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  1. I'm getting this same thing. When COH launches I see a pop up window that says something about a parsing error. Ah, found the solution in another post here -- clear the launch parameter box. Yay!
  2. I'm very pleased with being able to do the old Outbreak tutorial again, but I miss being able to alternate between Galaxy City and Atlas Park for my new characters. So I'd ditch that (IMO) godawful Galaxy City tutorial and restore Galaxy City to its former -- or rebuilt! -- glory. Alternately, maybe expand the tutorial zone version into a full-fledged low level zone with new contacts and missions, and something along the lines of the DFB thing in Atlas Park. I'd also restore the original Dark Astoria, but give it some story arcs and a Task Force. The Incarnate version would still be available for Incarnates, with the option to choose which version you wanted to enter at the Talos Island gate. And one more thing! I'd restore the pointy ears head!
  3. Child? Or really small adult?
  4. That laid back, bluesy groove in Brickstown that kicks in southeast of the monorail station. 'The Crescent' is the name of it.
  5. Yu Hong-Mei -- Ballad of North Henan Province
  6. Blue Öyster Cult -- Dominance and Submission
  7. Gary Clark Jr. -- When My Train Pulls In
  8. Johnny Horton -- I'm Ready If You're Willing
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