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  1. At level 20, you can pick up the sustain power, Force of Thunder, from your secondary. It gives you +50% recovery (twice as much as stamina) and a huge regen bonus. It's great. The only downside to Force of Thunder is that it's a modifed version of what used to be a PBAoE stun/knockback power (I think it was called Thunderclap then? I never took the old version), so it is still a click power, and you need to activate it every time you want the recovery and regen bonuses. It recharges pretty quickly (like 30 seconds, with a 60-second duration), so that's not a problem. But you set off a PBAoE stun/knockback attack every time you do it. It's just a little bit annoying, but if you put a knockback to knockdown IO in there (or if you solo and don't blap too much, so you like to keep stuff at range), that part of the power comes in handy too. In the old days (before the sustain power), I slotted each of my elec attacks 1 acc, 3 dam, 1 end, 1 recharge, and always slotted end before recharge. That end reduction in each power helped a lot too, but I think you might find that slotting up Force of Thunder and Stamina will do the trick. Also, if you have the inf, you can add some of the proc and unique IOs that give recovery bonuses (from the Performance Shifter, Numina's, Miracle, and Panacea sets). All of these can go in Force of Thunder (it takes health and end mod sets) or Stamina, but 3 of those IOs can go in Health as well. There's a really helpful post comparing the benefits of these procs and other IOs/SOs here:
  2. Just tested this (using combat jumping/super jump and sprint/surge (the prestige sprint) because I don't have character with both SJ and SS), and it works: /bind g "+ $$powexec_toggleon Prestige Power Surge$$powexec_toggleon Super Jump" /bind h "+ $$powexec_toggleon Sprint$$powexec_toggleon combat_jumping" Holding "G" down for 1 second turns on Surge and Super Jump, and holding down "H" for 1 second turns on Sprint and Combat Jumping instead, so you can swap between the 2 combos easily.
  3. I just tried this (with Sprint and Fly, but it should work fine with any 2 toggle powers), and I know 2 ways to do it. /bind H "$$powexec_toggleon Fly$$powexec_toggleon Sprint" That will make the "H" key turn on both powers if you tap the key twice. It turns on Sprint first (commands are executed right to left), and then the 2nd tap turns on Fly. /bind G "+ $$powexec_toggleon Fly$$powexec_toggleon Sprint" That will turn on Sprint when you push the "G" key *down* and then turn on Fly when you let the "G" key *up*. It's a little tricky: if you hit G too quickly, it will only activate Sprint (but if that happens, you can hit it again to activate Fly), but holding it down for just 1 second works fine and activates both. I just learned that second version this morning from ghotistix's post in this thread: Ah, and I missed your 2nd part about switching to 2 other powers, but if you make another macro of the 2nd type (bind it to a different key, and make it toggle on 2 movement powers that can;t be used with the first 2), it would work.
  4. Right. By "effectively Invisibility," I meant effectively the same power as Invisibility. I don't like the transparent aspect of it either. My point is, it's not simply a graphics problem. I think it has the same transparent effect as Invisibility because the stealth radius is too high. So maybe if they return the stealth radius to the correct value, the transparent effect will go away.
  5. Yeah, the Defense part is unchanged, but the new patch seems to have unintentionally doubled the stealth radius of Stealth, so it's effectively Invisibility. The stealth radius of Stealth is now 70 ft. It was 35 ft. before the patch. (It's one of the combat attributes I monitor, so I know when stealth has kicked back in after a fight.) For comparison, Super Speed has a stealth radius of 35, and the Celerity: Stealth IO has a radius of 30 ft. Those values have not changed.
  6. My wife and I played Fire/Kins with identical builds on live, and it was great. Not the most powerful clone duo (more debuffing would be better than a 2nd Fulcrum Shift), but it's great as a Kin to be able to receive speed boost and ID from someone else. And our monkeys were double speed boosted and double ID'd, making them extra crazy but very sturdy.
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