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  1. Myself and hubby are also having this issue. Works fine during daytime hours, but evenings tend to lag like crazy. UK based here - Virgin Internet. Thought maybe our problem was where we were playing on an Excelsior, but it's also happening on Reunion.
  2. Inf and Target from Defiant. Where are you guys? It's just not the same here without you.
  3. And I'm also going to add a little bit extra here. We also had our overflow coalitioned alt SG - The Last Stand. Some players were a member of the alt but never the main. It would be good to find players from either.
  4. Scan

    Contingency SG

    Would like to get hold of the SG leader as this was my original SG on live. Some of the original members are desperate to come home to this SG and we would all like to be invited. Please feel free to message me either here or in-game (@Scan chat handle).
  5. Hey fellow Defiant players Was originally Scandle emp/energy defender. (But more commonly referred to as Mrs Mass) Was also a member of The Contingency/Last Stand. Nice to see some familiar names on here :)
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