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  1. One more thing, @Captain Powerhouse: Thank you for all your hard work!
  2. Bummed and relieved about this. I'll need some time in a dark room to contemplate further. While we're looking towards the next patch, just how hard is it to adjust AT scales? I would love to see the damage dropped to .9, with a buff to secondary effects and party scales. This is an extension of what I've said throughout this entire thread: if we trust a little extra damage doesn't turn them into a dps job, then we also have to trust that slightly higher utility in their Leadership or carrier debuffs won't up and make them a Support.
  3. I was probably editing while you asked that, but to be clear, the statement that CP wants damage to be primary. That's hyperbole. I want to also note: I've seen your posts around here. You're smart and I like what you have to say, so this is entirely me trying to keep this fair, not attack you.
  4. That's unfair. His opinion was tempered, moderate. You're being hyperbolic. He didn't say damage should be primary. You put those words in his mouth.
  5. This is still honestly the biggest thing I'd like to see (along with at least a small damage bump. I wouldn't mind something between Live and current Pineapple if it got us more power budget for stuff like this). It has always bothered me that there are four Archetypes comprised of melee and armor pools, and all 4 of them are tied at the bottom of the heap for leadership benefits. If this happens to buff Grant Cover and some other secondary effects? I'm super OK with that. If Tanker Epics with debuffs are actually better than the Brute versions, I would feel justified in those choices instead of feeling like "I'm only grabbing this because I know my Brute counterparts won't."
  6. Yeah I think I'm going to double down on this idea of having a separate buff gifted to caster when they use these powers. It could even be a single buff that's simply thematically appropriate. Example: no matter which cold domination party buff you use, you also grant yourself a (non-stacking) generic ice shield. This would let us really decide what a fair amount of self protection looks like and just go straight for that.
  7. Ah nice, you've made the OP's point quite succinctly, here! -- I do get concerned about the size of Defender numbers, though. I wonder if it would be ridiculous to set these powers to have a pseudopet copy your buffs back at you. This would mean it would ignore player scales and result in a much weaker version than you're giving your party, but still very significant and end-efficient.
  8. Yeah but aggro cap isn't the same as target cap. Where I think Beau is going with this is, if the aggro cap were higher, then tankers' higher target caps would be pretty noticable just as a means of holding hate.
  9. Nuance is awesome: -I like having a defined role -I like also getting to deal damage. These are not mutually exclusive principles. Everyone loves to spit Trinity like a curse, and then some folks note how many modern games go the other direction and make everyone so self-sufficient that grouping is stupid. To me, the truth of CoH lives in the middle: This is a game great because it allows you to have roles, but allows you to break those roles and define new ones. Tankers getting some QOL damage does not make them self-sufficient tankmages. It does not make them Brutes, The Sequel. It does not spontaneously create or destroy a trinity.
  10. Group testing will def be important. But it'll probably be easiest to coordinate in the beta channel of the Discord. Important PSA: Reminder to veteran tankers: the under-the-hood mechanisms of Gauntlet have been replaced. Testing would be appreciated. I more or less main tanks in every MMO except CoH. Precisely because I never developed this "feel" and now I'm a little too ashamed to stand in the spotlight next to The Greats. So if you're a career tank, this is probably a good way to apply that decade of intuition: see if how you expect AI to behave doesn't match up. If it feels like you're holding hate easier or harder, etc.
  11. Bland, uninspiring subjective feedback: I've rebuilt my invuln/staff tanker on Pineapple (on pizza) and I've been playing at assorted level ranges: 10, 16, and 30 so far. My goal is just to gather subjective feedback on how the set feels. It's silly to talk about how it performs at 50 when alting is the end game. 10 - nothing to write home about. 16, no enhancements at all - endurance didn't constantly tank. It should be noted this level was chosen because it's about when I start to hate this game (starting at around 16 and carrying through until I pony up and get some IOs). The fact that I wasn't constantly detoggling before groups went down says a lot. In fact, It may say too much. Even brutes at this level hate their blue bars and complete lack of accuracy. 30, basic IOs - Not fully kitted out. I didn't even bother slotting Endurance, and I was still doing ok on blue. It's just enough that you notice it if you're watching for it, like I was. It's really hard to disentangle how much is end recovery being based on a higher base, and how much was enemies dying faster (and thus with less stamina expended) due to damage increases. Cone: I tried to get a feel for the increased cone size, but I really didn't notice a change on Guarded Spin. It's always been a super forgiving cone (probably just because of its awesome range), so it's hard to say. Sadly, I didn't even think about the fact that Eye of the Storm probably hits everyone in sight now, so I didn't think to test it. Thoughts on what I didn't test: - I really should have tested at 20-22, no enhancements. crazy how many of my characters stall out there. - Pretty sure most IO +max stamina set bonuses are % increases. It's meager, but I think this means Tankers will get more out of those than other ATs?
  12. I was thinking something similar. Would it be terrible to go the way of Translocation and give Rage the standard effect that also grants you a 2nd power to "stack" but with a crash at the end? This Mystic Flight/Translocation solution is apparently my go-to response to every conundrum, btw.
  13. +25% damage taken would matter. +100% would remove an entire role. I agree with this line of thought:
  14. Only tangentially-related, but I think it's interesting that when people talk about nerfing Brute damage resist caps, everyone assumes 80%. Honestly, I'd rather see them lowered to 87.5% resist cap -- that's close enough to 90 to not matter in most respects, but to technically be 25% increased incoming damage. And then, as Captain Powerhouse noted - we will need to talk about Kheldian tanks, but only when we're happy with Tankers.
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