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  1. I read that as "Skanks," and... well... never mind.
  2. I'm in favor of nice racks, so this is good news.
  3. Dinosaurs have survived on earth and do still survive today. There are more species of dinosaur alive today than there are species of mammals. We call them birds. And, evolution never stops. It can't.
  4. Never have I ever: Danced under Atlas in my skivvies while singing "Mother Machree" in my SG's Discord channel.
  5. Well, I have been a semi-professional bad influence since 1961.
  6. Well, one could argue that it's a hazard zone, and so you should be expecting to get zapped wherever you are.
  7. Honestly, I can think of a lot of different things I'd rather see the Homecoming team focus on.
  8. 'Twas ever thus, Brax, You and I both remember very similar discussions on the original forums.
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