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  1. I could see an option to allow players to toggle their own KB to KD, but that negates much of the value of the IO's that do that now. Would you have the toggle be by power, or for the entire build? And what if the team leader could set a team toggle for KB to KD?
  2. I have a kin/ defender with repel slotted for knockdown, and I love it. If I could not slot it to remove knockback, I would not even take the power.
  3. I don't think this surprises me at all. 😄
  4. We went through this exercise a few months ago in the discord and got a dev to confirm there is only one market database. All the HC servers use one auction house. Price history might look different because they can change very fast for high volume things (like rare salvage), and also, sometimes the price history display you see gets bugged.
  5. For me, it's more a condition to live with than a problem I can solve. There are times and places when the proverbial stars align and I can manage to participate. I try to learn to recognize those circumstances; but they're rarely in club-RP, which I think is a shame, because it could be a lot of fun. It can seem counter-intuitive. For example, if a club has a "greeter" at the door, saying hello to everyone, welcoming them to the club, and giving directions, that can be a barrier to me. Weird, right? Sometimes it's sheer numbers. Say I know and have roleplayed with each
  6. I could not begin to count the number of times the various club XYZ-1234's of the world have had an event, and I wanted to go, but just couldn't do it. Even when people I knew were there, and even when I'd been invited.
  7. It may take a while for a number of the devs to wake up and see this post. 🙂 One thing I will note, is they are on their temporary backup network infrastructure, still waiting for the hosting service to resolve the problem we had the other week; and they did say that some features, such as the markets, might be operating poorly on account. Edit: I see from two days ago they went back to their primary vRack configuration, and have been monitoring it.
  8. These could be limited by archetype, by tagging them into a (hypothetical) new set of ATO/SATOs.
  9. KANSAS, Part III Westminster Redoubt, beneath the ruins of London, Island of Britain. "Your Majesty, the operation was largely successful. All on-site objectives were met, except for final atomic demolition. All non-meta Americans present were slain, and over half the assault force was recovered. The fallback orbital strike had to be cancelled, the Americans routed an orbital destroyer group to the area and we had to pull the Nike forces back to avoid losing them. We estimate we set their project back by at least a year, perhaps two, and we gained the technical details for th
  10. KANSAS, Part II Spencer Memorial Technology Center, Federal Republic Super Force, 15 Kilometers outside Lawrence, Kansas Research Wing B, Gate Reactor Test Chamber Something was tearing at the half meter thick steel door; the hinges were groaning and would rip soon. Victoria raced her fingers and mind through the workstation, and the team of engineers maneuvered the demolition device into place right on the half-constructed gate pad. "Gently now, lads, gently", the sergeant in charge spoke as they heaved the heavy atomic bomb into place and powered up the arming panel. "
  11. KANSAS January 11, 2018 Diego Garcia Imperial Meta Command Worldwide Operations Centre Deep Redoubt Alpha-6, Sublevel 5, HMS Marie Rose Conference Room MC-5 "Operation Olympic Strike is approved, and you, Ladies and Gentlemen, will be the Meta Command Expeditionary Group for this deep excursion into Federal Territory." Duchess Neptune paused while the graphics came up onto the projector. She was an older Meta, highly decorated and a veteran of the South Atlantic war, and currently ran what remained of the clandestine operations of Meta Command; most o
  12. I prefer corded mice. I use an older Logitech G-500, and it's perfect for me. It has little weights you can put in to get the right feel, and it doesn't have some bizarre markethypotonic blinkenizer shape, and has a few easily configured settings for sensitivity. I should buy a few before they're gon--- oops, too late. >.<
  13. This is great, but, for every person who can do this, there's a bunch who can't, but think they can.
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