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  1. 😄 This is why I generally prefer to go the boosters route from my merits. It's often a wash, value/merit-wise, but the boosters are 15x less clicking/inf. And this leads me to another part of the equation; it's not just Value vs Time vs Clicks vs Fun, but also Complexity. A wealth building strategy that is complex will appeal to some people and less to to others. For example, if there's a simple and infallible steps 1, 2, 3, method, that's not complex. One's fingers can learn the motions to do it efficiently. But if one must stop and collect information, evaluate option
  2. Well, let me say that I believe (without proof) that if up-converting recipe drops from farming is worth the time it takes, there's a high chance that just low-bid buying recipes off the auction and upconverting them full time will be better than a mix of farming and upconverting. There's a "pure" strategy of farming/selling, another of buying/upconverting, and a mixed strategy of doing both. And, iirc, there's a theorem in game theory which has some harsh things to say about mixed strategies in most situations.
  3. I just want to emphasize this. I tell people in /general, in /help, in my global chats, and in my SG discord DON'T SPEND 100 MERITS ON ANYTHING WORTH LESS THAN 20 MILLION. And they still do. I wonder about the time efficiency of the converter game on the usual grab-bag of recipes drops from say, an hour of farming. Everything we do has opportunity cost (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opportunity_cost) associated with it. For example, the time you spend getting the right salvage, inventing the recipes, and up-converting to valuable IO's could have been spent running the next farm. Su
  4. Why not just make these powers behave completely the same in PvP forever, and then change them to something appropriately useful in PvE for those oh-shoot moments. Or, on the other hand, don't do anything to these. If they were worth taking, I'd have to respec to take them, and my PvE characters don't need them now. I don't need to be more powerful. I'd much rather more of the content caught up with my current levels of power. My Inv/SS Tanker doesn't need unstoppable. Even if Unstoppable were a good emergency power, I probably would not take it. I already have emergenc
  5. I have recently re-spec'd my pre-existing grav/kin, as I now consider Repel, slotted with Sudden Acceleration KB->KD to be essential.
  6. Instead of moving him to a better spot, make his spot better. Dress it up a bit. Add a vendor or two, a mission contact, a few benches, maybe a street performer. How about a longbow flier with a couple good destination? How about some reporters asking him questions? He's more famous and photogenic than those nobodies they crowd around by city hall. Be imaginative. His spot has potential, it's just unrealized right now.
  7. I'll probably keep the power as a LotG mule, but may not use it, since stealth has more stealth radius than before, and that's more than enough for most situations. Or I might trade it out for Grant Invisibility, which might situationally be more useful for a hover-er support character, and also can mule the LotG.
  8. I see in the notes that Infiltration offer Air Control, which Hover does. Is this something that can stack with the air control hover (presumably?) provides? It just sounds like Infiltration works great with all the travel sets except fly, and I'm looking for an upside.
  9. Is there any synergy, for good or ill, between hover and infiltration?
  10. I like O_T's breakdown into Raw Force archetypes and Multiplying Force archetypes. But I would follow the metaphor more closely and call the first group the Additive Force archetypes. And none of them are purely in one or the other; e.g., if a tank has maneuvers or assault, that's multiplicative. The tanks management of aggro, done skillfully, is a multiplier. Defenders and corrs have some mostly additive attacks, and so on. So perhaps a 1-10 rating for each archetype for being Additive or Multiplicative would make sense. Except, the choice of primaries/seco
  11. I have one blaster, rushed to fifty to use for ebil marketeering purposes. I compulsively built it as best I could along the way for damage output, and this description fits very well. I was amazed at how survivable it was simply by rapidly defeating threats. And getting out to distance when things were too dangerous next to the tank.
  12. Ahem, I had the same thought! But let's be honest, you shouldn't be killed, or nearly killed, by your travel power. That's your T9's job.
  13. I'd like to see the various fly poses (emotes), including the standard hover pose be actual customizations for fly. And I think it would suit a lot of people to be able to fly in a lotus emote. 😄
  14. I wonder if it's time to open a Page Three specific thread somewhere, to discuss things we'd like to have done for travel powers that go beyond the scope for final changes/fixes to Page Two.
  15. I tend to ignore the non-thread/emp side of the incarnate system, and just convert it all over already. I'd be happy to see it removed for simplicity's sake. I suspect in the beginning design, there were going to be multiple tiers of different kinds of incarnate drops and components. New slots they added might use yet additional incarnate currency groups to push people on to the additional, harder trials that would have been added for them.
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