulpera. [Yes yes, I'm a firm believer in Vulpera. SUE ME.]
  9. Two Scrappers, the Tank, Rad, One Kin, Two Thermals are lv50s. Nature, (that's me) was lv42.
  10. Hey! I'm curious to see if anyone experiencing an issue with the Goliath War Walker GM in Boomtown? Its regen is really high, I wonder if it's bugged? We did defeated the generator (assuming there is only one generator). My team is packed with (de)buffs and DPS. Two Scrappers. One Tank Two (lv50) Thermals (Both buffs and debuffs) One Rad Two Kins One Nature The DPS might been a little low but with that tons of debuffs, shouldn't we able to kill him within minutes?
  11. Everlasting is the new Unofficial Official RP Shard. Many thanks!
  12. Virtue here! I'm so shocked about this. I didn't know until my brother mentioned it. I was like, "WHAT?!" Mannnn, I missed this game and of course, unique roleplayers. It's been a long, long time. Btw, which shard the Virtue players play on? Still Virtue or different shard?
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