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  1. Only a small handful. Especially outside of iTrials. The COT Succubus are the only ones that come to mind outside the trials.
  2. @Captain Powerhouse Has stated that he wants the Sentinel to be more comparable to scrappers; make them into the 'ranaged scrapper'. I'd argue that, with their current numbers, that Sentinels are pretty well balanced.. when we're talking about them attacking purely from range. So, with any tweaking we'd give them, it can't be too much if it's a across-the-board damage tweak. And, if the buff is too small, people will still complain that X AT will still be better then Sentinels during blah blah blah... So, this quote gave me an idea. Why don't we play into the whole Risk VS. Reward system of range vs. melee? The Sentinel Aura "While the Sentinel can attack from range, as enemies draw closer, Sentinels are able to easily find and exploit weaknesses in their enemies, creating opportunities to do more damage to their foes. Especially when they continue to hammer on upon those weaknesses. Moreover, either through super-natural, magical, or technological means; the Sentinel is never truly blind and will always be able to sense their foes, at least, within melee range." So, what would this power do? I'll start with the last part first. If I recall right, Captain Powerhouse mentioned, at one point, making Sentinels sorta Anti-Stalkers. The idea here then is for Sentinels to have a minimum Perception range to be within melee range. So, they could see a Stalker coming up to AS them, but couldn't stop them from doing so. It still be a surprise attack. Also, things like multiple stacking smoke grenades wouldn't completely blind them. Handy, but not too over-powered. They may not be able to see the target they were attacking but, they can duck into melee range to continue attacking. (Could they share this ability with their teammates? A further idea) What would the rest of the power do? It's be a near-melee range aura power. (Range being anywhere between 10 to 20 feet?) It grants a power (Sentinel Proc, lets say) to every foe within it's range. The proc's duration is 2-3 seconds and gets refreshed by the aura. The Sentinel Proc then grants the Sentinel buffs based upon the rank of the mob. (Like Victory Rush) These buffs can only stack up to X times on you, which easily caps the maximum effectiveness of them. (I'm thinking 4 for minions and lower, 3 for Lts, 2 for Bosses/EBs and 1 for AVs ) The general idea is that they grant damage buffs to the Sentinel but could also be anything else really. Moreover, when you hit enemies with ST attacks whom have the Sentinel Proc on them, you can exploit their weaknesses to do more damage. For LTs and lower. this becomes a high random chance to do extra damage on them, a critical basically. For Bosses and higher, this creates a stacking -Res debuff along with a chance to do extra damage. (Probably not as high of a chance as the one with LT's and lower.) This power can only stack X times on any particular mob. Exploiting the weakness of your enemies tends to tick them off. (Minor taunt, nothing huge that a brute/tanker couldn't out generate.) I might also suggest that ST attacks can grant the Sentinel Proc regardless if they're within range of the Sentinel Aura. That way, their next ST attack can grant the chance for the opportunity along with getting the base damage buff. ST attacks will refresh the Sentinel Proc's duration along with refreshing the damage buff you get from that one mob. This kind of system would reward you for taking on more risk. Getting into melee range either accidentally or purposely gives you a decent all around damage boost up-front (Scaling to the rank and number of mobs around you) and sets up for immediate opportunities for damage boosting exploits on your Single Target attacks. Sentinel Single Target attacks themselves can also setup for opportunities but, you only get a chance for the opportunity on the next attack. This would further enforce them being a kind of anti-Stalker. They'd be pretty good at landing a heavy barrage of steady damage against a single target, just not in burst and regardless if you're in near-melee range or not. They'd keep about the same damage at far-range as they have now where they are more balanced currently, while getting more damage in the melee-range where they're lacking in the defense department in comparison to the other more tankish ATs. Higher risk, higher reward.
  3. There is actually a Bug Fix for this in the Beta, whoo
  4. (The actual order you get the powers means absolutely jack in this context.) You skipped over this bit at the end. The context being your attack chain itself. The order and their strength doesn't really matter once you get them all. Just because Jab is bad doesn't mean that Punch and Haymaker are also bad. I'm pointing out that people keep assuming that Punch and Haymaker were also reduced in comparison to other sets, which isn't true. As you pointed out yourself, plenty of melee sets have 4 and 8 second powers. SS has these, it just doesn't have a 12 second cooldown power which Jab basically has taken the spot in the set. Once you get into a decent high-end build, Foot Stomp basically fills in for that 12 second cooldown power, to a decent degree, as it does 2/3rds the damage and the cast time is fast enough. That is the context. Otherwise, I'm in complete agreement with you that the actual order of the powers, and the fact that Jab is just a complete waste of a power slot, makes a huuuge difference in leveling, especially for Tankers. Forcing you to take the worthless power and pushing the others back. Still, what you suggest doing to all 3 of the base ST powers, would certainly mean that they'd have to remove Rage stacking all together and just make it build-up. I'm not technically against that myself and I agree with Captain Citadel that it's annoying needing to have a power that you always need to have running just to be on-par. I'm guessing the previous Devs realized this which is why many of the newer sets have combo abilities instead. As for Hand Clap.. well, Fault. Functionally, these are very similar powers. In actual use, Fault is clearly better. But, if you're going to suggest that Hand Clap needs damage then we might as well be doing the same for Fault. After all, Stone Melee has one AOE power and it's worse then Foot Stomp and the set only has Build Up. Now, I certainly feel like both sets can use more AOE for sure but, even if Rage didn't stack, I wouldn't say that's the reason to add more AOE. Even with a single stack of Rage, SS w/Foot Stomp is still a mile ahead of a set like Stone Melee in terms of AOE ability. Lets also note that SS and Stone Melee aren't the only sets with only 1 AOE power or poor AOE ability, so they are not necessarily out-liners. But, if they did give damage to Hand Clap, that would be great. I'm not really against that, it's just that I would personally find it better if they gave the extra AOE damage to Hurl. I'm far more lightly to take that over Hand Clap because having at least one ranged attack power is handy and it gives you one more place to slot a purple set. Technically, you can say the same for Hand Clap, but then you're wanting to try and cram both stun and damage into it. But, I guess in the end, it's technically a toss-up.
  5. The problem with this idea, which I've mentioned this waaaay back in the other Rage thread back in the suggestion forum, is that it makes people believe that Jab/Punch/Haymaker are all under-performing. I keep seeing this particular line repeated from one poster after another poster. They're not. Both Punch and Haymaker are basically the EXACT same powers as Stone Fist and Stone Mallet with a slight reduction in DPA compared to those two powers. And, in my humble opinion, the DPA difference is slight enough to not even matter in the grand scheme of things. So, the only power in the whole set that one could legitimately claim as an under-preforming power compared to Stone Melee is Jab. Jab competes with Heavy Mallet. (The actual order you get the powers means absolutely jack in this context.) All of the rest of the powers are.. functionally the same! Knockout Blow does have a 5 second longer cooldown and lower DPA, true. However, you get Foot Stomp (Awesome) as opposed to Tremor (Definitely not as good). We've already discussed the issue with being forced to take the T1 powers and Captain Powerhouse has already mentioned they're going to revisit that problem down the road with hopefully a better solution. Honestly, the only thing I could see them do is buff Jab to make it better but then, they'd probably have to make Rage not stack. People would definitely not agree on that from what I can see. Brutes can skip Jab, so they'd certainly take up pitchforks about that. The only thing I feel like they could do to make SS better without a major re-work (And lots of whining) would be to give Hurl (And Hurl Boulder for that matter) some token splash damage. THe idea being that the rock you just tossed explodes into pieces and hits nearby mobs. The Cast Time on both of those powers is long enough that I wouldn't consider using it regularly but, it could be nice as an opener. They would still be ranged powers, but act like Targetted AOEs with the targeted mob getting the full damage.
  6. I 110% agree with this! Sentinels with a half-way decent build can face-tank and be quite effective at eating a mob's alpha. The reasoning is two fold. Being ranged attackers, they can open up from range, so they won't see the heavier attacks, usually. Not only that but they can open up with AIM + T9s + Regular AOEs and remove a decent chunk of the spawn pretty much at the start. After that a Tanker/Brute coming in and using their AOEs will take the aggro right off you since everything they have has Taunt. Sentinels can do this on nearly every spawn due to their faster recharging T9. While you can make Blasters/Corruptors/Etc. that can perhaps do this sometimes, (Or most of the time) it's certainly not as as easy/cheap and typically shoe-horns you into specific builds, powers, and concepts that people might not want. On the other hand, Sentinels can pretty much do this out-of-the box and only get better at it as time goes on.
  7. You're definitely going to find a lot of different opinions here, which is good, that means that the various sets are.. fairly well balanced in relation to each other, which is definitely a good thing. My personal vote goes to /EA but I'm probably a little bias. The good thing about /EA and /Ninjitsu is that the last two powers in the set are pretty/fairly skippable, although Blinding Power has better utility then Power Drain. By the time you're 50, with a good build, END is usually not an issue anymore but, a -tohit debuff is never a bad thing to use. /SR you pretty much want to take everything besides Elude, so that's one extra power. /SR does have better DDR slotted. (/EA has about 2/3rds of /SRs DDR, which is still pretty good) But /EA gives you get a pretty good heal, which is also an END discount power, and gives a decent amount of regen. Which, with enough +recharge, can be perma. /EA also gives you a 20% HP boost in Power Armor. (enhanceable up to 30%) You can reach the HP Cap of Sentinels on /EA with accolades and set bonuses. If it helps, I regularly just face-tank with mine. Really, /EA offers most of what /SR and /Nin gives you but with some extra layers of protection, like HP and Regen. It's 'hole' of toxic and psi damage can be plugged decently and you can either reach, or nearly reach soft cap on it fairly well. It's power FX can also cover a fairly wide range of concept ideas too, when you think about it.
  8. With enough recharge, 3 ST blasts can work just fine. Usually you'll have other things to sling within the 'gaps' like your AOEs/AIM/what-have-you. Ice Armor can have tons of recharge due to be a Def set. Frost Breath will pretty much fill any 'gap' you have. Also, Bitter Freeze Ray has the same problem as Focus Power Bolt: DPA, although it's not quite as bad. In nearly the same time you can cast Bitter Freezy Ray, you can use 2 of the ST powers and do more damage, along with still having a hold. Sentinels can also get away without having the extra holds more then a Blaster can, for instance. Even then, I avoided Bitter Freeze Ray on my blaster, although, that's partially because she has Char as a second hold, which is much faster to cast. Also, my general opinion on Ice Armor (Although, this is just looking at the powers in Mids and no actual experience with the set in-game. Take with a grain of salt) is that it's too back-loaded. It reminds me, somewhat, of /Stone Armor (Which I have played quite a bit). It just seems like too much stuff is put into Icy Bastion and not the rest of the set and it's not a toggle, like Granite is. The other thing I don't really like is just how +HP boosts that it has. It looks like you can hit the Sentinel HP cap within the set itself! No accolades, no set bonuses needed. (You can make Hoarfrost perma, from the looks of it.) Which you might be wondering how I can consider that 'bad'..? It's not, it's really good actually but, HP buffs like accolades and set bonuses basically become wasted and there's tons of sets that have HP set bonuses in their 2 bonus... So, you're either trying to avoid them, which is hard, or they're just wasted. So, I feel like some of that built-in HP boost could be exchanged for some other defensive layer.
  9. Mine has a very similar issue. I've made mine un-docked for the longest time and it seems when I zone into.. newer maps, the Inspiration tray shift position. Major zones and older maps the tray stays where it's suppose too but, loading into the DFB or signature story arch maps, it'll reset to a different position on the screen.
  10. I'll just add my own 2 cents and say that I don't particularly care for the inherent as-is, either. The -20% is nice but the rest of it is pretty meh? And, I agree, doesn't really fit with the theme of the Sentinel AT, in my opinion. I like what you've suggested and, while I feel like the damage of Sentinels is okay, I certainly wouldn't mind a minor damage buff. Especially with Tankers getting one too. My experience in teams makes me feel like their T9s are about where they should be, but the rest of their damage could use a buff; singles and regular AOEs. My thinking would be when their damage scalar is increased, their T9s would be lowered in damage to match current damage output, but their Cooldown and/or END cost would be reduced in compensation. Decreasing the cooldown on AIM to match the cooldown reduction would be a great bonus, if that were to happen. I do hope that you partially reconsider your thoughts on your last comment of them not being considered an off-tank. In my opinion, 'ranged scrapper' is kinda.. more boring? And less exciting? Having some other tool to bring into a team would certainly be nice besides just being a 'ranged scrapper'. And, the whole spotter/lookout is kinda similar to that function? Don't you think? Really, the only thing I'd ask for, which others have mentioned in the thread (As you've picked up on), is some token taunt on the single-target attacks. Ideally, it be less mag then what Brutes and Tankers get. We could then peel mobs off the squisher ATs but wouldn't be able to out-taunt the Brutes and Tankers on a team if they've already tagged a mob. This would also slightly off-set their advantage of being ranged defense, which I feel like is something that should be done to make them slightly more balanced. Also, I feel like I should be able to immediately get the attention of a mob off a blaster regardless of how much damage that blaster has done. After all, we're Sentinels! The name implies that we're there to protect, if needed.
  11. The Psi hole on /EA can be capped off a bit easily enough with some choice set bonuses and a few Impervium Armor IOs, if you so choose, so it's not really that big of a deal. My /EA currently has over +30 Resistance across the board. Along with over 40% Def on everything but Negative and Psi. /EA also gets the 20% recharge bonus in Entropy Shield too, along with a very good HP boost in Power Armor. You can readily hit the Sentinel HP cap on /EA with HP set bonuses and accolades, if you so choose. /Elec does certainly have better END/REC debuff resistance though and it has that neat regen toggle. The one thing that irks me about /Elec Armor is that quite a bit of the Energy resistance it gives is wasted since it easily blows past the resistance cap. Over-all, I'd give /EA a slight edge since you can readily soft-cap it or get close without too much of an since. Good Type Defense set bonuses are everywhere. If you really wanted to go with a resistance based set, my pick would be /Rad
  12. Leandro, I want to thank you for all the hard work and time you pump into this game. It astounds me how much has been added/tweaked/fixed over the years. Many things that people thought was impossible. So, thank you and the rest of the Devs that have sunk so much effort and time into making Cities absolutely amazing and even better then what it was when it was live. With that said, back to the topic. I have to admit, having an instanced version of the Rikti raid can definitely fix a lot of the issues with the MSR, in general and I feel that this is a nice option to have. That being said, I'll echo what some of the others have already mentioned in that this might reduce the social fun aspect of the raid slightly. As far as I know, we don't really have any grievers on Everlasting and, many times, raid leaders will advertise to take anyone of any level. Or, at least, down to level 25. I feel, as long as the zone version sticks around, for now, then raiders can just pick what version they want to run. Either the instanced version (Which also will be handy for SGs to run their own private raids, if they so want.) or run the zone version, if there's a heavy demand and an over-flow league forms along side. Ultimately, I'd hope that the instanced version gets.. updated a little bit to be more.. fun and engaging? By this time, it has gotten a bit stale. With it being instanced, objectives could be added with more tailored rewards and such. Here's what I'd think would be really cool: Phase 1 being the pylon's still. Maybe switch them to being in a circle around the mothership. (Instanced map could be made smaller with a temporary field hospital at the closest Vanguard base.) After all, there isn't much logic to how the pylons keep the shield up when they're willy-nilly all over. Have the pylons guarded by Rikti mobs and then, have a timer to get them all down. Once the pylons are all down, the main shield drops and the wing sections are open for assault. Have a smaller shield still protecting the bowl. Thus, the next objective is to plant bombs... all the bombs! After all, what's the point to having the three sections of the ship be bombable if you can only ever plant 6, right? While this is happening, Rikti are madly teleporting in like they do during Rikti raids in normal zones. Although, speed up the teleporting time? ALSO, the drop-ship could be circling over-head! Randomly zapping people to add to the chaos! So, you'll have to deal with that too! Rikti could also be jumping off the big taller sections of the ship to ambush teams. Only once all of the bombs have been planted would the smaller shield protecting the bowl drop and U'Kon Gr'ai and his large mob would be there waiting for you. Although, this one could be tougher! Give him a few level shifts like Tyrant in the MAG trial, you'll definitely con grey to him then! 😁 Have a few Rikti machines/devices buffing him that you have to deal with around the edge of the bowl with some interesting mechanics. Like those Rikti generators from the Lady Grey TF? Basically, he'd be buffed like Lord Recluse. Once you defeat him, the raid ends and you get some final rewards. Something like that!
  13. I honestly wonder how difficult of a coding change this would be to allow people to have 2 power picks from their secondary at the start because, in my humble opinion, I don't really see much of a reason for this is exist anymore. I recall.. I think it was Back Alley Brawler? Mentioned that the main reason for this limitation was to make sure that someone didn't skip a key power of their secondary, but that was absolutely years ago. Lots of things have changed since then. I'm going to go on a limb and say that today's players are probably a little more intelligent but, if not, it's not like you don't end up getting a bunch of respecs anyway as you level up and alternate builds to play with. It's even easier to level up a new character then ever before if you make a huge build/character mistake. So, I don't really see much of a reason why we should be forced into taking the T1 secondary power anymore. Just changing this would give people more build freedom in general and allow builds across ATs to be more similar too. ..And, you know, think about all those poor poor Energy/Energy blasters whom have to take Power Thrust when they have a perfectly better option in their primary: Power Push What about them? 😉
  14. The unfortunate answer is that neither power can fear nor stun lieutenants on their own. Each power only places a Mag 2 non-stacking control on mobs and lieutenants generally require Mag 3 controls on them. So, by design, they only work on minions or below. That being said, there may be some groups of enemies that are weak to either fear or stuns in which they will work on LTs, but that's few and far between. This is kinda bad for Sentinels since they can typically get rid of minions in short order with their fast recharging T9 nukes. Still, they can save your bacon if you're up against a horde of mobs. Cloak of Fear is run by END like most typical toggles although it costs as much END/s as a damage toggle. Oppressive Gloom basically costs nothing for END but, instead, uses HP to power it. I would say the decision between which to pick and use depends highly on your build and situation and play-style. If you don't have END problems too much then I'd say Cloak of Fear as you can just toggle it on and not worry about it too much, but it's not quite as effective as Oppressive Gloom.
  15. That's pretty much my experiences with my /EA verse toxic damage. I've been able to go through the Rikti pylon section of the Apex trial without dying a number of times. That being said /Ninjutsu does look pretty great number-wise. I do not have one, but my experience suggests it should certainly be pretty close between the two sets. That being said, Power Armor now has a pretty great HP buff in it which /Ninjutsu does not have.
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