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  1. Thank you!! I really appreciate the suggestions. I'll see if I can make it to check out that event on Sunday.
  2. No, no it is not. I was talking about the forums I mentioned in the original post, which definitely is not the Roleplaying thread here. Also, the Roleplaying thread here is not a thread specifically dedicated to connections, so that makes even less sense.
  3. This is true, and I'm working on branching out with the help of a good friend, as well as trying to interact with my SG more. But I thought it would be a good idea to try and forge more relations on my own, because I don't want to be overly reliant on a very small handful of people with their own lives, I've just been having trouble with that. I love my SG and I probably don't have the time for another one on top of that, but we are still small and most folks aren't around every day. I've been able to RP with 2 or 3 outside event times so far. By the time I found out abou
  4. First off, you are going to be judged regardless of whether they've met you IC or not, and someone who thinks they don't like your character or style without ever meeting you has no reason to want to meet you. That defeats the purpose of looking for people to connect with, because someone who isn't going to connect with you is not relevant. Secondly, the reason this thread was made in the first place is because the option of 'jump in on people' either is very, very limited or doesn't exist at all. Where are you finding these people that you don't actually know beforehand that you're just
  5. Providing information about the characters you're looking to RP, like a small description of their personality (or a carrd if people do that for their personal chars, I've seen a few for venues) and for example whether they're a hero, villain, rogue etc. On top of the things you mentioned, in my opinion these are the vital tidbits.
  6. Yes, this! Keeping it simple would be great, provide vital info and if someone's interested, more things can be worked out in messages.
  7. I see a lot of topics and comments here about people not being good at club scenes or disliking them, and while I don't exactly have anything against clubs, I agree that it's really difficult to break into an established circle of people you have no connection to. So what's the solution? How can we meet our fellow RPers we've yet to be acquainted with, if not through Pocket D or the various club events happening at night? In-Character teams might be one answer, but that can't work for everyone or every different type of character out there. One thing I really liked about another game I played
  8. I agree with this, it would be nice to have more options for tails and ears especially. Raccoon definitely would be cool to see options for, and I'd personally like to see a fluffier cat tail available because those would be more round while the wolf tails end in a pointed tip. It would be nice to have proper fox ears, but the wolf tail is pretty easy to color like a fox. We also don't really have dog ears or any sort of dog tail, so that'd be cool to see.
  9. This, entirely. One-hundred percent agree with this point. Even with the fact the game was just recently brought back after several years, it doesn't make any sense at all to revamp the task forces back to how they were and literally get rid of the current ones. I personally vastly prefer Penelope Yin's TF over Sister Psyche's, and Miss Liberty's TF is pretty much the same as Statesman's but just with her as the contact instead. I know Sister Psyche's TF is available in Ouroboros, I could see them implementing the old Lord Recluse one into Ouroboros if they had the time for people who just can
  10. 244 merits is a very very good incentive to run it for me. Just because you (or even many people) find it boring isn't a reason to entirely rule out a particular task force from being a strike target, I'm sure several people will still run it for the merits, the badge, or both.
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