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  1. Male > Upper > Gloves > Fire and Ice 3 Same deal as CoT 3 -- I noticed it's awful, but it may be better to defer this as "solution: asymmetry toggle." Male > Upper > Gloves > Omega Could use a minor offset Male > Upper > Gloves > Organic Armor (and Thorny, but meh) Thorny is obviously much worse at clipping, but the Asymmetry answer of "just use regular Organic Armor" also clips: Regular :: Thorny :: ...And then to go back through and check the other genders: Huge: Celestial Armor
  2. Poor Shield Offsets As always, not quiiiiite what you had in mind in your list of bugs, but please tell me to hide my post instead of doing so if you disagree with the bug classification -- that way I can grab and post it elsewhere as a request. NOTE: I tried to only report the egregious issues, since this setting cannot be perfect. I did fall down a rabbit hole and reported more than intended. I apologize some of these seem to break the "clipping with other parts" rule, but these are all gloves which have a dedicated Offset value, and really it just seemed like repor
  3. Give Purples and Winters a "durability" and require repairs. Discuss. /logs off for 2 weeks
  4. I know there are more Spectrum omissions from Gloves, but I'm tired of this for now -- I'm sure you are. I'm less sure on this one, but it feels like a bug so... give me a thumbs down if your name is Naomi and it's not? Missing Tint [ALL GENDERS] > Tights (All relevant categories, actually) > Gloves > Ascension does not take a secondary tint. Has unaffected regions. The "Radiance" version does correctly use the secondary tint for its glow, but still is missing the tint from its texture. Note the blue accents in all Ascension pieces but gl
  5. Well this could get exhausting. Going to try to condense by slot. Missing category Definite: Female>Upper Body> Jackets | Sleeveless Jackets> Chest missing Spectrum Definite: Female>Upper Body> Robotic Arm 3> Chest missing Spectrum Probable oversight: [ALL GENDERS]> Upper Body> Shirts> Chest missing Spectrum Probable oversight: Female> Upper Body> Bolero> Chest missing Spectrum Probable oversight: [ALL GENDERS]> Upper Body> Unique Tops> Chest missing Spectrum //Context: Spectrum is included in Robes
  6. I keep feeling like I need to start with a bug I actually care about, instead of one I just happened to notice... Heads up to other folks: you can double-click an inserted image to edit the size properties (and apparently tap on mobile). Missing from category Spectrum is missing from Female> Lower Body> Armored> Smooth | Stilettos | Platforms | Flat categories. Is included in the male version of Armored (also confirmed it exists for Huge): Is omitted for Female: Those 3 categories where they normally exist for fe
  7. If testing something (e.g. not concerned about aggro), run up right next to them, type /whereami Then click the link this generates in the chat log. I think /loc may have been updated to function like this as well.
  8. My recommendation is basically anything with a Shield. Low end costs make it forgiving through the early-mid levels. Great combined protections. Crazy effective damage amp. Several choices can be delayed or even skipped to grab other gems you were eyeing. All of this combines to make a smooth and fun experience, even before you get the iconic mini-nuke + gap-closer. It's even a great set into the late game, and is a fan-favorite of many of the Builder Elite, so the consistency never ends.
  9. The idea was to get it more accurate. Previously, they had a power called Phalanx Fighting, which was nothing but base stats (now Roman Armor), and a second power called Energized Shield (Which is also a player ability from Energy Aura -- it even had that same description about "kinetic energy!") which provided the stacking bonus defense for each nearby friend. Since something happened in a previous patch (would've been like... towards the beginning of HC, btw) and we were restoring it anyway, the mindset goes "may as well make these names make sense." So Phalanx
  10. PSA: this means Cimerorans now have their ally-scaling defense bonus restored. Unlike the player version of Phalanx fighting, it also provides mez protection!
  11. It's a really good point, but one this thread is not trying to solve (yes, I know I mentioned it in the OP in my list of issues - this is something that can help, not something that makes everything perfect). Here's the lens I'm looking through: This stuff is going to roll out somewhere, with the only alternative being taking away a fun toy (which would seem regressive and player-hating). I would rather it went to Controllers and Dominators than yet another melee or blaster buff. Based on this quoted bit, I do not think we would ever agree on game design; I won't tr
  12. Thank you, but I apologize: i cannot agree with any of this. First, it's not a taunt aura - those can help prevent things from fleeing, but that is far from controlling enemy position. To cite my earlier example, it doesn't help clump Praetorian Clockwork into space to make a 5 target cone any good. And since you are neglecting the primary component of a taunt aura - the taunt - working with a taunting melee (and thus teaming) is encouraged. Second, just a minor clarification: I don't know why you think I was implying they should or would put them at the feet of your
  13. Definitely feel free to post specific ways a particular set could gain a mechanic for gathering/clumping enemies! It would be interesting to have a "Fascinate" type effect where they just... walk to a spot, gathering themselves without any forced movement. One thing to be aware of is that the Control aoe immobs mostly (all but Gravity, I think) convert knockback to knockdown. This does mean I'm erring towards Repels (Attracts) and Teleports, though I think the Fire example works (since the immobilized target is the epicenter of the effect). I love the idea of the re
  14. There were two thoughts that converged for me to really start thinking seriously about this as a valid path forward: Fold Space is going to get nerfed into the ground at its current rate of adoption (this is my sense from forum/discord consensus. Actual player data may wildly differ). The aoe immobile problem. So this originally set out to say to devs a) you have another solution instead of nerfing the cool thing and b) we need a gather force to offset people's fears of the "overeager" controller. I think griefing concerns are good, but ultimately comes back to the
  15. This would be it. For some reason, I was only focusing on Blasters. For Elec Melee, yeah it gets a lot harder to justify buffing with the amount of aoe they have.. There's an argument that 4x aoes isn't that much aoe if two of them are unusably slow, but I don't know that we're at that point.
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