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  1. While Blasters do help mostly through improving clear speeds for the group, there's also a good amount of soft control and debuffs going around. With every hit you may be dispensing -Hit, slows, knockdown, -recharge ... it may not be as high a value as on a defender or corruptor's especially when applying -regen and -resist, but there's no denying that it's there. With Tactical Arrow, while it's fairly self-buffing, Flash (usable pre-battle), ESD (area hold + drain) and Glue (slow/caltrop-panic/-recharge) Arrows are particularly debilitating affairs that will do a real number on whatever you're facing.
  2. Having many times the faceplanting rate and risk was the devs own words on the matter. It was why the i24 changes were so heavy (+50% recovery and 225% regen is no small tweak)
  3. Crawling at a fraction of the speed anyone else can with many times the risk and faceplant rate is not 'soloing' in anywhere near the same sense as those other ATs were soloing. And most of that was thanks to IOs, whose defense and resistance bonuses were often larger than what their own powers had to offer.
  4. Good changes overall. The old quick/slow snipes weren't that well executed anyways. Self-contained rather than dependent on a specific, arcane pool-power and IO combination most of the time? Incomparable. And these slow versions are stronger too.
  5. Numbers on bomb and mine seem to be about what the tooltips promise before any slotting. Disintegrate seems to spread even on kill shots once more, so that's fixed. Trips however don't always seem to trigger as toebombs unless the thing's moving.
  6. Back in the day before i24, that was a spurious claim. Blasters could solo just like how I can play when on satellite internet: Technically. I can log in, technically I can get past the character select screen, technically I can run around on the map and do things... just ignore the 750 or so ping and mapserver disconnects if I dare try to team on top of that... A Blaster's ability to solo was nothing compared to basically every other AT - difficulty and time required were magnitudes worse than anybody else. Today it's an entirely different affair. Sustains and crashless nukes both helped here. IO sets helped catch-up a little but they were also helping catapult everyone else to even greater heights. But the i24 changes? What used to be quickly-lethal chipping by minions can now be recovered or shielded-against relatively well. The occasional heavy attack by an AV or GM when you're in a team no longer keeps you in the red until the next one that finishes you off - you might even be near-full again by then. The modern blaster is no Scrapper/Brute, but they can actually do the content by more than the most technical of definitions. Blasters still want to make good use of terrain (if you have trip-mines, ice patches, caltrops or others that corner is your friend), and target priority's certainly a thing; you want to wipe out the mezzers or sappers just like anybody else (and may one-shot a lot of those with your alpha-strike which others may not pull off), vaporize as much of the group as possible, and then take out the hardier higher ranked things with a good attack chain. Still fragile, but manageable nowadays. Portal Jockey for example, I did with AVs rather than elite bosses, all solo, though I had to bring it down to +1/x2 since I wasn't fully IO'd at the time.
  7. Barring maybe Darkness Manipulation's version, Blaster sustains pretty much all ensure that under most circumstances you never need to worry about your blue bar. If you're both toggle-heavy AND AoE heavy AND throwing all those AoEs at an AV for several minutes then MAYBE depending on your enhancement sets you'll need to pop a blue lest you run out... unless of course there's a Sapper obviously. My experience has been that, solo, the Absorb shields are a tiny bit better overall than the Regen versions against low numbers of heavy hitters, in exchange for not filling you back up as quickly between spawns. Really shine in groups with even a quarter-assed healer on the job though. In big farms Drain Psyche's rather spectacular, and the end-redux on Energize is probably the strongest blue-savings in a general sense, but really you may as well pick by theme or secondary effects (such as Frigid's delicious debuffs), they'll all do their job admirably... except for Dark. That one will let you down eventually.
  8. "I am altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further." In related questions, are the beta server's changes indefinitely put on hold pending results of these talks? It's been deathly quiet there after all.
  9. Actually it's dead-standard for Sustains which is why I didn't mention it - they nearly all count as a double Stamina by default (just like the regen types are 225% +regen half of which is enhanceable). Drain Psyche and Energize are the two exceptions for that. You're not wrong. It does provide slightly more than standard regen types - although all Regen-class sustains cause your green bar to visibly replenish over moderate amounts of time that way. With two 50 heal IOs your Cauterizing aura reaches 2.75% healing every 2s, separate-from and in-addition-to any regen you may have (at a strict minimum you have 140% regen from being alive and having Health). If you have nothing other than Portal Jockey, for 105% max health, this means that every 2s you recover 34.794 HP, or basically 17.4/s, plus your base regeneration of 7.38/s. Total 24.774 or thereabouts. A standard +regen type on the other hand with two 50 IOs this way (healing bonuses do affect +regen) will be at 459% regeneration, which for 105% max health is 24.18 HP per second. So Cauterizing Aura's about .5hp/s stronger, but also a tiny bit better at scaling. Just a little though.
  10. Atomic: Metabolic Acceleration: Toggle, Type Regen. 27.7% resist to Hold/Sleep/Stun/Immob. +20% Global Recharge This is a good one. The recharge is a boon, and the resists won't really be all that noticeable but every little bit helps. Darkness: Touch of the Beyond: Click, Type Regen. Inflicts Mag3 fear on a single target and grants the bonuses for 60s to self. Technically grants Defiance 7.7% due to being an activated one. Worst in Slot. Short duration, 1.32s cast time, and its whole special effect is a crappy single target fear that you'll be a bit too busy filling with heal and endmod to properly expand upon. Devices: Field Operative: Toggle, Type Regen. 1.75% Defense(All) and some Stealth. You can always use even just one more slot to fit Luck's global recharge, or scaling resist(all) or some other set global, and while not spectacular it's a mild extra bit of defense on an AT for whom every little scrap needs to be gathered up, and stealth's a handy utility often sought for by Blasters, all packed into a single level 20 pick. Electrical: Force of Thunder: Click, Type Regen. 15ft PBAoE Mag 2 Stun with 50% Knockback chance. A significantly improved click over Darkness; this one helps ensure that things around you get debilitated for your efforts - if only mildly and temporarily. Energy: Energize: Click, Type Regen. 119.2% Endurance Cost Discount replaces +50% Recovery. 10% Heal Another click more worth its time than Darkness'. Energize vastly diminishes costs, and both the regen AND heal components are affected by your heal modules. Make sure you get its recharge times cut by at least half (as if you weren't going to in the first place) though. Fire: Cauterizing Aura: Toggle, Type Heal (base 1.5%), minor fire DoT. A slightly more powerful heal than the regen types far as I understand it (it's not like your .58% health per second base with Health has disappeared), accompanied by a rather small 8ft damage zone. Not that it's bad, but terribly overshadowed by... Ice: Frigid Protection: Toggle, Type TempHP. 30ft Radius -Dmg, Slow, -Recharge. Available at LEVEL 10. One of the top contenders and the true power behind blapping with the Ice secondary. No one in your party will complain about you blanketing clusters of mobs with this. Absorb shields offer better protection than regen types especially vs counter-alphas, but does nothing to recover from large hits far apart (such as the occasional AoEs of an AV) or green in between battles. Overall though, slightly better. Martial: Reaction Time: Toggle, Type TempHP. 30ft Radius Slow, -Recharge. +40% Recharge (Self) A strong one to be sure. Rather than -Dmg to enemies, this one gives you higher recharge speed yourself. That's right. Your Sustain is just over half a perma-haste all on its own. Psychic: Drain Psyche: Click, Type Regen (Variable). 10ft Radius -regen/-recover The original Sustain. Before there was that word, there was Drain Psyche. Shortest duration of all clicky Sustains, but increases in value with every target hit for overwhelming results. Which it is going to need because that 30s duration is up against a 120s recharge time - Energize is easy to perma, but this one's going to need haste first before you start to pull that off. Ninjas: Kuji-in Toh: Click, Type Regen. 8.3 Fear protection, 7% Psi resist. The longest of the clickies. Protects from fear (meh), protects from psionics, and lasts 3.5 minutes so you don't have to click it again every other fight. And despite that, still one of the faster clicky Sustains at 1.19s. Can be Perma out of the box, the duration's 10s more than its base recharge time. Plants: Wild Fortress: Toggle, Type TempHP. confusion protect, 13% toxic resist Well, it's not bad. Again not the most useful of mez protections, but toxic res ain't bad and worst-case scenario you could use one of the slots to fit a Resist global or something. TacArrow: Eagle Eye: Toggle, Type Regen. 20% Accuracy, 60% perception, resistance to debuffs against both those things Well, it's not a targeting drone, but 20% accuracy is 20% accuracy. Nothing spectacular on its own as a Sustain, but this IS the same set that also offers Upshot (Build-Up + 30% recharge) the auto-power Agility (+fly/run speeds and +20% recharge) as well as the Gymnastics (defense, KB/Kup protection, hold/stun/immob 83% resists, jump height up) toggle, so the set as a whole adds up to serious buff-happiness Time: Temporal Healing: Toggle, Type TempHP. Gives -Regen and Slow resists. unimpressive, but like TacArrow, the set as a whole offers more buffs elsewhere to take advantage of (notably Time Lord at 38 here). While under Accelerated (Chronos, its build-up equivalent) there's about 40% more total absorption too. So, depending on what you want to be doing, the best sustains are probably Reaction Time for the toggles, and Drain Psyche for the clicky types.
  11. Water makes the Sentinel shine most, as it exemplifies the differences between it and the other melees can't come close to: massive areas for its damage and effects compared to them, as the Sentinel won't quite make it to their level of single target slaying anyways. However, those same advantages mean that Blaster is what makes Water shine most brilliantly, especially in large groups. Not only does it maximize the size and power of its torrential mass-"arrest" methods (higher target caps for most powers as well), but its even higher recovery rates (and a sentinel's are already pretty good) from a well slotted Sustain ensures those AoEs just keep raining down on your victims as well.
  12. His powers of course come in a rainbow of eye-wrenching.
  13. Well while I did like the old style, it's an old Dr.Who reference. Could use without all the notifications though, guessing I'll be able to turn those off in the options.
  14. Ah, you've redecorated! I don't like it.
  15. The fact that we've all gotten *used* to it (well, many of us - just a few weeks ago I was still seeing questions from people who'd put a whole bunch of accuracy in their snipes and couldn't understand why it still wasn't turning yellow) doesn't mean it was not a poor execution. There were two problems. Targeting Drone lost a lot of value due to accuracy in all those IO damage sets, and blast sets with snipes were generally inferior to those without due to that power itself. The >22% to-hit solution was a first-time first-try in the process of fixing an AT who'd spent more than 20 issues being told "you can't not-suck that would be stepping on anyone else's toes", with more than a little "you're fine, learn to play, devs don't buff them no matter what". And it was a valiant first shot, but it fell short as a solution: Secondaries other than /Devices had snipes because snipes are in the primary, and "everyone needs to 3-slot tactics and get Kismet" is a half-assed cookiecutter of a workaround if we've ever seen one, especially as a fix for the basic mechanics of a power whose basic mechanics were where it was having a problem. With the Fast/Slow baked into the power itself, the snipe is now self-contained. It works on its own. You don't need either a specific secondary OR a specific IO AND A POOL POWER WITH 3 SLOTS DEDICATED TO IT to gain the snipe's basic functionality. Other powers can make it better, much better, but this rectifies a bad early design. And because Targeting Drone had been made the slap-patch for all this, it's becoming a global +recharge to compensate, and STILL is the cheapest easiest way to buff the damage of said snipes. There may - probably even - be better alternatives or solutions. By all means suggest them! And if Dominators need fixes that aren't quite the same as the blasters, that's fine too and maybe they can get those instead! But "it was better for everyone the way it was in its first iteration on i24 beta server when the game shut down" is simply not true. P.S: LRM needs Snipe-treatments badly (and either half the recharge or double the damage since even for an epic it's half the values it should have).
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