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  1. Well, one could argue that it's a hazard zone, and so you should be expecting to get zapped wherever you are.
  2. Honestly, I can think of a lot of different things I'd rather see the Homecoming team focus on.
  3. 'Twas ever thus, Brax, You and I both remember very similar discussions on the original forums.
  4. It should be "Jen Jensen," so the candidate could walk around the streets repeating:
  5. This of course applies to life in general.
  6. Well, for an antipode, sure. 😉
  7. Squirrely Dan's cousin would like a word.
  8. I never run out of gag costume ideas. My main, PSLAnimal, was notorious back in the day on server events for his 1970s powder-blue leisure suit. And, at the recurring Talos Island beach parties, he always wore a pink Speedo. I could easily fill up another dozen costume slots.
  9. Damn right. Nine months back from October is January. Lots of long, dark winter nights, you know?
  10. I'm always in favor of cleavage. 😉
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