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  1. Yes, you have described how the game currently functions. What I am suggesting is an improvement to this flow. It would cost you about 4 clicks on a new character while you're already there picking up your other p2w goodies, but it would save me a great deal of irritation. Just so I'm clear, your opposition is coming from a perspective of "there are better things for the devs to do with their time"?
  2. No seriously, this is a QoL buff. I would love if, instead of all costume slots unlocked for free, we started with 1-3 costume slots unlocked, and all the rest were redeemed for free from the P2W. I would expect this to only apply to new characters moving forward. But why..? Because some of us (and so probably many of us) often make tweaks after character creation and would like them to propagate through to the other slots. I'm to the point where if I notice my Scales are off, I'm more likely to delete and remake the toon than go through and ensure I keep them consistent across all slots. Aside from Scales, I think the other big area we see this is Power Customization. Forgetting to update a power's colors or set a no redraw, fixing it at level 2, then forgetting about the other billion slots until level 30 when I make my... I dunno, Croatoan Farmer Theme outfit - gets old. Functionality tip for context (tested just before typing this): costume slots are copied from slot 0 at the time of costume slot unlock. This means you can save yourself work by making any "affects all slots" type adjustments to your slot 0 costume before running your unlock missions. And ideally, before obtaining them via p2w. Thread title edit for clarity: costumes -> costume slots.
  3. Correction for everyone else: this wouldn't be so much a new code base as much as separate server settings (AS FAR AS I KNOW). Everything that's being asked for here is already maintained on the Beta server. The OP is really asking for (unknowingly?) A beta shard that never experiences server wipes. However, I never saw the part where you explained how Homecoming has caved to the "make the game easier" crowd. Literally the only thing I can think of is low-level SOs, which is not at all what you claim - the very people who want to skip levels do not bother with SOs. They don't even bother with the low levels!
  4. Ra's al Ghul is what I would consider a "natural" character, judging by his capabilities and the sorts he deals with (Batman). But he only became so talented due to the long life granted by the mystical or chemical nature of the Lazarus Pits. Spider-Man is certainly a Science origin character, but one of his most iconic attributes (webshooters) are definitely Technological marvels. To make it even more interesting, no mere human could ever use the webshooters the way he does! Aside from dexterity and a spider-sense to keep him from swinging into traffic, there's the simple fact they're basically engineered to dislocate the shoulders of any baseline human! I've recently become obsessed with this idea of "dual origin" characters, or simply characters that blur the lines of the origins and/or what they fight. This is only getting more intense with the "Origin" pools. For example, a Natural origin Martial Arts character could be a lot of fun Unleashing Potential and going full Anime with the Force of Will pool. Do you guys have any technologists who needed sorcery to overcome their nemesis? Any Bio Armor mutants concocting Experimentations based on their own mutagens? It's especially exciting when you need one half to really make the other work (Spiderman example) but I'd like to hear them all. Tell me about your toons' stories that blend the origins!
  5. Don't want to spend too much on the derail, but did want to point out that's one shard hitting 1k at high time. Total concurrent count (unsure if/how costume creator figures into this) is over 2600.
  6. We have enough threads on proposed fixes, and laughs too. But to the thread topic: I hope not. As was the case with Energy Melee, simply returning to the old isn't good enough. You either end up not fixing the problems or you've reintroduced old ones. There's just no good reason to look backwards, ever. Better to focus on what the game needs the set to be now.
  7. I don't think it's been true for a long time. Powers aren't balanced around SOs - content is. (In other words: every challenge in the game should be beatable with a team/teams on all SOs. And then there's gear logic: Look at other generic MMOs. In starting gear, your rogue class should be roughly the same power as your fighter class. When you're both wearing end game raid gear, the Rogue should still be roughly the same power level as the fighter. Enhancements are the same. SOs are the cheap stuff every vendor sells, and IOs are the superior player-crafted, player-listed, or raid gear.
  8. I'd split the difference between @Monos King and @Haijinx -- Enhancements are absolutely this game's equivalent to gear, but they are not the progression gate we see used in many MMOs. Or at least, they aren't in Homecoming. I think this is more of what Greycat was mentioning, where the promise of power is locked behind high-level content. This is more accurate to Incarnates, actually. Though again, not-so-much here on Homecoming (Thank the server gods).
  9. In regards to what this version of Sentinel would bring to a party, I think it's worth noting how it changes the gameplay of a party. That is: everyone reaps rewards by doing stuff to the big guy with the glowing crosshairs on his feet. This sense of "calling out" priority targets would have a tangible effect on your party's behavior, just as surely as having a Tanker in your party means (at least in theory) that you jump into the pack after them. Sure, it's not necessarily filling some hole in the AT roles -- but we already know a few controllers can replace a tanker too. But it's offering something different, with a different playstyle focus for your group. It's offering identity.
  10. Brain Storms now, I believe (what you used to get from logging out at base portal). EDIT - CONFIRMED just now on a toon logged out in WW.
  11. They added 2 and removed 7. Does everyone have to phrase things like it was such a drag? Confirmed: Pocket D is dead, removed from power list, checked on a toon that has badge and can LRTP to Pocket D. - EDIT: Also cannot find it in the P2W anywhere. What you can now buy there in its place is LRTP, if you didn't feel like taking the 2 minutes to wander around Atlas Park to get it for free. The Wentworth day job teleport still exists, but there is no way to gain additional charges. I currently have 27 remaining uses. There were also 4 purchase-able Auction House teleports. I don't know that I had any of these before but I believe they were simply unlisted from the AH. You could only ever have 1 charge of these at a time, iirc.
  12. I would not expect a direct port of Regen as-is to Tanker. It would arrive after - or simultaneous to - a Regen rework.
  13. Not the same, but this has me thinking about a similarly "bold" departure: What happens if Power Siphon stacks set you to refresh duration of all current stacks? Probably with a nerf down to 3 stacks or so, probably some tuning to the +damage amounts. So essentially, you start a fight with PS (even paying the full 2 second animation cost) and then you start landing attacks to keep your kinesis going until you're out of stuff to hit. It's at least fun enough to imagine to post; not sure I like the "Brute incentive" though.
  14. I kind of put one together, though it still has a good deal of melee potential. I envision a mix-range combatant that uses placates to stay alive, as opposed to dealing critical damage, while sabotaging the enemy (the light control aspects of a Manipulation set):
  15. There is a band in the tiki of lounge. It's a nice touch. You would be excused if you didn't know about it, however, because any time a player spawned in that location, it would break them and prevent them from spawning. This is the main reason they moved pocket D's exit location. For other zones: Cimerora is time travel, so not part of teleportation. Midnighter's I could see, since you would need access to obtain whatever badge they would place.. Their current mindset is that Founders Falls takes you to the university. Bloody Bay is currently a technical "no." A pvp zone would need to check your alignment before calculating your exit point - which is not something currently programmed into LRTP.
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