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  1. In other words: "Man I wish I had the damage of those tanky scrappers", said the stalkers and blasters?
  2. You can skip either Aqua Bolt or Hydro Blast since you're not a Sentinel - I usually prefer the T1 over the T2 but -spd and knockdown is a bit handier than -def this time around. But that's about it. Dehydrate's better than it looks at first glance. It's incredibly IO-compatible and while the heal's not that strong unless you burn tidal power, it's still loaded on a sort-of-T2 attack. Water Jet does look crappy at first-glance; a slightly faster cast, slightly weaker T2 (whereas dehydrate's just a bit stronger and slower cast instead). But thing is, it's one of your better ST attacks thanks to the ability to double-tap it at full Tidal. You don't need to give it high recharge - the double's what it's for.
  3. For teams - not so much alone - water/bio-armor was rather nice. Was more of an "offensive support" class than anything though; not really a heavy damage dealer just an endless stream of slow wetness and gushing knockdowns.
  4. It's quite worrisome for the squishies. When the thing with an easier time reaching the defense cap and easily 2-3 times your resistances plus full mez immunity does *at absolute worst* 71% of your damage (tanker ranged vs blaster ranged) while also having at least 1.6x the health pool and higher regeneration...
  5. T1: Experimental Injection Damn good. Effectively a second Health+Stamina, with magnitude 6 Mez protection makes this an incredible power for duos. Maybe even a bit too good, but then again it's quite useless if you have no friends to use it on. T2: Toxic Dart Slow projectile speed lends itself to certain tactics. Though a DoT it's slightly stronger than many non-blaster Tier 1 blasts while offering a similar proper cast time, so while it does absolutely nothing else, it's certainly worth considering. T3: Speed of Sound Not really my thing. It's super-speed, it doesn't have stealth but instead is a much better overall travel power since you can just teleport over those big walls and the such. Still I'd rather have hover personally. Useful if you want to get around that quick, but I'm always short on power slots. T4: Corrosive Vial Area feels just a little small. The damage and cast time are rather nice, but things just walk forward two feet out of it. -Def doesn't really do anything here either, and you can simply slot Annihilation for the -Res. Maybe something else? T5: Adrenal Booster I can't help but notice the details mention Endurance: I'm guessing this is EndMod but it does not seem to affect stamina, so is this only for outgoing attacks? Same with the mention of Defense really. Either way while it's a long recharge, the bonus to Damage and Recharge add up quite nicely thanks to the duration, and in some builds or circumstances the to-hit may serve as a quick-snipe buff as well. As an emergency button it's certainly not bad. One thing: Movement Speeds don't seem affected right now, at least on the combat attributes (felt roughly the same on the jog too): Could it be actually countering outgoing slows instead by accident?
  6. As far as pool attacks go this one's probably the best. No special effect, but other than on a Blaster where it's inferior to a T1 blast (toxic though) it's a pretty solid option for quick and easy DoT at full range.
  7. On Corrosive Vial: Is -def even a thing anymore past level 30-ish? The more I use it the more it feels like anyone can just take two steps out of the patch - unless you absolutely follow up with an immobilize. If it was a 'cloud' that stayed around with the target for a few seconds that would be different, but as is the vial feels like it's lacking something. Not wildly underpowered just, "not quite there" out in the field.
  8. yeah, you'll be out and around the wall by the time it gets there... where all your tripmines are waiting.
  9. Note for users (this isn't a complaint): Toxic Dart is a slow flyer. From longer ranges you can have a second 1s cast shot like Patron Gloom already leaving your hand just as it hits. The Vial leaves a 'patch' under the target in the same style as Glue Arrows but meaner-looking and all bubbly. Radius is a bit small but it dishes out all of its damage relatively fast. Immob/slow procs would add nicely to it when slotting up.
  10. Wait a minute. Toxic Dart offers a 1,07 cast time, a proper 80ft range and the DoT adds up to slightly more over 4.6s than a Soldier's Single Shot would do? You've made a pool attack that isn't trash?!? WOOHOO!
  11. My main is that. I keep starting up alts in hope of more aoe, but end up right back on him anyway. My love of piercing beam knows no bounds.
  12. Novacat

    Ranged Blaster

    One note: Smoke Grenade doesn't aggro so should always be first/pre-battle (before even caltrops or a moving brute). It can even let you bypass some enemies (a lot if you've got stealth rather) and can be chucked into enemy groups from afar while others are getting ready or gathering. It's got a nice long duration anyways so even if you chuck one every 30s while tapping your foot it'll probably last the whole fight once everyone actually gets to work.
  13. Time will offer some better close-range abilities (including a PBAoE -regen blap), an area stun, and some excellent stacks of -regen and -recharge to toss around. Tactical Arrow has no melee whatsoever. But the self-buffs are top-class and its utility/support powers (ESD Arrow, Glue Arrow, Flash Arrow) can really grow into a build if given a few slots. Your starte immobilize is 80ft ranged too. Time's got some stronger direct "screw this target" to it, but Tactical has less "right now, mid-battle" considerations which helps focus on beam rifle a little more.
  14. Munitions really deserves the kind of treatment /Devices itself got. Also we absolutely need IDF Heavy Trooper packs/attacks as a "weapon" option (you'd probably have to forego most backpacks to avoid some serious clipping ... or make good use of it perhaps instead) for this or AR, or at least the council rocket launcher for the LRM. As for what's skippable... Caltrops: It's always useful. But it does lose quite a bit of value if you fly a lot (hover blasting with no blapping in particular) since then what you'd rather have is a stack of tripmines right under your 20ft+ altitude. You know; that spot all the idiots gather under to try and reach you should you drop down... But for ground-focus it's an amazing companion to trip-mines especially for the old "around a corner" minefield trick. Ignite: Skip this one if the very thought of a 4s cast time angers you. Its total damage is higher than most nukes but it can be very clunky to use - try it out and if you like it (it's certainly nasty and consider a knockdown chance in there like the ragnarok set parts so runners are more likely to be floorers). Of course, right after you put a KB>KD'd time-bomb under a blinded EB's feet, that cast time and area suddenly aren't so bad are they... Trip Mine: Skip this one first if you have no intention to set up often, like if you spend a lot of time on faster teams. Time Bomb will be a better situational go-to as it's simply far more powerful. But they're pretty handy things to have if you do have the time to play with them. Time Bomb: If you do plenty of soloing and setting up for fights, Trip Mines make easier kill zones and recharge a lot faster. If you have to pick between the two, It's the one to skip between the two in such a case. Gun Drone: It's not great. But it's also not bad. If you're skipping the bombs because "always on the run", you'll be taking this instead. It'll do its job and in teams it won't die as often. Good amount of recharge can bring duration above recharge time, so you'll have it with you far more often than say some summoned spiderlings. It'll be there, attracting some attention and taking potshots at your foes for a bit more than you'd have done alone. I don't know your particular playstyle but you do, so hopefully that helps narrow things down.
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