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  1. @TrixieKixx I naturally got a few choices to choose from, but not sure what qualifies... How about a Centaur character, would that be considered beastly enough? Archery / Energy Sentinel... Reptiloids? Storm / Water Defender Could always go for my Foxy Fire / MA Blaster Oh my, they are ALL so much fun to play, I wish I could bring them all.... Edit: Just found even another Centauresque Character, Archery / Storm Corrupter, that has been waiting for a run-in for so long I totally forgot about him. But right now I would actually lean t
  2. Super cool pics there, @Midnyte! Nice assortment of hot bikini babes, we should do this more often! 🙂 How did you do that pose lying on the side? That looks almost artful in its arrangement! I only have taken pictures that look like yours, so not much to add from my side. Just one thing that is fitting to this event: Nothing beats taking a relaxing dip into the pool after a hard days work of smashing things!
  3. I am now at a point - after stuffing 2 toons with full Pocket Cash applying the practices that the generous folks of this Forum have laid out - where I think I have a good overview about the values and yields of the most important common and rare IO set pieces. Now when I start a new toon (or dig out one of the many idle ones) I start to craft once the recipes start dropping, taking the cheap ones to make them expensive. That usually gets things going much earlier than what I did before, because every one becomes self-sustaining early on with what they have and is not relying on I
  4. Ahhh, shame! I missed that one! Looks good! Making plans for the 18th, hope to be there again tanking.
  5. @Midnyte Those are great pics! Even with all the pets around, still nice to see everyone. Also nice line-up of pets, funny how well our guests fit in! I will not be doing a recap this week, somehow my screenshots didn't got taken, or at least I can't find them anymore. Work's really exhausting, and I'm just not mustering any nerves to sit down and be original this time. But Kahn was really fun, I enjoyed every moment of it. And it finally took my signature toon to 50! That was a great feeling of accomplishment! @TrixieKixx For saturday I am also considering to show up w
  6. Wow! Looks like I missed an epic adventure! We went out to the Cinema yesterday - for the 1st time in like 1,5 years - to watch the new Dune movie. Which was awesome and something I had been looking forward to do since the news broke that there will be a remake! But when I came back later and logged in, I saw you guys still teaming in my friendslist. I had no idea you must have been still on the Reichsmann at that time! 😄 Persistance Badge to all of you!🏅
  7. I hope I can make it to this. But may be busy on Sunday, can't promise...😔
  8. @TrixieKixx I will be bringing the Bananaplant for their final stretch to Level 50! She will have Bananiac in tow, her Plant/Rad Controller toyboy! 🙂
  9. Hey Rich, I had a thought... How about doing some Patron Arcs on one of the future Wicked Sundays? I am asking for purely personal reasons, because I've never done those and am looking at one or the other now for some of my new-born 50ies builds. I am pretty sure you would know how that works, right? 😉
  10. Alas, I have been summoned to do the bidding of my masteresses today and thus will not be able to Numinate with you folks. You go on and blast away, and I will take care of things over here today. Maybe I will drop in later today to see if anything would still be up. Will see when I get there...
  11. He had that one coming 🙂 Although I would be really interested to see how he did Man-Orca, for pure academic reasons!
  12. I will be doing a real quick version of summing up, as life seems to be getting busier and busier every week. Not doing any screens for now, although I have a bunch of real good ones. Just not in the mood to sort through them. Maybe add a few some other time... But I can't resist commenting on a few of the things that happened. As this one was an absolute highlight reel of slapsticky fun! So here are the takeaways from what I can't name anything else but the "Renault-of-Ridiculousness" Theme Team! - There are 2 theories out there: a) All the players in MM
  13. @TrixieKixx I am tentatively looking at my guy Amphibian Man (Water/Regen Sentinel), if I can get him 3 more levels by saturday. However, as my daughter is having her 16th birthday party on saturday, I am not sure yet if I will be spending the afternoon grilling meat in the garden, or be hiding from the wild bunch of teenage girls in my Save Place in the basement...
  14. Yes, absolutely. And it's the first time I am getting seriously into a toon playing redside content only (or at least mostly). ***** Recommended! Will buy again!
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