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  1. I don't want to get too lost in the weeds of comparing to CO. Like I said in the OP, CO's failures are only proof that CO failed at it. Those guys stuck to some really bad base assumptions through multiple game designs, so it's not at all a surprise to me that they couldn't ever crack free-form. As @Snarky says, there's a pretty big difference with video games. It's not like tabletops or fiction, where a character more focused on certain RP elements might still feel very powerful. But I'm just not convinced it's mutually-exclusive. This is why I like my +range example. There's a huge difference, thematically and gameplay-wise, between a blaster practically in the melee, and the one who relies on staying far out at range. Also, I kind of feel like Accuracy is a tax. We obviously didn't feel that way back then... still in the grips of 3rd edition D&D, but accuracy as a stat definitely created a "this tall to ride" scenario with enhancements that really detracted from other interesting things they could've been using those mod slots for.
  2. While true, my understanding is enterbasefrompasscode won't last forever. It's "here" enough that we shouldn't expect the rug pulled on us... but not enough to start doing power design around.
  3. Yeah, that came off harsher than I intended. 😕 I'm hoping down the road, we can revisit some of those numbers (in particular, I would really like it if Earth Mastery's -defense was stronger than what a Brute's would do), but I think certain things need worked on first. Iirc, your build that was outdoing a Brute was Titan weapon? If so, then a nerf to tanker version of TW in the same patch that they up the -res for example. The important thing to me is, we're making progress. It may not feel great yet, but killing our reliance on Bruising is intended to be the first step to making a tanker feel good to play. Sometimes you gotta reset to zero. As I've been mentioning in the most recent thread, it currently sucks for ST-heavy sets to a degree I'm just not satisfied with. I'm still on board, because there's an implicit promisethis sets the stage for those sets to get their own improvements.
  4. I have mentioned several times in those threads that I appreciated your invaluable data; you made a great case and dissented without belittling. But you have also proven that no answer short of "you're right. We'll do things exactly your way" will satisfy you. To wit, @Chronicler J, if you like playing a Supportive tanker, note the buffs to secondary effects. Yes, this means different power picks, but "armor/melee but actually here to Support" doesn't sound like it should be part of the AT anyway. Indeed, Paragon Studios agreed for 6 years.
  5. Just in case anyone is curious, my flawed memory of those design logs says the way Origin was supposed to work was to measure your character on 3 axes: * Number of power selections * Number of power pools (what we would now consider primary/secondary) * Power strength, I think meaning number of enhancement slots As an example, Magic would have fewest pools (probably only 1, but we'll never know), but have several power picks from that pool, and a lot of slots. This would be ideal for, say, eye of agamotto giving you several powerful abilities all tied to Time. Meanwhile Tech would have lots of powers and no/very high limits on number of pools to choose from, but very few enhancements. Cool, but I can see where this could fail in-game, making you feel like a toddler army. Natural, iirc, was the opposite of tech. Again, I have a good memory, but this was literally close to 20 years ago. I'd still love to find those posts.
  6. ...was to customize powers. At least, that's how Emmert would talk in his blogs during development. I remember being wow'd when reading about the idea that "every power is completely customizable, so you can choose if your character has abilities that are long-ranged, can be used frequently, or just hit really hard but are otherwise limited." But once the game came out, it became apparent that it was a system for progression, not for customization. And then IOs ... Happened. Understand, at this point in the development logs, there were no ATs, and Origin was more similar to an AT. People try to say CO is proof that going AT-less is just a bad idea, but I just think it's proof that the same people failed at the idea twice. I still think these are neat and attainable ideas. ... But I digress. I like to think about how it could have been different: Imagine if instead of grabbing a +30% damage mod, you were slotting your broadsword attacks with +30% damage as fire (and perhaps added particle fx) to sell your fantasy. Imagine if Blasts had a base range of like 20' and +range enhancements were huge, like +100% each (critical reader: ED would either be tuned differently or not needed in this universe). As a comics example, this is like Psylocke vs other telekinetics. Imagine more attacks having small aoes, and needing a separate Area+ enhancement Barely related, but imagine if armor powers were interesting enough on their own to actually justify more than 3 slots (sans IO benefits) This ship has long-since sailed so this is in General and not Suggestions. And don't get me wrong, I'm happy with what we have and eternally grateful to Homecoming for reviving it. But I'm curious if others would have liked this. What ways would you have totally wrecked enhancements to make the game different? Please just don't say "remove ED" or, if you insist, add more to what you would do in its place. We already have enough material for an ED-less fan-fic universe.
  7. There's some logic in here I don't agree with. For starters, long range requires 3 powers. You are desperately avoiding this. Next: buffing it doesn't weaken the other Travels. Don't get me wrong, I understand the idea of abilities being powercrept "over.". But this simply isn't that. Mystic Flight is an example of potentially powercreeping over Flight and Teleportation*, but it takes a lot of superjump buffs to, for example, impinge on Flight. Short version: buffing a wasted pick isn't unfair to the powers who've had the spotlight for 15 years. Finally, pointing out that I don't have to take the power is... What do you really think that proves? This feels to me the same as when one person points out something broken in their government and instead of wanting to fix it, the opposition says "if you don't like it, just leave." It's a fallacy at best. To be clear, though, I will continue to shout from the rooftops that I think the entire TP pool needs redone, and any full rework would logically address my concerns of mostly-wasted power picks. *I actually agree about slotting TP. I wish it had its own good, dedicated IOs to make this a worthwhile cost to my character. But ideally, this is how it should set itself above Translocation.
  8. I can't even maintain my own social media presence... Let alone one for all my alter egos... This would actually be a pretty fantastic marketing stunt though.
  9. I just want to toss out there that we all mostly disagree with the OP's direction (even they admit they aren't sold, so no reason to hold this against them)... I think there's some broad agreement with their stance that power pools could use some updates. To me, it's pretty simple: no intentionally useless power picks. This was really endemic to game design of the era, where the idea that anyone could grab these powers was greatly overvalued. Starting point is simple: make Kick far stronger, with something like triple its current recharge. Boxing could also get some adjustments, but should largely remain unchanged. Intent: one power is for folks looking for attack filler (melee controllers futzing with Containment), while the other is for folks who mostly have their attack chain fleshed out, and could maybe save on a different attack if this one were worth using. Then give Flurry a full evaluation. I can't see any changes to this power making it worse for anyone. Those are my starting points. I'd like to see more done, like Zepp's TP Overhaul, but these 2 starting points of flurry and Kick should help a lot of builds while proving to the community that responsible PP buffs don't cause issues.
  10. This still wouldn't make LRTP worth the number of powers spent. So... Yes. Also, as we've discussed before on topics like this, I would be all for only allowing neighborhood porting once you have 1-2 exploration badges for the zone (not all of them).
  11. Sorry, that was supposed to be me saying I liked your proposal @Goblin Queen, and just briefly clarifying on it to make sure it was what I thought it was saying. Like Delivered to show I mean business. 🙂 The big thing is, I wouldn't want to see functionality removed from the current build. I tend to like costumes for my characters' assorted eras (like early career, post-rikti capture, undercover redside, etc) and I would hate to lose the ability to match my clones to them all. -- Also, I wish we could change out our 15 second costume lock for "3 changes per minute" or something. So we could spike a wee bit of stress with 2 rapid changes, but have to "cool off" longer.
  12. I would only be in favor of this if it were an option to assign a costume slot. I like the idea of the duplicates in power customization saying, for example, "Mirror Slot 1" and "Phantom Mirror Slot 1" in addition to the ones currently there on Beta. And yeah, i have a feeling/hope this will lead to a similar rollout to other pets and minions.
  13. It's almost unfair how easy it is for Zepp to summon me for Likes.
  14. Pie in the sky time: Base damage .8, Gauntlet is a free toggle, added to your tray on creation like Domination. When enabled, attacks hit a 2nd time at .15 scale in an aoe. When disabled, attacks Bruise through a global proc. Yep, I know, I'll keep wishing. But remember CP, you can always say "I'm working on something like this" and we'll all assume it was your idea, and I'd be like... good idea.
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