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  1. Wow. That big spider looks impressive! I gotta go punch it! Hope I can make it again next week. Looking good as far as the schedule goes today. I would be planning to send over Dark Anaesthetist, Mind/Emp Controller and The One And Only LVL50 I'm pushing πŸ˜‡ (for reasons I assume are obvious) I am really sad that I missed this weeks team, the pictures and costumes look smashing. Also the Bios! Good fun pieces there (and that one poem which is rather grave, but excellent reference!). Keep that coming! I actually only just started to explore VEATs more systematically, and this one sounds like some cool mid-level action... Maybe something like this can be repeated some day.
  2. Nobody died, but still fun?!? DOES NOT COMPUTE I think @EmmySky saved your honor here 😁
  3. Sorry, didn't make it today. Wife's birthday, so have been busy at that time. Hope you got a striking team together. Looking forward to the reports! πŸ™‚ I have, however, been busy later in the evening, taking part in the Homecoming Halloween Costume Contest on my home server Reunion. And "Mr O'Hallows" is able to report successful commencement! πŸ₯‡ I really love this game and everything you are able to do with it!
  4. That was SuperLOL! I nice bunch of crimebirds we were 😁 Great pics again. I think they are telling a lot of the story. But you had to be there... Thx all for the ride. I enjoyed myself thoroughly, although I am not much of a typer while trying to keep ahead of things. I have no idea how you guys are doing this, all the talking while we were hitting mobs 😎πŸ₯³
  5. After my transfer to Indom I got flaked for the name. Needed a new one for some reason, which is now "Born From The Ashes". For your ino, just in case... I wonder if there is another "From the Ashes" running around on that server... Roosting is a good word, my nest is on sharkhead near the Arbiter. And I hatched a couple of new toons in the meantime πŸ™‚
  6. Pictures look like a lot of fun again. I can definitely relate to your experience, @TygerDarkstorm. I ran with this with my horribly underspecced Mind/Emp Controller recently and got my happy a** whooped regularly while trying to make myself usefull πŸ™‚ I think I managed to heal somebody somewhere, and actually locked down a mob or two when things were pretty much under control anyways... Great idea to post the Bios together with the profile pics (which are really nice by themselves, awesome ideas that people come up with). I definitely need to think out some flavour texts for my favorite toons myself. I have From The Ashes now ready at lvl23, moved to Indom and parked somewhere in the Rogue Isles. Would it make sense to level him some more before Silver Mantis?
  7. Have fun going. And don't forget to send a postcard! πŸ™‚
  8. That's basically me here, I'm in the same boat with my only 50 that made it through. I have to read up on this a little bit, this was all way after my time on live.
  9. The pictures look splendid, and I have never done the Ice Mistral SF so far. Makes me all the more excited for next week. I really hope this works out. Allthough I couldn't make it on time for the team, the night turned out to be A Big One for Team Bananiac nonetheless. I won a 100mil Inf in a costume contest on Reunion with one of my toons, which got me VERY VERY excited. Naturally... 🀩 Very proud of the concept, I knew it was good, but wasn't sure if others would like it the same way. And I can really use the money. I seem to be notoriously undercashed with all the characters that I do run more regularly. 😬
  10. I definitely will be there on the Bird Team on the 17th. Pls sign me up with "From the Ashes", Fire/Regen Brute @Bananiac. Not sure if i will be joining on the 10th. My only 50 (yes, I know... but you should see my Toon Collection!) is not alpha slotted yet. I actually need to find out how to do that one day... πŸ€“ I will see what I will do for the All VEAT on the 24th. Still some time to prepare something. As you may have noticed, I have no problem creating new special purpose characters in an instant! And I haven't tried any widows yet. I will be watching this space. So long! Ban P.S.: Pictures from the All Fires team look absolutely splendid, folks!
  11. Hi there, I stumbled across this activity through a post on Reddit and got sent here. Big fan of this kind of theme-driven teams. We got an all-archer channel on Reunion that does wednesday and sunday events, which are always a blast(*). I would love to join your group, got an ample supply of any-themed toons that I can throw at you! So, that said, I am busy the weekends for at least this and next week. Which is a shame, because my fire/fire Blaster would just be made for this. But I will be watching this space, and hopefully be looking forward to take part in anything after that. Long story short: Hi, and love this game! (*) albeit not always... like ... really successfull... so to say πŸ™‚
  12. That Golem... Holy Camoly, what a genius idea! Still trying to figure out what they did here. Can someone post a few more pictures? I wonder, how does it play? πŸ˜„
  13. Melde mich hier auch nochmal. Global: Bananiac bisher nur Blueside, aber werde mich demnΓ€chst auch mal auf die andere Seite aufmachen... Freue mich auf Nachricht, wenn mal jemand online sucht
  14. I would second that. For the simple reason that I showed the game to my 2 kids and have them roaming the streets now with their own heroes ;D Obviously, they are struggling somewhat with the options and dialogue, so having a few Main Features localized (in this case German) would help a great deal. On the other hand: they are now trying to get it all by themselves... maybe I should just not interfere, as especially the younger one didnβ€˜t enjoy learning it before... :)
  15. Question again on the costume contest - if this hasn't been mentioned before (at least search function didn't give any result): Do characters need backstory? Would it help? Doesn't matter? How is this done here usually? ...last one I took part must have been 10... 11... years ago 8)
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