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  1. Yeah, I actually have a very similar story to Ankhammon's. Just the other day, I was running TFs with a stream and a few of their friends. The last one we ended up running was a Synapse. Fortunately, I had grabbed some P2W amplifiers because 'Ugh, synapse..'. Anyway, as a challenge, we started it on +3, oh boy..! The Tanker was a Willpower/ whom was in their high 40's and, as far as I could see, was either on SOs or Generic IOs, from what I could recall looking at their info. Fortunately, they were a really smart tank and learned quickly just to corner pull and dump mobs onto
  2. Having just leveled up a Time/Rad/Soul Defender; I have to say, I'm pretty happy with the combination. Power Boosted Farsight that doesn't drop during the few times you might get mezzed? Yes please! Stacking the +Def uniques plus one or two +DEF (all) powers to hit that sweet sweet soft-cap against.. everything?! Ohhhhh yessss... pleeeeease and thank you! Heal yourself with Temporal Mending and an awesome recharge and recovery boost from Chrono Shift? I'll take that too! Time's Juncture that doesn't push people out of the debuff field like Hurricane? In
  3. Having read Powerhouses previous thoughts on the subject, I feel that their shouldn't be some global way to shut it off without giving Knockback some additional helpful mechanic first. The best solution, I feel, would be to give knockback an additional tick of damage dependent upon the magnitude of the KB. The mob would take that tick of damage upon landing. It's pretty similar to how CO has it, really. That way, slotting knockback enhancements would actually increase the amount of damage the power does, up to a point, along with flinging them further away. That way,
  4. I have to agree. I'm not saying the Llewellyn Blackwell said isn't true or anything... but all this brings really brings up is another balance issue. If a set like Dark Melee, which has tons of secondary effects attached to it, can be built to be a top DPS scrapper, that's kiiiinda an issue in it's own right, isn't it? After it, it has tons of -tohit, a self-heal, an END buff attack, an immobilize built into one of it's powers, a Damage buff power that lasts 3x as long as a standard build up, and a fear power. Dark Melee is suppose to be a utility set. Not a top-end DPS set.
  5. My favorite thing is that they feel powerful and versatile like my melee characters, but have fewer annoyances/limitations. While, at the same time, doing a decent chunk of damage still. Can blasters out-damage them? Sure, of course they can. But they don't necessarily feel as powerful while doing it. Why? Because they're just not at the same level of survivability as your normal blaster. Only with very specific builds can you get somewhat close to Sentinel-level survivability. And, that's just not good enough for me. Especially after playing melee characters for a while.
  6. Here's an odd-ball build that I've poked at on and off. No means finalized as the build order is -quite- out of whack. I hadn't actually played a Dark/ anything before so I was just grabbing things in Mids and slotting them as I go before tweaking them. However, I did eventually did make a test character on the beta server and was able to do +4/x8 missions on him well enough. Definitely needs tweaking/work though. The concept is a ghost character that basically lays down tons of Fear. Leaving whole mobs stuck and shaking in their boots through the stacking of Invoke Panic, Clo
  7. Thanks Homecoming teem for all your hard work! Really appreciate it! 😄 Hopefully, OVH gives you some discount for the downtime, haha.
  8. It also be nice if there was sets that provided End cost reduction. Since a lot of the taunt auras have pretty decent END costs on them.
  9. Why do people put Psionic Mastery on some god-tier pedestal? No really, why? Sure, it has a lot going for it, I get that. It's definitely one of the better Sentinel epic sets. But, I get the feeling that most people think every other set is complete trash. I can assure you they're not. Heck, you can proc up your Primary T3 or T4 single target attacks in basically the same way as you do dominate and get more-or-less the same effect on average. Sure, the procs don't fire as often in a faster recharging primary attack, but the primary attack's extra base damage easily
  10. City of Data is your friend with questions like these: https://cod.uberguy.net/html/index.html Here's the link for Chain Fences. https://cod.uberguy.net/html/power.html?power=epic.sentinel_electricity_mastery.chain_fences&at=sentinel Its target-cap is 16 which I can confirm from my own in-game experience. It's -very- good, perhaps the best Sentinel immobilize really. It may not be very good with procs due to low recharge, nor do much damage out of the box... but it works very nicely with Interface Radials. Which means you can lightly slot it if you're short on
  11. I'm pretty positive that this is wrong for the offense opportunity. It only procs on the target you cast it on. It does not proc on any other mobs you attack. Here is one of my most recent Combat Logs using Carni's combat Parser. This was collected over running a batch of RWZ repeatable missions on +4/x8 with my Sentinel. I also manually skimmed combat log checking for 'opportunity' to make sure that the parser wasn't seemingly missing anything. The opportunity proc shows up like this: "You hit Rikti Leader with your Opportunity for 1.66 points of Energy damage."
  12. One thing that I'd like to point out about the Fury of Gladiator -20% resistance proc; it doesn't apply the debuff instantly. Thus, the damage of power it's fired from isn't effected by the -20% res it places on mobs. I've tested with Nova, at least, to confirm it's behavior in a T9. Because of this, I actually prefer to two damage procs in a T9 nuke (Or more.) if I can get away with it. This all but guarantees that you'll one-shot minions that it hits as long as you're using AIM (+Gaussian's Build-up proc. You really -really- want this proc in AIM... I -can not- stress that enough.) with
  13. Thank you Carnifax! I really like this utility. Finally a decent way to compare characters and powers that doesn't require running specific maps/missions or targets. This seems to allow running regular missions in strings and comparing the results with ease. One of things I've noticed though is that, sometimes, it's missing displaying tags for certain powers. For example, in the below image, Nova doesn't show up a label in the 'Damage by power' but clearly has a large slice of pie and it's own color. Also, using the custom graph, it doesn't seem to show hits or activation for the inter
  14. Might as well add in mine: Probably not much of a secret but my NRG/NRG/Elec Sent is my favorite character to play. Eats alphas for breakfast no problem. (Regularly do pulls on MSRs because it's just plain fun!) Also does comparable damage to my War Mace/Shield scrapper. (Gasp! Sometimes even more.. depends on the situations, of course.) Recently did some DPS test runs on Beta using the repeatable RWZ Rikti missions and uploaded the log files to https://www.carnifax.org/ CombatLog Parser. Basically did 3-4 missions on both characters. (All set at +4/x8) Allowed
  15. This would be a fantastic idea for some of my characters that could have alternate costumes that have costume pieces of the tech like wings or rocket boots. Like my modern armor that your melee characters might put on for Hami raids.
  16. And this is why I really -dislike- the whole 'Ranged Scrapper' idea that Powerhouse had brought up. 'Ranged Scrapper' will always mean that Sentinels will be compared to Scrappers (And by proxy Stalkers) whom, logically, will have to do more damage then Sentinels due to them being in melee while Sents have the option of playing at range. You don't hear this comparison as much when talking about VEATS or Khelds and that's because they bring other stuff to the table other then just 'Range Damage'. 'Other stuff' would help better define Sentinels and give them more of a role/identity on teams
  17. Most of the Assault sets have few AOEs and/or melee AOEs, so that just make them worse then they already are. However, I'd -certainly- would like to see an Earth Blast set of some kind, eventually. Although, I could see that might be a little.. boring? 'I'm throwing a rock at you!' '..Now I'm throwing an even -bigger- rock at you!' 'Oh? That wasn't big enough? Well, here's an even BIGGER rock!' 'You get a rock! And you get a rock! EVERYONE GETS A ROCK!' Perhaps, instead of the T4 blasts that most of the sets ended up getting, maybe an extreme damage melee control-type attac
  18. One could argue that their damage scale is actually just 1 by the sheer fact that all of their attacks apply a -%5 RES debuff by default. They also get the -20% RES on either their offensive or defensive opportunity. So, in some situations, it's much closer to base blaster damage, when only talking about ranged ST. Of course, blasters get defiance on top of that sooo yeah. That's interesting to know about the banning of inspiration usage on the runs, but that makes sense. Still, the fact there's no valid time for Sents leads me to think it's a lack of will to do so wi
  19. MoITF's are a silly metric to go by anyway, for various reasons. They really only show off just how powerful things like Incarnate Destiny powers are and, of course, inspirations themselves. (Of course, people are going to have stacks of inspirations waiting in their emails, ready to be used.) The more you can squeeze into the time-frame of inspirations and destiny powers, they more powerful they become. A 4 person team can easily have 2 Barriers, 1 Clarion, and either an Ageless or Rebirth. That's basically like having a pocket empathy defender.. but -better-! And, I'm sure that peopl
  20. Being able to immediately get the SG buffs with a portable bench or what-not might be a little too.. good. Certainly be -nice- for sure. But we'd certainly wouldn't want these buffs to be necessary for everyone to have. Not that people need them now, but, if it was ridiculous easy to get them, then everyone will feel like they -should- have them. Perhaps, what would be better solution, would be to just allow them to stack for more then one hour at a time. Least then, you can get a bunch of them for a full play session and be on your way. There's some other stuff I'd lik
  21. I'm done for more badges and challenges to spice things up for sure. Technically, this 'Grandmaster of...' badge idea doesn't preclude anyone from being able to obtain any of them. It's just extra hard to do so. It's not really any different then some of the harder badges to get in iTrials and such. 'Really Hard Way' comes to mind or some of the Keyes Badges. Or the Damage badges on a non-damage AT, etc.
  22. Here's a similar suggestion that I had not too long ago along the same vein with the idea of including extra taunt in one version of it.
  23. In fact, and I've mentioned this before, but the only major out-liner of the ST attacks in Super Strength is Jab. Which you can fortunately skip on Brutes but not on Tankers. 😕 Punch is comparable to Stone Fist Haymaker is comparable to Stone Mallet I'd argue, on a high-end build with plenty of recharge, this doesn't make that much of a difference (That you're missing a similar power like Heavy Mallet) because you're swapping in the all-mighty Foot Stomp and possibly other epic powers during your rotations. But, in the low-end and leveling, yeah, that sucks not
  24. In fact, you never ever need the pop-up tray in the first place. You can pretty much turn it off by default, if you wanted too. As soon as you turn on one of these travel powers with an extra pop-up tray power, the extra power shows up in your normal power listing to drag to any of your regular trays. One thing that might be neat though, is if the pop-tray could be it's own un-dockable tray that you could place anywhere.
  25. I think this is a feature that CO had, if I recall right and that would be nice. Just as long as it 1.) Put you in the same spot in the new zone and 2.) Could not be used while in combat and/or didn't work in PVP zones, that be fine. Yeah, I could see that being problematic for sure. Although, I think this is another feature that CO had but I'm not 100% sure, it's been so long since I looked at that game. My intention would be that Broadcast would be updated so that it mentions which zone the person is in. That way, there would be (Hopefully) no mistake which particular
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