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  1. Possible my Mids' version is wrong, but looks like Storm>Steamy Mist and Dark Miasma> Shadow Fall both have 40' radii. Faraday Cage isn't a toggle like those, but it may as well be in that you're going to want to stand inside it with your melees.
  2. Just to muddy the waters some on Faraday cage... For all its power, I'm also a bit concerned the effect is going to be frustratingly small for full parties. It does make the party open to more aoe, which is perhaps notable given all of its power. It would be in theme, I think, to move the knockback protection to Empowering Circuit.
  3. I'm curious why. Given the 10 second cooldown and 5 second grace period, you should be planning around it and it should be easy to ensure you're always engaging with the buff. Self-counterpoint: this set is really busy so there is a question of how many considerations are too many considerations.
  4. I'm pretty sure 4 minutes is the duration of ally "at-will" buffs. So bubbles, shields, etc. It makes a lot of sense. It's just... a lot together, on a set that doesn't exactly scream "indomitable juggernaut." And ouwup!* I just realized Pain Domination should be able to activate its powers while rezzed. That would be fantastic. *My attempt at onomatopoeia.
  5. Can conf... oh... That. I just checked with Active Defense as well.
  6. 60/60 seconds and 90/90 seconds. And... Incarnate. My opinion is unshaken: on a set that doesn't even have to worry about losing offensive toggles, complete mez immunity on a support AT still feels outrageous to me. I'm glad you guys are disagreeing and HC gets a better picture that I'm in the minority here, but I still stick to my original statement that they will regret it.
  7. This is the real crux of the issue. Out the box, Faraday Cage has a 10 second recast. We already established it's supposed to be bubble-esque, always up and buffing your team. But this means you have mez protection as a click on a 10 second max cooldown. That's insane.
  8. The armor's clicks, such as Practiced Brawler, do not have this behavior. That said, I'm trying to test to ensure that's what's actually happening here. Sleeps are too fragile and it's always possible something hit server-side differently than on my client. And freakshow stuns are too short to be sure as well.
  9. Balance feedback: You will regret letting this go live with Faraday Cage able to be cast while mezzed. I had seen people talking about this and I just did it to end a Sleep effect to test it. This works and I do not like this precedent. If anyone gets to break free from mezzes, it's the tanking ATs, or at least melees. Martial Blasters getting to do this every 2 minutes is nothing like a Defender/Corruptor/Controller/Mastermind being completely unstoppable by mez. Keep it to pre-emptive only, I say.
  10. Hey @RAWHeroes have you tried restarting the launcher? I'd go so far as to close it, open up task manager, expand out to the "more details" button at the bottom, go to the Details tab, and try to find a process associated with it and kill it if you find it. THEN restart Tequila and see if DLs any updates. Also, you posted in the "report-server-issues" section of the discord. I'd suggest trying client-issues or setup-install-help.
  11. I was talking about an 8-person rotation, but... I acknowledge that's hyperbolic. But my point is simply that there's no harm in stretching out those periods between Judgements a bit. Solid burn. Crushing it, even. Your attempts to call me out are not only not working; they're unnecessary. I already agree with your fundamental premise that we need more high end content.
  12. Relying on whataboutism means you can't win your argument so you're changing the goalpost to distract the opposition Nerfs are helpful for maintaining expected gameplay loops. For example, getting to actually experience what else party members can do other than pressing their Judgement button. THAT SAID, what you are proposing isn't mutually exclusive. I would push for both.
  13. Because it's still a "what-about?" argument that has nothing to do with what we're discussing. If you're saying "today it's Judgement powers (NOT Incarnates as a whole, btw), tomorrow it's IOs" then... that's as slippery-slope as it gets. I still say Recharge nerf. Everyone gets to keep their OP fun, they just get to have it less often. Once you break the cycle of rotating which party member Judges which spawns, you start having to actually use your *build* for some of the fights in between.
  14. I like it. Just like bubbles, etc, the expectation is it's always up. That paired with the single-cage limit, I like the idea that you have ONE point that's following you through the mission.
  15. With it as easy as it is, we should just give everyone a Click power to instantly win a map and grant a level up. Slippery slope arguments are fun!
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