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  1. I would like to see more special mobs show up in various groups spawns, especially when they are at higher difficulty or scaling settings. Sappers need to stay. In fact, they should get some survivability tricks. Maybe they can go invisible, and then try to sneak around. Maybe they get target lock breaker with it, and a short range instant teleport, if they're spawned from +2 or higher. Make Malta a tactical challenge!
  2. I have this one for stamina: And this for health: They're pretty basic, and could also include team, dual, and super insps, but I usually keep those for manual use, if at all. I keep these on buttons in my main hotbar, with one empty space between them and my frequently used powers. I put the smallest insps listed on the right hand side, because multiple commands like this are executed from the right to the left. The first one that works, i.e., the insp I actually have in my tray, stops the whole macro. If I don't have any insps, the temp power will be activated. SR, and my secondary, SJ, don't have self-heals, and SR (in)famously sometimes lets some hits through, and they can hurt. So having some sort of knee-jerk / panic button helps a lot.
  3. It is. And it's too good, really. It negates the usefulness of quite a few other means of travel. I'd like to see it stay, in some more balanced and reasonable form.
  4. I see what Patti is saying above. But I think i understand it from my perspective a bit better. It's not that it is a job, but that it's time delayed gratification. At any given time, I see quite a bit of the current enjoyment I get out of CoH (and other games I play) as a being a result of effort expended on it over previous time. It's not an investment, exactly, but it makes me react and respond as if it was. And the time and effort I put into it today, I expect to be returned in enjoyment over time in the future. If I had to stop, I'd have some negative feelings and feel like it still owed me a return for my recent effort; and especially so if the rules by which I had internally assigned the degree of anticipated enjoyment I was going to get from my effort already in the game had changed. For a notional example; I could grind to level up a character through the parts of the game I may not enjoy much, with the expectation it will perform well in the parts of the game that I do like. Then, when I get to those parts of the game, perhaps incarnate trials, or supergroup-designed AE's, and I find the power sets I chose to grind up have been nerfed badly. Of course I would be unhappy, and I might say my "investment" in the game has been lost. Even if I'd put that grinding in long ago, and had a lot of fun at cap already, I'd still be unhappy, because I anticipated an even higher "return of enjoyment on grind investment" than I got. Other people's situations would be different; e.g., maybe it's not grind, but intellectual design time to optimize a build. And maybe it's not endgame, but an efficient or badge-rich journey from level one to cap. There was an expectation, right or wrong, and it was taken from them. Not everyone can say, everyday: "Today was good; Fun > Effort. If the game disappeared overnight, I would move on happily." I think people can adjust to things changing, both up and down; but these changes need to be measured, modest, and foreseeable. I think the HC team knows this and is doing their best, and understands players have this kind of investment in how things work. I fee they won't radically change things, say, the way a for-profit operation might, if they decided they might be able to get a bunch of new high-paying customers from, say, some very different "new game experience", that might leave existing customers feeling unwanted.
  5. I can confirm. The Evasion toggle has a taunt AoE on my SR Tanker.
  6. One option would be to emphasize bringing poorer performing power sets up, but also adjusting difficulty of enemies upward slightly in general; and at difficulties +2/x3 and higher, especially. The sort of thing I would do, would be to give larger groups of enemies in a fight a mutual "leadership" buff based solely on the presence of one or more Lts or Bosses. (And especially EB's and AV's). One could do interesting things with this, too. Such as put them in classes of support, offense, or defense. A support Lt or Boss might grant regeneration and recovery to the mobs nearby. An offense Lt or Boss would grant to-hit and accuracy to all their nearby allies. A tanking one would grant them all some defense or resistance buffage. And these various buffs could scale upward a little bit proportionately to how many minions are nearby. So when we run at +0/x1, this is pretty modest, or even unnoticeable effect. But when you run at +4/x8 with Bosses enabled, you might be in for a fight. One to bring friends to, and also tactically prioritize taking down higher ranking enemies first.
  7. WALK is the most important power! ❤️
  8. Thursday night, Stanton Memorial Auditorium, Steel Canyon Campus of Paragon University. "As part of our Extradimensional Perspectives series, I'd like to introduce tonight's guest speaker, who will offer a unique first-hand commentary on the prevalent philosophical stance of another world. She comes to us from a Delta-Zeta dimension which endured a tragic history resulting in terrible loss. Our guest had a distinguished career in that world. Born into the Aristocracy of a variant British Empire, daughter of a duke and duchess, graduated with a distinguished certificate in Imperial Service, Lieutenant Commander in their Meta Command, holder of the Medallion of the Superior Order and the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross, as well as knighted Dame Commander of the Imperial Guardians. Here, on our Earth, she is an FBSA certified hero managed through ELITE, Cooperative Agent in Standing with the Paragon Police Department, Associate Member of Vanguard, Member of the Freedom Phalanx Reserve, and Member of the Global Defense Force. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Dame Victoria Crawford, also known to the public as Lady Warspite." "Greetings, distinguished professors, fellows, students, friends, and new acquaintances. I must say, ordinarily public speaking is not, as you say, my thing. But after that glowing and overly generous introduction, I am moved to do my best. As Professor Williams prefaced, I am here to speak on the essential nature of my former home's official guiding philosophy. You will find it odd, that a government would be guided so abstractly, instead of by what you call political parties here on this Earth. Some background exposition will be needed. In October of 1760, in my world as well as yours, George III took the throne of England. In your world, he had a long, and somewhat spotty reign, and was heavily checked by Parliament. In my world, he was a Titan of the highest order. He took the reigns of a government split between parties, an aristocracy crass and confident, yet divided and mixed in their views of the future of the Kingdom, and worse, beginning to manifest a deep introversion resulting in both inbreeding and a lack of ruling vigor, both physical and spiritual. In your world, over time, I believe this left the empire unable to guide itself through the storms of the 19th and 20th centuries, ending in a rump state, bereft of its pride and stature, meandering through history, bending to its every wind, living among residues of past glories they no longer appreciate or even wish to preserve. Hold back your outrage a time, and bear with me, if you will. In my world's 1780's, while contesting with the rebellious colonies in North America, the King instituted the 'Georgian Reforms'. A man of great vision and strength of will, he restructured the workings of the Aristocracy. In outward form, the system retained the same feudal forms, structures and hierarchy. But internally, requirements were placed upon it. Rank has privileges, so the saying common to both our worlds goes, and also responsibilities. Well, in my world, rank then took on far, far greater responsibilities. Public service was no longer an abstraction; it was concrete, measured, and required. Inheritance of lesser titles in each generation was assured, but maintenance and enlargement were not. Service to the State; mercantile, industrial, scientific, administrative, or military, would be required. Nor would procreation entirely within the great families be tolerated any longer. This, as you can imagine, was met with resistance. But George III was up to this task. There were penalties, expulsions and executions. And then there were marriages. No title could be passed to a child not of one commoner parent raised. My own father was born the son of a cobbler, but married a Duchess, and became a Knight, Baron, and Duke on battlefields. New blood; even if we lacked the genetical knowledge that came later, was welcomed into the old families. Marriage was less frequently the result of romantic notions of youth, nor obsessions of emotionally stunted bachelors or maids, but rather of wisely paired matches with official sanction. Honestly; the literature of your 19th century is insufferably dramatic and tortured, and I think on this account. Our Aristocracy became a means of aspiration of the people. With success in private life, or in public service, a commoner could win a place; a mate, titles, authority in governance, a seat in parliament, and even lands to call their own. And not only blood, but lineage. The aristocracy found new ties to the people, new obligations to Britain Herself. And from this Empire was born. King George became His Imperial Majesty George III. In my day, though he bore little resemblance to this England's Prince of the same name, Emperor Charles III reigned, with vision, strength, and will. Simultaneously to George's reforms, the war with Bonaparte did not go well. Your rebellious counterparts in the Americas, and I add fortunately you all here tonight are quite different than that traitorous crowd, allied closely with his armies, caused us to abandon North America, and nearly brought ruin to the continents. In 1821 we killed Bonaparte, triumphed in Europe, and gained the provinces of Gaul, Germania, Italia, and Iberia. Lands to be granted to the many new Houses of Nobility created on battlefields around the world. And then continuing wars; many more than you have suffered here, sadly. Wars with the Czar of All the Russias, wars with the Manchu Emperors, and worst of all, Wars with the United States, and after it swallowed Canada and the Empire of Mexico, The Eighty-Eights States of the North American Federal Republic; a republic in name only, I assure you. Political factions, these parties you struggle with, became moot. Our guiding philosophy we call "Imperialism" -- the Aristocracy, properly following the enlightened popular self-interest of the Nation, leads in all things. We held to the long run; what would we pass to our descendants? Higher status, or lower? Greater lands or lesser? A better world, or worse? Sacrifices made in the short run were not to be avoided, but the be cherished, and lauded as investments in the greater future. Lord Tennyson, one of our great Philosophers, and champion of the Imperialism school, said it best: "To Desire the Ends is to Desire the Means, to Desire the Means is to Desire the Power, and for Power, to Desire the Will." Perhaps you understand better why my world was so different. We were achieving great heights. Some you could hardly imagine. Industrial power a century stronger than yours. Damming Gibraltar. Irrigating the Sahara. Populated stations in orbit, and on the Moon. A bright future for Humanity under Imperial rule was on the horizon. But for the opposition of the Americans, Russians, and Manchu; who all had their own visions of the future. And London, Manchester, Paris, and Berlin radiated wastes; struck by American Hellbombs in the war of October '62. Other places laid waste. Four times in the hundred years such weapons were known, we exchanged them with our great adversaries in the West and East. Eight years ago, there was an accident in an Imperial Science Command laboratory in Guyana. We had many such; secret laboratories and military installations around the globe and in space. A scientist I only know of as "Forbyn" became a mutated blob of biogenetically virulent virus particles, and began to spread like wildfire. Does this not sound familiar? Quite. According to Portal Corp, the majority of Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and especially Delta mode dimensions experience some sort of biogenetic plague. Some, like your Devouring Earth here, are only modestly intelligent and controllably virulent. Some, like Praetoria, are vastly more intelligent, and more virulent. Ours was much less intelligent, not even sentient, and yet incredibly virulent. We killed our world fighting the Americans while trying to stop it. But more than that, our burning desire to dominate the world created it. Sometimes the Power and the Will to use it are too much for the Ends we wish to achieve. Take from this what lessons you may. I know I have. Goodnight, and peace."
  9. And we even have a forums thread here filled with game change suggestions tailored for roleplayers! Ones they solicited from the community, and we discussed at some length. Is it a critical near term item ... no, but it's on the radar. 🙂
  10. We have a great player base here. I think better, in most ways; helpfulness, tolerance, respect; better than on live.
  11. Imagine the campaigns people would wage to try to get their way. There would be in game spam, people trying to get bots to the forums for voting, all of it. Ugh.
  12. I feel they've been doing a good job of asking for feedback and eliciting ideas and suggestions.
  13. I would overhaul influence and monetary currencies. I really like "influence/infamy" as concepts, but I don't think they work well as monies. Make money into monies, and have an influence/infamy system that makes sense. And include being gifted, begging for, or demanding money from contacts we have influence or infamy with.
  14. I'd like origin to give you visual options for how your powers animate or appear. Or scrap origin, but give me a handful of variations on each power that look more natural, more mutant, more magical, more sciency, more technological, etc., and I'll pick and choose.
  15. I'm pretty sure it still worked this way when I first started playing in spring 2008.
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