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  1. I have met some people that stay 'in character' as we run missions, but the RP does tend to take a back-seat to the gameplay. The game mecahnics here are too swift to do more than act in-character in brief moments between missions- something that can be frustrating for the RP'er seeking more substance while the interludes frustrate the gamer hoping to level, but feeling slowed by the RP. It's a difficult balance to reach for the whole team of strangers- far easier when you're in a supergroup with known people and set expectations, but still a challenge to manage. I play a lot of f
  2. You are each others' "content." If you aren't trying to make good experiences for others, don't expect others to try to make good experiences for you. If you seek to antagonize others, don't be surprised when there are no others to interact with. Same rule applies to PvP'ers
  3. That's a good position to have. The term can be ambiguous or overused, (like "mary-sue") and adopted to mean anything that's beyond your tastes in a particular direction. I have to admit I looked up urban dictionary when the question came up, as I had my own understanding based on how I'd seen it used online, but wasn't sure it was being used correctly, and you can even see there that various posters draw slightly different extremes. Someone very much into the "powerpuff girls" type of superheroing might very well draw the limit of what they see as "edgelord" differently than what someo
  4. Been there. I prefer playing characters just starting out in hero'ing, but several of these are incarnate-level in-game, so folk that DO take the "level" seriously in their RP have called me out on that, expecting me to be playing a more seasoned veteran at that level. I usually reply with some callout to absurd gameplay like, "She was partying at pocket D, only level 1 and some fire tanker invited her to check out Architect Entertainment. Sounded fun, but she passed out near the door and woke with a killer hangover and 30 missed calls from a 'Mender Ramiel'. WTF, right? She tried to exp
  5. Intermittent reader here- usually when your sig reminds me to check if Kai's had any diary entries (nudge, nudge :P) Maybe it's just me, but the forum structure and my infrequent visits mean I miss when things are updated. For FBSA, I convinced myself I'd sart with just what I wanted in the character bio, but had to edit down to make it fit- kinda a non-abridged version. Then I figured I'd amend it with the types of rumors or possible hooks that players might pick up without talking to me--we rarely meet someone "blank" - hearing about them at work or social media or a frie
  6. I see a lot of lists of character lists and supergroup listings on the forums, discords, and wiki's out there, and I do notice some overlap, but not a lot. I'm wondering why you prefer to post where you prefer, What makes one more useful than the other to you? Do you cross-post for visibility? Is one just easier or generates more response? Is there a dealbreaker for one? My mains were mostly on Liberty back in the day so I never felt part of the VirtueVerse community- only ever got an account there last year, but felt like I was intruding, in a way. I'd look at the change history
  7. No, actually, my approach and expectation was somewhat similar to yours. I joke that it's the "comic book method" -- so many of those characters had a role and identity from a very specific point in their life, and that part of their young-adulthood (usually) lasted for decades in the comics. There may be tales of them when they're older or younger, but there's often a stage of life that really *defines* them and their role, and that's where my heroes tend to stay. There's room for growth, but not much transformational change. Part of that is my alt-itis and lack of gameplay time, bu
  8. Playing devil's advocate: Would people know that there was an edit? You may be on page 2 of the thread and edit it to show you're still interested. I may assume that the first page is all old stuff, so I never scroll through to notice the change. On the other hand- re-posting in the forum, while showing that you're active, would create a lot of duplication over time and make it more difficult for a browser to sift through what's there.... That's why I was wondering if some curating or a periodically archived-and-cleaned thread might make it more useful. I don't know. I've strug
  9. So, there seems to be some contention on what the problem is that we're trying to solve for here, so I'll give it a go. We're a small community spread across many timezones, often playing this game in addition to other games, so our common online time is pretty low, and our interests vary greatly. The in-game options have limitations that may work well for larger communities or a certain critical mass of participants. Yes, we can pop online, hop through common areas and look for people with the RP flag. They may be already engaged in conversation with someone else, the
  10. Some have mentioned the City of Roleplay's discord channel. I like DIscord for serveral thing, but channels there seemed lesss effective than a full forum. It's hard to search, things quickly flow back into the timeline never to be seen again. If you're trying to find a specific kind of connection, you want a posting method that's more browse-able, search-able, and has more of a persistence. There's also a certain critical mass needed- you need enough people SEEING it and POSTING in it and GETTING RESULTS in it that it feeds itself and encourages reuse. Different technologies have d
  11. I've always liked this concept, but I've never seen is summed up so nicely as "The Mandela Effect is a real thing.", so I do hope you don't mind me stealing it.
  12. Thanks, In this context, I'd met a few other players who were RP'ing freshmen at the university. They were chance encounters, but we remembered one another. In my absence, they'd both moved on to their next year, and there was interest (not pressure) to "catch up" my character story to meet them. Since I'd had absolutely no chance to play out that character since our last meet, I'd have preferred kinda retconning my character to an underclassman of theirs, but went along with it with some fast improvisation. If this is a common practice, I'd prep with a bit more forethought for t
  13. How do you handle time differentials between characters whose players have different schedules? Take, for example, a supergroup where some people appear 2-3 times a week, some only 2-3 times a month. I tend to take the "timey wimey wibbly-wobbly" approach of "don't think too hard about it, just nudge or keep vague any perceived difference in the progression of time to let everyones' user story flow" but I've also encountered some that tie the progression of time and seasons with the real-world, such that if you've been offline for a few weeks, you should be thinking about the exp
  14. I've seen that topic come up as a point of contention among different groups. I'm a big fan of "creating scenes" (and experiencing them). Any MMO's a rather dead place, no matter how animated the NPC's may be, but roleplayers can bring variety and sponinaety and new experiences to a world that isn't otherwise changing much. Public local interactions add so much flavor, so I do prefer them over private chat, but know they can cause problems for others.
  15. Honestly, that kind of edgelord interaction that I LIKE. (1st degree was criminology/prelaw with a focus on deviant psychology* before I went into the comp sci field). THAT would be an interesting take and engaging for a me as a player, even if my characters aren't taking that dark path themselves. It creates some fascinating interpersonal moments. The fatigue sets in when it it becomes clear that the PLAYER behind the character is ...maybe a bit too much of a method actor? ( *I don't necessarily play edgelords, but there's a reason why so many of my characters have been shaped by e
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