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  1. Oh great, did OVH burn down ANOTHER Server facility...? It's a riddle to me how a company can operate like this...
  2. Great new themes, @TrixieKixx! I already have ideas... Many ideas... Schedule is also looking good. Only the 3rd is questionable, as there is a 1/4 final game at exactly that time. But there are many IFs in that game, so no worries for now!
  3. That was good fun! Thx for taking me along and for the effort to come visit Reunion! Appreciated! I will mark 7/19 on my schedule, hope to be there again and Tank more... Really like my Ice/Claws! But I have a few/many others in my abundant list of promising alts.
  4. Great, thank you! I will give it a try now in MIDS and see if I can peel out something workable, when I find some time to dig into this.
  5. Familiar faces there, I see. What's that location? That's hilariously cool!
  6. I am really sorry that I missed this, but the timing this time just didn't work out. It was all for a good cause, though! Straight highlight from this weeks Theme Team are those Bios! They are plain fantastic! I wouldn't even have thought to make one especially for this. But the ideas are creative and great. 👏 And oh boy, this is soooo tempting to just call it "The Grumpy Grannies" Theme Team! 😇😁 I would have had one more to add: That must be some VERY robust bone china cup in her hands right there! 😉
  7. That would actually suit me fine. If I can make it in time to join Manti, I'll be happy to go. Otherwise, I will just either hop in the missions team (If it is running) or wait for you to finish the TF and join in whatever happens afterwards.
  8. How timely is this supposed to be getting off? Just asking, as I may be tied up in some other activity before, and don't know if I can make it spot on time on saturday. Might be I am 15-20mins late... Don't know if that would be okay for the Teams to assemble and then wait a few minutes...
  9. Thanks a lot for your assessment. I have completely forgotten about hasten, will be substituting that in for something. Hoping you can still come up with a proposal of how to slot this. 👏
  10. Hi @TrixieKixx, I will be conditional this saturday. If I manage to be there, it will be only for an hour before I need to move on. Don't know if that will be enough for Reichsmann, but I will just drop out when the clock runs out and we are not done yet... Put me down with Demolishia (SS/Rad Brute). This Theme was a challenge, but I think I have found something that would work. Still looking forward!
  11. Good job on that. I like the Jarhead very much and there are some fun things you can do with it, I think!
  12. Hi Team, That was great fun again! 🙂 Thx again for the pics, @Midnyte & @FrauleinMental It remains one of my favorite things to do this every week with you guys! Now here comes this weeks completely subjective recap of the "Icing on a Cakewalk" Theme Team: It was surprisingly colorful for an Icy theme, I fully expected to see all shades of whites, greys and blues. But Trix and Midnyte added some variety 👍 You can't dance when swimming in water. But you CAN play the drum! For a team without any Archers, there was a lot of talk about ar
  13. Does anybody have a Build he's willing to share for a damage / proc heavy DP on a Defender? I am trying to figure out how to set up my Emp/DP...
  14. That's what I have it at, 12pm Eastern. That's why I am so confused about the time it is showing... I will just set it back 1h and see what it comes out at.
  15. So, I have been playing around trying to set the timezone and starting time to anything remotely resembling to when we play. I have no idea how to make this work, it just looks like totally wrong to me... it now shows me 7pm, but I have no idea which timezone that should be, as my time should be 6pm CET here... ...based on setting it to 12pm Eastern, that is
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