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  1. That laid back, bluesy groove in Brickstown that kicks in southeast of the monorail station. 'The Crescent' is the name of it.
  2. Yu Hong-Mei -- Ballad of North Henan Province
  3. Blue Öyster Cult -- Dominance and Submission
  4. Gary Clark Jr. -- When My Train Pulls In
  5. Johnny Horton -- I'm Ready If You're Willing
  6. I got my plant/savage rogue dom up to level 27 yesterday. I'm having a lot of fun with her, apart from when she gets overwhelmed by (what often feels like) hordes of +1 lieutenants that must surely bathe two or three times a day in Roundup. I gotta say, though, I don't fully understand the thinking behind 'savage assault'. The melee attacks are savage enough, sure, but I'm not sure how that correlates to the summoning of birds and (oh, no, not the) bees (ahh) like a mindless masterpet. It's kinda odd. Which, oddly enough, is why I went with it in the first place. Also went with that new Force of Will pool, which is also kinda savage, in a forcefully willful way.
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