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  1. Charged shot has lower DPS and slightly lower DPA than Single Shot. As filler it's just less good since there's a longer cast time, but the other issue is their effects when striking a Disintegrating target. Single Shot offers -75% regen - not much but another nice little addition. Charged has the weakest of all Disintegrate bonuses; an 11%-ish tick.
  2. Novacat

    Top 3?

    Oh no I'm talking about blast T2s. The primaries. Rarely is the T2 a part of any of my main rotations, and nowhere is this truer than BR. Charged Shot has the worst of all on-disintegrate bonuses. May as well get the -regen% from Single Shot If Mezzed, Single and ENA both fire faster, cheaper, and come back up faster. Both have better DPA and DPS than Charged Shot (just a little). A fine choice for finishing off health slivers too Penetrating's basically always better. Piercing Lancer are slightly better options without Disintegrate, and vastly superior with it up.
  3. Novacat

    Top 3?

    You could... but I don't take T2s for most blast sets in the first place. ENA can slot a bunch of procs too, and ESD as well.
  4. Novacat

    Top 3?

    Primaries: 1) Beam Rifle: Though lacking a 'standard' Radial, Overcharge makes up in part for that. A fine grab-bag of effects with an excellent T3 for pairs or lines of three in Piercing Beam. 2) Water Blast: Though sans-nuke Water has powerful AoE with plenty of soft control. Pair it with some solid blaps to shore up the ST deficiencies and you've got one hell of a package. 3) Fire Blast: The old, tried tested and true classic. When your friends all have control sets and you're really only there for genocide. Simple, straightforward, effective Fire Blast. Secondaries: 1) Tactical Arrow: A powerful suite of self-buffs (including even a bit of mobility) for anyone who wants to stay away from the action. Packed with goodies and a good T1 to help the lack of blap. 2) Atomic Manipulation: The other end of the spectrum. Brutal in your face abilities with a top-class Sustain and one of them 'screw you' toggles. If you don't know what to pick, try this beast. 3) Devices (new and improved): More of a soloing kit, Devices carries wonderful utilities before and in battle, and hey even a cruddy pet's a decent addition to any arsenal. BR/TA: My main for a long time. No need to get in close so perfect if you want to hover-blast. You've got mobility, you've got recharge, you've got defense and accuracy, and a tool-kit to make all sorts of fun things with. Ice Arrow may be skippable for this combo: you'd need a second hold from epics or you'll have nothing to stack with. Water/Atomic: They're slowed, they're on the floor, and everyone in that whirlpool that's not a held and dying minion suffering from Beta Decay... is getting positron-fisted to death while wondering where that geyser exploded from.
  5. Body Armor - all of Munitions actually - has been in a terrible spot for a long time. The Sustains and change to toggles both sank Body Armor's value further over time as well. A small HP buff could work; several examples of auto-power armors are easily found on the Spiders: the Bane armor in particular offers 7.5% to all damage (crab doesn't get psi there) and a bit of extra HP. It also gives a solid base of Mez protection magnitude. If Body Armor offered even half of those numbers, it would be very much worth taking a look at.
  6. The range bonus from using a snipe for roughly the base recharge time of it makes ranged nukes a bit more attractive. Beam/Tactical-Arrow is a good set of ranged abilities and self-buffs, and while it lacks a regular radial, it has full range on the nuke. So even unslotted, opening with a slow snipe from 120ft immediately allows Overcharge to be your followup, probably with Piercing Beam aimed so as to kill or damage and -res at least three things. Range bonuses from the ATO (among others) will increase this effective range as well.
  7. A real *upgrade* for slot usage, would be UP. turn all those knockdowns into ups.
  8. Early on not as well as the melees. There's just no getting around the fact that the melee ATs all do as much or nearly as much damage with multiple times the survivability. Your slows and other soft controls lose most of their effect against those targets too so you can't expect the AT to be recharging 2/3 as quickly like the normal things you web grenade. With full IOs and incarnate gear, you'll eventually be able to. Your advantages are generally better suited to taking on large crowds, but you can also keep yourself at a bit of altitude if you take Hover, and can thus at least avoid some of the nastier melee attacks. Some sets, like Beam Rifle or Temporal Manipulation (among others) will also offer a bit of -regen, something that adds up rather nicely over time in such long fights.
  9. It's not just LRM. Body Armor was already by far the worst of all the epic pool armors back when being an auto-power that won't toggle-off the moment anything hits you with anything of any magnitude ever meant something. Back when your endurance was in the dumps from no IOs or Sustains if you held some toggles. Now, it's not only the lowest (on average less than half the values) of any of the epic resistances, it's also covering one or two TYPES less than the others as well: Body Armor: Resist 8.75% S/L Dark Embrace: Resist 19.25% S/L, 10.5% Negative/Toxic Frozen Armor: Defense 10.5% S/L, Resist Fire 7% Cold 21% Charged Armor (both sets): Resist 19.25% S/L/Energy Fire Shield: Resist 19.25% S/L, 14% Fire, 7% Cold Temp Invulnerability: Resist 21% S/L Shark Skin: Resist 19.25% S/L/Cold Scorpion Shield: Defense 10.5% S/L 7% Energy, Resist 12.25% Toxic So even Temp Invulnerability, which also has just Smash/Lethal and which no one takes because no one takes Force, is 2.4x as effective. Meanwhile Charged Armor offers 2.2x the resistance, but also applies it to Energy - another common lategame damage type.
  10. It's written right at the top. You're a terrible parent.
  11. Or you can 4-slot Sting and 2-slot Experienced Marksman for +5% range to everything. A little bit of interrupt reduction found in both those sets will bring the long snipe time down a fair bit anyways. Snipes make a great opener nowadays since the +50% range buff loaded onto them will affect your cones, ranged nukes, balls and all the other stuff. Just from firing off Snipe at a boss first (while it's charging up pick a target better suited to your cone angle) without any enhancements or anything, with nothing slotted at all anywhere, you'd still turn your Full Auto into a 120ft affair.
  12. Archery: "generic" set style with slightly better accuracy across the board and fast recharge especially on the nuke. A decent grab-bag of the usual: T1-3 attacks, a cone, a radial, a stun, a snipe... often no secondary special effect though since its special is higher base acc. Beam: Is based around Disintegrate: a heavy DoT and light-DoT debuff (which can spread) of the same name. It offers a series of special effects (including a bit of -regen and -res) or bonus damage to things affected by this debuff. Greatly rewards both spreading disintegrate, teaming with other beam users (as everyone benefits from everybody's disints) and good positioning for my favorite Piercing Beam Dark: some surprising amount of defense thanks to the nonstop piling up of -ToHit on everything you have in there. No radials but Cone Heaven. Offers more immobilize, Gloom's one of the better T2s due to being a DoT, and the set has some health draining plus is capable of some serious proccery with Abyssal Gaze as well. All three can and will serve you quite well, so it's more about which one feels more fun really.
  13. Note my edit too as that'll affect your arrows (TA's basic immobilize starter is full 80ft range too which is rather handy considering our Defiance options) and cone lengths. Moonbeam means a 120ft umbral torrent right behind it!
  14. Tactical Arrow is the pure ranged secondary. All others have an offering of melee or point-blank attacks, though that's not to say they're not either a nasty way of punishing what DOES get close (and things do eventually get close once in a while) or to *prevent* them from closing in in the first place (like trip mines and caltrops). If you skip such non-ranged attacks at worst it makes it easier to stack some pool powers (you'll be wanting tough/weave and maneuvers probably anyways). For the primaries, Archery, Assault Rifle, Beam Rifle, Ice Blast and Water Blast are all fully ranged including their nukes; Electrical's got a ranged nuke but does have Short circuit in the pile of regular powers (it has no cone though plenty of electric cones in the epic/patron pools to choose from), while the rest have PBAoEs as their Tier 9 (though those are hideously powerful). Other notes: Beam Rifle and Dark Blast have no standard Radial AoE. However Beam's Overcharge (nuke) is ranged, and Dark Blast has long range cones (including an 80ft base one) to compensate Ice, Pistols, Sonic and Water have no snipe: Snipes are much more useful than they were back in the days of live, so this loss is worth noting. That said, each of those sets has some serious capabilities to compensate. (Edit: One thing I should point out especially if you don't take /energy: Snipes now give a 50% range boost for 10s which means you can easily follow up at long range if you use it as your opener. A slow one makes for a hell of a hit, especially when by the time the non-instant-projectile ones hit you've already also got your range-buffed nuke going off) My main's a Beam/TacArrow, and while the lack of a 'fireball' basic equivalent does annoy a bit, the fully ranged Overcharge and the ever-handy Piercing Beam do make up for that loss rather well.
  15. Do not sabotage your perfomance and build for a few more % of ranged defense. It's not too costly by taking the usual suite of powers, global IOs and your ATOs to get into the low 30s. But going from there to a perma the softcap can involve kneecaping yourself, paying for those extra 1.83% or whatevers with the power and utility of things you actually do and make use of. Remember that when you really need it you'll have Barrier, inspirations, temporary powers or buffs from teammates, all to bring you into the magic numbers. Touch of the Beyond (which was not a Sustain before they were introduced in i24) now offers twice as much Recovery for a minute as Stamina (though auto) does, and 2.8125x the Regen gained from Health, with another 2.8125x unenhanceable on top of it. That's a lot of survivability to gain. A single 50 EndMod gives nearly an extra Stamina worth of recovery to Touch of the Beyond alone (a +4 in that slot is worth 25.44% recovery alone) A single Heal Mod gives the damage proc, an extra 47.7% Regen(if unenhanced) So with 4 slots you could use healing, accurate healing and/or endmod sets to 2pc yourself significant bonuses while also slipping in a proc or global bonus (and a 2pc bonus obviously). That still leaves two for doing the same out of a to-hit debuff, accurate to-hit debuff, or fear set.
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