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  1. If I donate 100 mil inf to each of you, or whatever it is that you consider "a lot," can you all just get together and make a joint promise to stop this ridiculousness? You're squabbling over rounding errors. It's just sad at this point.
  2. Hi guys, I just got my first warning for having the wrong opinions. Given the nature of how things work around here, good ol' boy forum politics and all, I thought I'd give you all the opportunity to state your official policies on returning donations to players you alienate from your club. I'm willing to forego getting back the hundreds of dollars I've donated to you if I can instead get the data exports of all the characters on my account to move elsewhere. Just let me know which one works better for you. Thanks!
  3. Uhh, you can unslot and email all enhancements in the game. So maybe spend 30 minutes on the market to buy level up gear that you can email to your alts.
  4. And you've done a great job of illustrating my point. I wasn't talking about perma-hasten, I wasn't talking about softcapping anything. I was talking about the most basic IO's in the game. And the fact that it's socially acceptable in COH to act like the most fundamental IO's are anything but, is exactly the player mentality issue I'm referring to. Thank you for being such a solid unwilling guinea pig. This really worked out.
  5. By level 30, you should have your LOTG's, miracle uniques, steadfast/glad armor/shield wall 3%'s slotted, etc. Why would we want to create new systems that further encourage the weakest members of the playerbase to be unable to keep up with their peers?
  6. It's encouraging people to keep slotting vendor trash, rather than encouraging people to learn how to slot and properly build their characters.
  7. Then why are IO's in the game? And more importantly, while I have you here, what is it that you don't like about IO's? Pretty much every argument I've ever heard can be translated to "lalalala I can't hear yooooU." They're too expensive. I don't like doing math. I don't want to do research. I don't want to devote the amount of time and effort necessary to maximize my character, etc. So if player retention is the goal, why should we be catering to the lowest common denominator? There are people like myself and many others who have invested hours, months, years into this game. Shoul
  8. It would probably be in the best interests of the game to simply remove all non-IO's, so we don't have to continue to deal with the portion of the population who aggresively defend their right to never learn the IO system. Either the IO system is a part of the game, or it isn't. The issue is that we have a substantial chunk of the posters here who think it's okay to simply not learn the end game gearing system- In the case of COH, the end game gearing system is the IO system. But the positive side of that is IO's are available as soon as level 10. They have plenty of time to learn.
  9. @ArchVileTerrorIf you have something to add please feel free to chime in. Your passive aggressive "confused" reactions are getting kinda old.
  10. We're playing a game that has Kallisti Wharf completely unpopulated. No street sweeping, no missions, no nothin'. I've been waiting for the Coming Storm to come since 2012. The devs seem hell-bent on spending their time fixing stuff that isn't even broken in the first place. They've already nerfed the majority of my live characters to the point that I don't even want to play them anymore. I guess at this point, I'm just on the ground having enough of all their "improvements" and hoping that they just start to move the game forward...
  11. My point is that the devs are wasting precious development resources on optimizing and improving gray-con throwaway gear. It's a waste of their time and everyone else's. This is a good opportunity to implement more robust IO system tutorials, rather than doing what they're doing. My original point was that we already have a substantial portion of the playerbase who is not using IO's. This is further incentivizing them to not learn how to properly build their characters.
  12. The Paragon Dev's did make this argument, often. They also knew how silly it was. Why give players the means to trivialize your game and then not balance the content around this new level of power?
  13. IO's in COH *are* the end game gear. The game is already laughably easy, with people soloing Incarnate trials and MoTF badges. The reason why the game is so easy? Forum warriors have been spouting out that "gAmE iS BaLaNcED aRoUND SO's" nonsense for years. If IO's shouldn't be in the game, just take them out. To develop content as you're implying with the idea that the best gear in the game doesn't exist, is willful ignorance. And it absolutely blows my mind that such a big portion of the playerbase advocates for never learning how to properly build characters.
  14. I'm linking the lore doc that Sai referenced with the original concept for Photon Seekers. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XroAWgGCTcrqSzP5Ea_OPENsHFDNMkJdWVI-0Nmmnrc/edit Adding a side note: This doc is a great read and has more to offer than just the Photon Seekers concept I referenced. I recommend reading through it in its' entirety if you're a fellow Kheld superfan.
  15. At level 15, you can slot pretty decent generic IO's, making this new "SO Combination" method pretty pointless, right off the bat. I hate to see you guys wasting time and resources on stuff that probably shouldn't even be in the game anymore in the first place. We already have a big problem wherein a substantial amount of the playerbase think that they can play "without IO's." 😏 I've never played an MMO where so much of the community and now, even the development team, would encourage people to run around without gear on.
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