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  1. Most of the feedback in this thread is coming from an optimal standpoint, a "can I make use of this?" Angle. If the answer is no, trash. There are a lot of players who stay away from forums because they dislike this culture - and they're smart, capable human beings. For them, my goal is just to ensure these powers are good picks, and not traps. Despite what many are writing, I strongly feel Arcane bolt, spirit ward, and usually RoP, will be better and more fun for them. I haven't had time to dig into Enflame. Not a fallacy; arcane appears to just be stating "we
  2. I sent these changes to the 3 friends I play with. They were all floored, excited, and apprehensive that they may not make it. Turns out, 5 good powers is better for fun than a single power that really shines on high Recharge builds, and 3-4 unfunny jokes. It's good to get the non-forum perspective sometimes.
  3. No, but note that it does have a hefty endurance reduction baked in (13>9.75). Which makes sense - if you don't have the Michael Phelps to translocate continuously, you can still... Fly.
  4. Yes, it keeps stacking over time, same as the recent blaster treatment. I just tested it with a Mastermind and found it to cap out at the exact same amount as electric Affinity's insulating circuit (and refreshing up to 10% that amount every 3 seconds under fire). I have not had a chance to test Enflame but I wonder: could we put the terror on only one version? Like: cast on an ally if you want them to leave that ally alone, cast on a foe if you want him to roast his friends. As if it weren't enough that they've already told us to expect ppm abuse to be c
  5. That would result in them always being resisted, I think. This is a vector change set with higher priority. If it works well, I would expect it to proliferate, and just overall be a better fix.
  6. Request: give the community a list of things considered experimental/will-be-nerfed. I realize this is asking for a lose/lose of you - sorry. Here's what I know of so far: Epic recharges breaking PPM Procs in general Bio is expected to get some minor slaps Master Brawler "choice" implementation is hanging by a thread - expect that to replace Practiced Brawler entirely for Sentinel? Anything else? My thinking: Most nerfs are really only noticed by people who are aware of them (i.e. forumites and folks seeking builds). For all the r
  7. But what about Freeru- oh, right. Built-in Stealth also future-proofs Infiltration on that front.
  8. I assume it's been a while since you've onboarded a new friend to the game? That it's been a while (or never) since you've had that sad wince when your friend tells you they blew their meager cash on the biggest fly enhancements they could find and slotted them into Swift and Fly? Or maybe it's been a while since you looked at the travel sets and realized the catch-22: "these are seriously bad, but there's no room to improve them because all the stats they provide are worthless." And finally: there's the fact they felt like it. And that's always going to be enough cause
  9. One thing that bothers me about the general direction of these conversations (especially in the past threads), is how much people were using fly+evasive Maneuvers as a way around using the Afterburner click. Previous complaints about Fly changes are not the reason for this current batch of changes (that appears to be more about combat flight speed), but it has shaped the way Feedback is flowing. To put it briefly: Fly allows you to ignore verticality and most aggro and afk your way to your objective. Afterburner says "you are allowed to be fast, or afk. But not bo
  10. Intentional but not communicated. Jimmy confirmed in the first power changes thread.
  11. And 90 seconds on those other powers will be sufficient to improve diversity? Or do they need further buffs as well? If we buff them further, will origin pools thus become more or less mandatory? -- I take strong issue with the suggestion that "Performance doesn't matter" for lower end builds. It matters that options are fun and impactful with 0% global recharge and SOs as readily as when fully enhanced. I won't endorse a claim that performance doesn't matter to a player still not fully Setted out or - gasp - leveling. Kneecapping that experience for the
  12. And if we buff the others to 90 seconds, does that mean we roll back the change to the Resist condition? Do we make reactive users continue to not gain Resistance? If no (do not roll back, keep unconditional resistance), that's a buff to a power that's already providing a lot of benefit many builds cannot get elsewhere. If yes (roll back, you only gain resistance if you were not mezzed at the time of activation), it's a punishment for weak builds in the quest for "build diversity" only felt by the power gaming minority.
  13. Auras: tied to costume, not power. Emotes that root: lock you out of activating the power until it's complete. Emotes that do not: I don't think any exist anymore but I believe their animation is killed by the power animation. Costume change emotes: all the above issues and also require you to select a different costume slot. What you can do right now is activate a stealth toggle as part of a costume change macro, to a version of your outfit with an aura. That is far, far more limited than what I'm suggesting, especially the Teleport parts.
  14. I like the idea of adding player agency and choice to the moment, but I think your specific implementation won't ever happen. Not only would it require updating every single active-use power, it would need entire new functions (think about how attacks need targets and suddenly instead you're changing it to Self), perhaps enough to warrant a redirect (every assassin's strike is actually 3 separate powers. There's a good chance you would be requiring a similar tripling to get to this point). I think it more realistic you would be granted a new Inherent at level 10 that is
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