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  1. I've noticed this as well, and came to check the Shard status on the website. I'ven't got a clue why it's down, maybe for some maintenance?
  2. Same here. I haven't used Gentoo as much as I should have, and I still need experience with that... which is why I tried it on FreeBSD instead, where it runs good as long as you have WINE and the proper packages. Let me know if you do get it up and running! Gentoo has always been a cool idea to try out for me, but I've never given it the proper amount of time to truly test it out!
  3. Apologies for the very late response, but I tested in Ubuntu's repo itself. Testing out the WineHQ build itself runs into errors where it can't find their "winehq-stable", but can find "winehq-devel" and "winehq-staging". I've purged WINE, removed its repos, refreshed the machine by reinstalling Ubuntu 20.10, using "winehq-staging" and Ubuntu's variant both work. "winehq-staging" is at "wine-5.20" currently, and from what Korvin stated earlier with the patch that's already upstreamed, both 64-bit and 32-bit now work + launch / run the game right away! It just may be a
  4. 20.10 works as well, even with the 64-bit client! I tested it before I swapped on over to Fedora 33 to try it out. 😄 Edit: If you install WINE through just "sudo apt install wine", it defaults to their "wine-5.0 (Ubuntu 5.0-3ubuntu1)" just so you know!
  5. Awesome! I just read the commits, glad they got it resolved! 🙂
  6. Fedora 33 with wine-5.20 (Staging) works, runs launcher, downloads and installs the game, and can run both 32/64-bit!
  7. Launcher runs, downloads, and launches the game perfectly on FreeBSD 12.1 using WINE version 5.0, i386-wine! So, as I thought, as long as you can run WINE (and can downgrade if the current version has issues), the game will run fine 🙂 Issue is then of just finding out which ones don't work, which seem to be anything past 5.14-2 currently. Edit: Although it isn't Linux... but is Unix... ah, that's a discussion for another day! I just wanted to see if it ran, and it does 🙂 Lutris doesn't exist on *BSD, so you need to use pure WINE to run it. Also forgot to mention that i
  8. Hey there Korvin! Sorry for the very late response. I'm currently on WINE 5.18, which I did upgrade from the earlier version of WINE. After downgrading to 5.14-2, I can confirm that the 64-bit client now works 🙂 So you're correct there that that's the last stable one for Arch atm for HC. Also, I didn't know that about StartupWMClass! I'll definitely read about that later tonight! The reason why I removed it is because I already had HC pre-installed and so I just pointed to the old directory with the BETA launcher and it (the Desktop file) kept crashing, so I just ran WINE directly
  9. Yes it does! Sorry for the late response as I had to go do something. I'm currently setting up Linux Mint 20.04 that's using wine-5.0.2, and will edit this with an update when the HC installation finishes. Edit: Yep, that's the issue! Rolling release distros' WINE versions are currently unable to run the 64-bit client, so they need to use the 32-bit one (these may just be randomly fixed as they're rolling release). Stable versions of distros that are on WINE 5.0.2 (and slightly above) can launch the 64-bit version of the game AND the 32-bit version without any issues.
  10. Oh man, I'm trying to remember what it specifically was as that was quite some time ago, but I believe that user had an issue with their Kernel + libomesa6:i386. Their hardware was quite dated at the time, and, as far as I know (having been in contact with them to give them support when issues pop up) they haven't had any problems so far. Their Spouses' PC worked just fine, though. Edit: I also remember that the main thing that was causing issues for them is that they were using a different program to burn Mint to their USB, and that was also causing issues.
  11. For sure then! I'll give it a shot with Linux Mint, but since it's based on Ubuntu, and Ubuntu is based upon Debian, it shouldn't have any issues! Honestly, as long as WINE is properly installed, the other distros shouldn't have any issues, but I'll continue testing for you 🙂
  12. Should I delete my guide since there's an official GM guide on how to do it now + the launch of the new launcher? I've tested HC (Tequila) on a bunch of Linux distros / flavors, and they all work(generally w/o fuss) as long as your gcard supports DXVK. The only issue I've had recently in the past few days is on Arch / openSUSE with WINE 5.18 where the game won't run on the 64-bit client, but will on the 32-bit, so that may be something to add to your post. Typically, as long as you have WINE installed and Lutris setup, HC should work without fuss as I've tested it on a
  13. If you already had your copy of City of Heroes downloaded, all you needed to do is just locate it in Tequila, and then it will run out of memory 3 times while checking the files; Just exit it and restart it all 3 times, and then it won't happen again. It's extremely strange how you're having these issues in the first place, honestly haha I've only ran the 64-bit executable for the game, and never have touched the 32-bit version, so I've never encountered any of those issues you've mentioned. Honestly, I'm unsure of how to fix / work on your issue; If you already have t
  14. Hey there! I've never heard of etoh-downloader before until now, so I won't be of any use / help here for issues with that. I've used Tequila with Lutris, and the same for Island Rum, and they're both quite easy to setup and use for Homecoming, so I'd recommend those until the HC team releases their native Linux launcher. I apologise for not being of any help with that launcher / downloader, and I know that my response isn't that useful with your current issue. As long as you have WINE downloaded and everything's set to use DXVK, you shouldn't have any / too many issues
  15. Glad you were able to get it running, and thank you for posting this here as well! Apparently they're working on a native client launcher for Windows, macOS, and Linux, so we shouldn't have these issues anymore anytime soon!
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