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  1. My general philosophy is similar to Konru's but with some differences: Maneuver's is always better than Assault for entry. It gives Defense which is always useful to stack on a Team so it's the most bang for the buck. Assault is generally a filler power. I'll take it if I've got room but he overall effect isn't that great so it's a case of I'll take it if I have room. In general I take it on characters who don't need Tactics. Tactics is very binary, it's either brilliant or useless. In general I think it's worth having at least one To Hit and Perception buffing power on most characters so my general rule of thumb is to take Tactics if I don't already have a power like that in my primary/secondary/epic sets. There are some exceptions (such as Earth Control) where defense debuffs and a kismet IO are good enough but in general it's worth considering tactics. Vengeance I like because it can take a LotG Recharge IO. So basically I view it as a passive 7.5% Recharge power that can occasionally provide a buff if someone dies. Victory Rush I don't really care for. The uptime is low and there's plenty of other ways to deal with endurance management. So in general my priority order for Leadership powers is: Maneuvers Tactics or Assault Vengeance Assault (if I didn't take it earlier)
  2. No. The sets that have PBAoE debuffs are balanced around that fact. They are support sets that are designed to move into melee range to apply thier debuffs. For example consider Time's Juncture. Yes, you have to move into melee range but Time gives you the tools to survive doing that, Farsight buffs your Defense, Time's Juncture debuffs enemies To Hit and Damage and Temporal Mending allows you to heal any damage you do take.
  3. I'm not sure how serious you're being here but canonically all of the CoT humans are regular people who were kidnapped and had their soul replaced by one of the ancient Oranbegans.
  4. That was a bug on live as well IIRC, it happens on a few other outdoor maps as well.
  5. It's a pity I don't really do RP because one of my characters would be an excellent fit here. Part of his backstory is that Paragon University tends to palm some of the less capable grad students off on him in order to get them (and him) out of the way.
  6. In general RP affects my power set choices but not my specific build. As an example I wanted a character who was an elemental mage so between the three power sets (Primary, Secondary and Epic) I wanted one Fire, one Earth and one Ice/Water/Wind. I ended up settling on a Earth/Fire/Ice Dominator but I considered other options such as a Earth/Storm/Fire Controller instead.
  7. Or just email some inf form your main and buy the Pocket D teleport power.
  8. A base teleport to Cimerora would be nice. Although as Shinobu says using LFG is a decent option.
  9. Really? From what I recall the mobs in WoW all felt very samey. Now admittedly I only really played during WotLK where it was all skeletons all the time but even the old world zones seemed to have a relative small number of enemy types (murlocs, bandits and kobolds in various colors being the most common with a few varieties of animals).
  10. Wait... OSR is the second most popular MMO in the world? I did not realize that.
  11. Complaints department? ;) That seem risky. I figure some heroes would probably attack it just on principle. Plus would you want to have to deal with a marauding villain complaining that his coffee maker malfunctioned?
  12. Isn't every one of them who's not named Vanessa DeVore either a mind slave or a corpse puppet? The men are but I think the women have at least some free will although Vanessa can influence them.
  13. Well for Citadel TF the first two missions ALWAYS use the same door. It's a weird bug that's been around forever.
  14. You can do that quite well with a Crab Spider. You get three Spiderlings, two Disruptor Bots and, assuming you take mace mastery, a Blaster Bot
  15. Yeah they happen but IMHO they aren't that interesting anymore. Power creep means that you spend more time gathering players and prepping for the fight than you do actually fighting. The actual fight is over in a few minutes. So while it's good in terms of rewards/time I don't find it that enjoyable.
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