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  1. I did a few runs on my Fire/Rad Corruptor. My build has 32.9% ranged defense to softcap with a small purple, so I usually run one of those. I start timing when I start attacking. Best time is 1:56. Times: 2:16 2:04 1:58 1:56 1:57 Incarnates: Assault Core Embodiment Musculature Radial Paragon Degenerative Radial Flawless Interface Ageless Partial Radial Invocation Attack priority is snipe>blaze>dominate>fireball>flares and then mixing in ROF when the target is a bit below 50% health.
  2. I did not separate them, I just killed him three times fast. This was on an earlier version of my build, you're making me want to try again. >:) (editing to add that this was a while ago, so my memory is a little fuzzy. I may have separated him the more I think about it.) I do not remember how fast I did it with my Warshade. Everything pre-snap is a blur. I don't believe it was a Mo when I did it either, pretty sure I croaked at least once. Very possible! What was your PB time?
  3. Great job, dude! However, let the record show I did the same thing only ~an hour quicker with my Peacebringer. 😎
  4. Really helpful builds and rundowns in here. This can be a great resource not only for players who are learning the AT, but also for players who have been playing it for a fair bit and could use some additional optimization that they might not even know about. You should consider changing the format into a build philosophy guide with examples.
  5. It should be doable. I did 54x8 Carnies on my human warshade before the snap. Having positional defense and leveraging stuns were the keys to succeeding at the time. With a procced out PPM build I imagine that it'll be a fair bit easier.
  6. Heh, that Master Illusionist was a pain. She was phasing and debuffing my tohit, so when she wasn't phased I would miss. 🤣
  7. This is a compilation of my Peacebringer soloing 54x8 Carnies and Arachnos. I tried to show some of the harder fights without making it too dull. Feel free to let me know how I did. 😄 I use a tri-form build with a human form ST chain and 32.5% s/l defense in all forms. (I also get to 45% s/l defense with toggles turned on for AV fights.) I cleared the entire Arachnos mission and died once. The Carnie map I got maybe half way through. The fights got pretty tedious, but it was definitely doable.
  8. This was a great time too. LOL at Dechs rocking out at 0:46. I don't think I saw my Warshade once, but at least I got credit for leading 😅
  9. I am playing an Illusion/Cold/Primal Force Troller and I noticed that my Ice and Glacial shields are giving my targets the same amount of defense, with or without power boost active. According to Mids, this should not be the case. I tested group invisibility as well and power boost seems to work as I expected with that, so it's only my ally shields that are experiencing the issue. I am not sure if this is working as intended or not, but just wanted to post about it in case it's not.
  10. Just wanted to chime in to say I am also having this issue with Quasar only.
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