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  1. One could argue that their damage scale is actually just 1 by the sheer fact that all of their attacks apply a -%5 RES debuff by default. They also get the -20% RES on either their offensive or defensive opportunity. So, in some situations, it's much closer to base blaster damage, when only talking about ranged ST. Of course, blasters get defiance on top of that sooo yeah. That's interesting to know about the banning of inspiration usage on the runs, but that makes sense. Still, the fact there's no valid time for Sents leads me to think it's a lack of will to do so wi
  2. MoITF's are a silly metric to go by anyway, for various reasons. They really only show off just how powerful things like Incarnate Destiny powers are and, of course, inspirations themselves. (Of course, people are going to have stacks of inspirations waiting in their emails, ready to be used.) The more you can squeeze into the time-frame of inspirations and destiny powers, they more powerful they become. A 4 person team can easily have 2 Barriers, 1 Clarion, and either an Ageless or Rebirth. That's basically like having a pocket empathy defender.. but -better-! And, I'm sure that peopl
  3. Being able to immediately get the SG buffs with a portable bench or what-not might be a little too.. good. Certainly be -nice- for sure. But we'd certainly wouldn't want these buffs to be necessary for everyone to have. Not that people need them now, but, if it was ridiculous easy to get them, then everyone will feel like they -should- have them. Perhaps, what would be better solution, would be to just allow them to stack for more then one hour at a time. Least then, you can get a bunch of them for a full play session and be on your way. There's some other stuff I'd lik
  4. I'm done for more badges and challenges to spice things up for sure. Technically, this 'Grandmaster of...' badge idea doesn't preclude anyone from being able to obtain any of them. It's just extra hard to do so. It's not really any different then some of the harder badges to get in iTrials and such. 'Really Hard Way' comes to mind or some of the Keyes Badges. Or the Damage badges on a non-damage AT, etc.
  5. Here's a similar suggestion that I had not too long ago along the same vein with the idea of including extra taunt in one version of it.
  6. In fact, and I've mentioned this before, but the only major out-liner of the ST attacks in Super Strength is Jab. Which you can fortunately skip on Brutes but not on Tankers. 😕 Punch is comparable to Stone Fist Haymaker is comparable to Stone Mallet I'd argue, on a high-end build with plenty of recharge, this doesn't make that much of a difference (That you're missing a similar power like Heavy Mallet) because you're swapping in the all-mighty Foot Stomp and possibly other epic powers during your rotations. But, in the low-end and leveling, yeah, that sucks not
  7. In fact, you never ever need the pop-up tray in the first place. You can pretty much turn it off by default, if you wanted too. As soon as you turn on one of these travel powers with an extra pop-up tray power, the extra power shows up in your normal power listing to drag to any of your regular trays. One thing that might be neat though, is if the pop-tray could be it's own un-dockable tray that you could place anywhere.
  8. I think this is a feature that CO had, if I recall right and that would be nice. Just as long as it 1.) Put you in the same spot in the new zone and 2.) Could not be used while in combat and/or didn't work in PVP zones, that be fine. Yeah, I could see that being problematic for sure. Although, I think this is another feature that CO had but I'm not 100% sure, it's been so long since I looked at that game. My intention would be that Broadcast would be updated so that it mentions which zone the person is in. That way, there would be (Hopefully) no mistake which particular
  9. You are, in-fact, correct on from what you were told. Below is a link of how Threat works in CoH. The 'AT Mod' directly affects how much threat you generate. So, anything that reduces your Threat level directly reduces how much Threat you create when you when either attack and/or Taunt. Generally though, the sheer strength of Taunt Duration * 1000 will over-power pretty much most threat mobs have that was generated by pure damage/debuffing alone. (But not always. As far as the formula works, Taunt is basically simulating a lot of damage.) But yes, the new Stealth and any powe
  10. Ahhh, hmmmm... so, it's not directly related to MSRs but just that people don't understand the multiple zones mechanic of the game. You know, come to think about it, it be really -really- nice if they did something like the following: There is already a little circle icon that shows up in the zone list when you have a mission in a particular zone. It be really -great- if they could, somehow highlight/bold/icon which zone your teammates are in. Like bring the Zone X to the top of the list when your teammates are in it and highlight it green or something. One ot
  11. If at all possible, I'd like a new switch/command for Powexeclocation: TargetOrMax So, for example: Powexeclocation TargetOrMax Combat Teleport What this would do is either: 1.) Set the power location at the feet of the Target 2.) Or, if the target isn't in range, sets the location of the power at the max distance allowable -in- the direction of the direction of the target. This would be really handy for something like Combat Teleport so that you can easily hit one bind/macro to easily hop a larger distance to far away target.
  12. It is also a bit of an issue on Everlasting too as we just run the zone version of the MSR as well. Two every night. And they're always run in RWZ1. Since we have them at the same times, people collect well before they're suppose to start and the people whom are in RWZ1, but not for the raid, usually aren't very many and typically filter out. So, we don't usually have too many problems with people not being able to get in but it does happen. Also, we usually consider a raid full with 7 people on each team so more people can filter in during the start phase. That all bei
  13. First of all, I'd like to thank the Devs for all of their hard work, sweat, and tears that they pump into getting us free (awesome) patches to Cities after all of these years. Thank you! 😀 Spirit Ward: Looking at the last changes I see on the closed beta test server from today, I still think that .39 End/s is a bit too high. After all, Assault/Maneuvers/Tactics all buff both you and your whole team. Spirit Ward only buffs one person. It would be nice if it buffed you, somehow, for .39 End/s along with your target. Or more of the team, maybe. And .39 End/s is alre
  14. I agree that taunting doesn't necessarily fit Sentinels either. On the other hand, I don't see a reason that they shouldn't be able to -IF- they wanted too. Things can only be more fun and interesting if the options are there. There is already Provoke and it's single target version in the same pool. It's obviously there for people to grab if they desire. If someone wanted to simulate Punchvoke with either procs that give taunt or, as I suggested in another thread, an Incarnate Interface that does something similar then why not? It wouldn't effect you and your Sentinels, or Def
  15. This is what I suggested in another similar thread. Make Haymaker the T1 power, everyone wants Haymaker. Make Punch the T2 power so it's skippable. Move Jab in Haymaker's spot, make it a small AOE like Crosspunch. I'm sure someone can make a decent attack chain based on those with everything else in the set. This gives it an low-end AOE power that doesn't add too much to SS in the high-end since Foot Stomp is already pretty good. Buffing Hurl doesn't really make much sense. It's already one of the better ranged single-target attack powers that melee charact
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