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  1. Epic pool powers are a choice. They are not meant to be a complete set, but offer options for filling in the gaps that exist in individual primaries. So maybe you need more end recovery, or maybe you need an AOE immbl because your set doesn't have a taunt/.damage aura to keep enemies attracted or grouped on you. And yes maybe your set doesn't have a Ranged attack or is weak in AOE attacks etc. However a primary set should NEVER be balanced around the idea of what an epic pool can or cannot do. A power like impale is balanced to its proper place within the spines set. Based on it being ranged in a melee set, and the level at which it becomes available to you. And epic set many times requires not only a higher level, but they have longer recharges in many cases, require perhaps more power selections to unlock what they give you.
  2. I don't have much issue with giving us the last 4 slots, but frankly I feel it is totally unneeded if we are not going to get content to go with it. And the thing is with this is that I am not sure that we can do that with the current "volunteer" Devs. Don't get me wrong, I think they are doing an amazing job of updating and keeping the servers up etc. But they are volunteers with day jobs that have to support themselves and a family, or whatever. It is kind of unfair to expect them to put in full time work on making what IMO needs to be almost an entire expansion amount of content for a game they don't even get paid to work on. But ultimately to take characters to any higher level of power then we have right now, especially some of the suggested things in this thread like 20 shoting a AV or GM would really to me mean we need to get like a "Going Rogue" size expansion only instead of being that much content dedicated to taking you to level 20, it is that much content dedicated to earning those last 4 slots and leveling them up. I would love it if this happened. I would really like to see COHV one day reach that goal of the Moon Base that was talked about, maybe using that as a branching out point into space content on other worlds. I just don't think at the moment it is fair to expect this level of development from these Devs.
  3. The general problem I have with this, which isn't huge honestly, is that though I can feel the pain at lower levels, when I do finally play up my dominators, the AOE controls are hitting so fast that I can many times use them twice in a large mob. At 90s or even 2 minutes what I would be afraid of is that every mob can be locked down and never have a chance to break free by the upper levels. Though I get the point of comparing this to the survivability of other ATs like the melee groups, it still isn't a lot of fun to be only fighting statues, which those ATs are NOT doing in that their enemies are still fighting back. I do think that off the basic game design and the level at which you get most these AOEs still fall into what would normally have been a DO enhancement level of the game, that I wonder if they should look at scaling the recharge with the level. Actually allow for a faster recharge time at lower levels when you don't have the global bonuses and enhancements available to you and then scale it up slightly as you level.. Then perhaps by level 50 have that time be something more like 200 seconds rather then 240 just so it is still required to build a character then to just have one overly used power.
  4. According to what I can find, a trade mark can be considered void if it is no longer in use. As such every 5 years you have to apply for a renewal and every 10 years you have to provide proof the trademark is actually in use in commerce and not just being preserved. I don't know the dates of all the original filings, however being the original game came out in 2004, and we are heading into 2020, it could be very possible this filing was simply the 5 year mark of needing to file for the renewal of the trademark and really means nothing more. I mean yes I am sure with negoiations going on that they would not want to see the trademark drop, and being it is the odd 5 year and not the 10 year mark all they have to do is file the mark is still in use not provide proof so why not file it and keep it in play for the next 5 years.
  5. If all the power choices were the same in the set other then slot 1 and 2 being reversed you could easily still convert any of the extra secondary sets into their normal configuration with the powers and slotting that was originally chosen at the time So if I had chosen option 2 and skipped the t1 power completely when you convert me back to the standard secondary set that now has that choice available to it, I convert basically directly into that set with all my powers chosen at the same level with the same slotting.
  6. I don't see why Hide would change at all. Just because I might not want it at level 1 doesn't mean I might not when I get my A Strike power or placate going. But maybe at level 1 I might get more mileage out of having a resistance or defense toggle first.
  7. Notonly that but on other servers they have changed the power sets and the order powers can be taken so at like level 2 a controller can take his pets etc. So I feel like it would have to be possible even if you just had to change the level the power is available at. And as far as stalker Hide goes, just because you don't HAVE to take it at level 1 doesn't mean you can never take it. What if you decided you wanted that second choice first when playing at lower levels cause it provided resistances or def or something more useful then HIde prior to having your Assassin strike or placate power.
  8. Just have been thinking and I can not really think of a good reason why this should not be done. But why not change character creation so that at the time we make a character we can choose either the first or second tier powers from both our primary and secondary pools. You can still only choose one from each mind you, but like with primary you as a blaster say get a choice normally between your "bolts" attack a fast firing low damage attack and a "blast" attack a med damage long recharge attack. But when I make say a defender, though the power pool is almost completely the same I am forced into taking the bolts power no matter what. Why? Just because it is my secondary? Similar issues pop up between like brutes, tankers, and scrapper with melee also. I am just saying let me be able to have a character that ultimately I have no power that was forced into my build I didn't want to have to take that cost me something I would rather have. At least with primary and secondary pools there are no qualifiers like with power pools or epics that require a prerequisite power choice. So why impose one at level 1 in the secondary pool.
  9. And it isn't just farming, any typical ITF or Lady Grey TF would see the same issues. The gain in Regen at upper levels is not going to compensate for the increase in damage taken by having lower resistances. If tankers have an issue buff tankers, that I have no problem with, but brutes seem to operate just fine and the only people proposing changes IMO are those looking to make tankers run supreme. The OP wants to deny it but yes there are 2 tanking classes in this game. Because this game was originally 2 different games. And these ATs filled roles within those two different games. And if you need evidence of that then start a new character and select "tanker" and you get 4 choices actually, Tanker, Wareshade, Peacebringer, and BRUTE. Though it is true that they tried to shake the general game dynamics up when COV was released, there is no doubt that the role of Meatshield was still intended to be filled by the Brute AT. I have said it before and I will say it again, if this is such an issue that there are two AT and we need to find a difference for them then fine, make them all equal, give tankers the same damage potential as brutes and brutes equal defenses to tankers completely. Let the only difference be in our heads as to what AT we choose and the primary and secondary roles. If I choose a brute it is because I want my damage upper powers sooner, If I choose a tanker it is because I want my defenses sooner by level tiers. And then be done with it. No AT is supreme they are both equal and move on.
  10. Look over all game lore I don't find heartbreaking to ignore no matter what. I was just saying some do and for some it would matter. However that being said, I do kind of like having to "know how" to get around. And IMO watching everyone scatter into Oroo portals and Mission teleporters and base teleporters as soon as they come out of mission to hop skip to the next door, honestly kind of makes me sad. It used to be we had to know it was faster to go to brickstown and hop to southern IP through that gate. Or skip through Perez Park to get to another zone faster etc. I know the game purposely made travel easier but I feel maybe it is to easy now also. Not only can we have a travel power at level 2, but with all our portal and teleporter options and stuff, we barely have to use a travel power anymore. So I don't mind it being a bit easier really, but I still like the idea of having to actually GO somewhere when that mission hits the nav screen.
  11. So how hard is I tto create "incarnate" level enemies out of existing groups? Most all the incarnate content I have seen seems to be based on existing enemies and groups at the time the system was added. So how hard would it be to expand these options? I ask this more in the thinking of how hard would it be to start to offer a means to do all of our old TFs and Trails as Incarnate level content. Level 50, incarnate abilitities, against much stronger versions of the original mobs. It seems to me that if we convert existing mobs to have incarnate equivalents and can then just plug those into the existing TFs we have suddenly opened up a ton of new content to do at post level 50. All new sets of badges for incarnate defeats, incarnate TF completion etc. Hell it might be fun again to be able to run a rikti TV trail and not just assume that we are all gonna win because we are all maxed out and the Rikti can not touch incarnate players. Or to fight low level enemy groups again in level 50 incarnate versions in a snapse or positron tf.
  12. I mean I guess we could run into for those that care about the lore there is story elements that would preclude everyone having a base teleporter, however maybe make a "midnightclub" teleporter that awards as a power with the badge that opens Cim to a player, or as a beacon you can get in your base that at minimum takes you to the midnight club where you can zone in. That way you don't have to teleport to a university zone, run to the university, zone into the midnighters club and then zone into cim.
  13. Vault would be easier but it takes only about 20 minutes to set up a small base with storage and teleporters it isn't that hard to do. But then it does leave open the choice for someone to do more to their personal SG base if they want to, where a Groups base is probably limited to who can edit it and not all members of a larger SG get that option.
  14. But the issue with this is that your super group name is displayed as your unique group. It excludes you from possible conversations taking place in SG channel which I know are not a lot but still.... I agree with the poster it would be much nicer if I can make a sub base for my account, that at minimum could provide me storage and teleporters. Maybe limit the size of it or something so it is not to cumbersome on the server. But even from a SG stand point I am sure groups would like to be seen more and have their name out there more because the members that belong don't have 2 toons in the SG and 20 in their own person group. This solves that issue.
  15. Honestly I like the idea of having a global in a power that has no relation to knockback and that we commonly don't slot with anything better. So long as the "global" is part of a set and requires to be slotting into a useful power it requires it to take the place of a possible 6th slot of another set choice. And when you think how many of those 6 slots are like huge defense or resistance bonuses etc, it just seems like it is again punishing people that want to get rid of the knockback. And frankly in most cases the knockback is not that big of an issue to the player with the power that does knockback. I frankly don't care if my energy blaster knocks enemies back when I set off explosive blast or energy torrent ect. So if it is a choice between bonuses I want and dropping my knockback cause some tanker is gonna be mad, well to bad for that tanker. However if I can keep the build I want with the bonuses I want, and drop a universal knockback to knockdown into "sprint" or "rest" hey that's no skin off my nose.
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