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  1. I actually have a toon with the Rapid Response badge but wasn't granted the base teleport temp power - I'm wondering if it's broken?
  2. Makes sense, maybe some crafty clever people will make some kind of tool to help with the conversion to a more 3D print-optimized model . . . I imagine there could be more you could do with models like that besides 3D printing. *shrugs* Though I don't really know what I'm talking about lol
  3. I have no idea what kind of work would be required, but is anyone able to 3D print miniatures of player characters? I would love to have a physical representation of some of my characters.
  4. Just experienced this myself, then get a "user already logged" message when I try to log back in
  5. Also bummed I missed the opportunity to donate - looking forward to being able to in the future.
  6. Definitely encountered the same dilemma. My main on Infinity was actually a character I created as an homage to a friend who committed suicide. I decided not to recreate that character as I think recreating it would be a disservice in a way . . . hard to explain. I may recreate other old toons, but not that one.
  7. Think I was @Fugue back then too, on Infinity I mostly played as: Scout Lanpheare (lvl40) - Emp/Elec Defender Jane Troy - Ill/FF Troller Freedom Inc. - Fire/Mace Tank Knight Reign - Eng/Eng Blaster Lao Tsu - Archery/Eng Blaster I'm stoked because I found my old Toon/Server list in my email the other day :)
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