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  1. My Hasten icon blinks, even when I'm standing still.
  2. I suspect the dialogue is no longer respecting some of the window or text scaling options. I've also confirmed it is all dialogues, including the police scanner.
  3. Here's another screenshot with the store menu this dialogue opens shown.
  4. I just logged in to i27 on my server, and I notice that the dialogue text is extremely tiny. For reference, in this screenshot, you can see the display name of the P2W vendor for context.
  5. I find on some characters from time to time, there are buffs I don't want. Sometimes it's simple just to ask people not to cast them on me, but sometimes these buffs are applied to the group. Now, it's currently possible to have your buffs displayed as the icons under your health bar, hunt down the one you don't want, right click on it, and choose "Cancel". So there's a way to do this already, and I use it now and then. I think it would be a significant usability improvement if I could macro or bind this by the name of the buff, something like /buff_cancel "NameOfBuff", which would behave identically to canceling the buff via right clicking the icon, and only apply to buffs which can be canceled via right clicking their icons -- not a new functionality, just a different way to invoke the existing one.
  6. People are already making new characters in anticipation. The sorts of stats to have been tracking, but I kind of doubt we have been would be new characters created each month, characters which reach 50 each month, and say, characters which reach vet-100 each month. Track those over time, and we might see on-going changes in intent, successes, and long-termers.
  7. I love the promise of more power too, but I think it should be modest, and there should be some gentle scaling of normal content (esp at 50+3, or +4, x8 levels) to go along with it. In fact, add a +5 and x12 setting for normal content. Then add another +1 difficulty level for each new incarnate slot.
  8. We have a lot of badges for doing grindy things already. (It's almost like we have whole categories for achievements and accomplishments? 😄 ) And badges are widely coveted, so I think we're good overall -- IMO, no change needed. But if we did add something to encourage more play/grind, we could add more badges, maybe a new badge category that went to very high levels of various things, could be used as titles, but did not count as "real" badges towards the completionist badge count. Or maybe that would be okay, it they weren't stupidly high; the hypothetical new top influence badge was earn 750,000,000 inf (the current top one is 500,000,000) and not 10,000,000,000. And finally, along the same lines, what if we went through and added a new badge to every story arc in game that doesn't have one already? Encourage people to play, or do content, but please don't gate our characterization creativity tools behind grind.
  9. Inside the ~1000 character limit, I just want an editor that works.
  10. I don't like the idea of carnival or light, syndicate, or other such secondary factions for epic archetypes. One might as well ask why there isn't a cage consortium or goldbricker epic archetype. These are secondary factions, not the primary ones for their side. Sure, if there was the luxury of resources for a dozen epic AT's for each side, they'd work down to those, but I'm pretty sure that's not the case. Hero side's EAT's are closely aligned in lore with Paragon city government -- PB's even serve in the PPD. (I will grants warshades stand out a bit, but they're a natural accompaniment to PB's). Villain side has the natural choice of the Arachnos themed VEATs. and Arachnos is the defining npc faction of the isles. Praetoria is naturally powers division and resistance; and the obvious choices would be some theme from the NPCs that serve those top tier factions there.
  11. I concur with the loyalist/resistance themes. They make the most sense, lore-wise. Put a special departing mission on each to go to Earth-1-1 to perform spying, etc; and return back to Praetoria for one final story arc after they have learned everything primal earth has to teach them (i.e., level 50.)
  12. I've visited this base a couple times, and I think it's an awesomely well designed roleplay setting, with a lot of potential uses.
  13. If I were the devs, I would put in the name freeing policy that had been arrived at before in place immediately and without warning.
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